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Pattern 12 Roulette System

by Edmond Petitjean

"so far hasn't failed a session"

The dozens are my favorite betting selection and Relaxed Roulette was the first development based on these. 

In between I’ve finished a second – and complementary – system, called Pattern 12. 

This time we bet only on one dozen, following a special selection procedure and using an adapted very strong progression.

These two parameters combined stand for a highly successful and enjoyable betting method.

We will not bet on each spin of the wheel but there will be enough activity.

You could even play on several tables at once because the bookkeeping is very easy. 

For those that already own Relaxed Roulette it is good to know that both can easily be played together (what I’m doing very often).

Izak asked me what the win/loss ratio is for this system.  A session ends when you gain 10 units and losing 100 units is considered a losing session.  I have yet to encounter a losing session after having won more than 30 sessions in real play.

Izak has simulated the system on his computer for hundreds of thousands of spins.  Every session ends with 10 units profit with a drawdown of no more than 57 units tops in the worst case scenario. 

Spielbank Hamburg has yielded the same results for months of real play.

With all the above features, you get one of the most effective systems ever designed for single dozen play in Roulette. 


A truly enjoyable experience.


Thank you,


As we don’t want you to risk even ONE dollar on this, we GUARANTEE a NO RISK deal. 

After obtaining Pattern 12, you’ve got two weeks to test a full month of roulette on the Hamburg casino at the following website: 

You proceed as follows: 

-         start each day of the most recent full month with the first spin

-         your goal is to obtain 10 points profit / day

-         after reaching your goal, you stop for that day and your following test will be on the following day of that month

-         if you’d ever lose your full bankroll of 100 units during this test month, you’ll be refunded- no questions asked. 

So what is your risk? 


You test on the results of a full month roulette of the Hamburg Casino without any real money, so you don’t risk a single dollar. 

If you lose your (virtual) bankroll, you’ll promptly get a refund without discussion. 

So your total risk = $0.   

Things can’t be more honest and fair than this.

Thank you,

Frequently Asked Questions
 on Pattern 12 Roulette System

 How long (approximate spins) is each session on average?

A: About 1 to 2 hours on average (depending on how long they take between two spins).
I never go over 60 spins, even if the session wouldn't be completed or I wouldn't have won 10 units.

Q: Do you think these can work online? I would love to be able to do this from home on my computer and make just a few hundred bucks a day - I'm not greedy, trying to get thousands a day. Do you think this is a realistic goal?

A: I appreciate your lack of greed.  Lots of people hope to buy a system for US $300, have a capital of $1000 and then make $10,000 /month (no kidding!).

It IS possible to win that amount, but only by compounding your profits VERY gradually.

Izak could advise you about trustable online casino's.

Q: Edmond when you bet on the dozens do you ever increase or decrease your bets or is this very dangerous to do?

A: When betting on dozens the bets are indeed increased/decreased but in a fully controlled manner.

Q: Is it possible for me to make say $500 a day playing your 3 systems and not loose my bankroll?

A: Winning US $500 per day depends entirely on your available capital. It's better to count in units: suppose you win 10 units/day (the purpose of Pattern 12, for instance), you can figure it out what you could win/day (your bankroll should be 100 units).

Q: How much faster can money be made with Pattern 12 than S222? I need to do something quick.

A: Pattern 12 is more powerful and you could expect results twice as quickly as with S222.


Thank you,