2 Chop System

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One of the simplest systems ever devised:


The 2-Chop System
for Even Bets

For those who like a lot of activity, I developed the 2-Chop System. 

For those who look for a simple system, I developed the 2-Chop System. 

For those who look for a inexpensive system, I developed the 2-Chop System. 

Yes, the 2-Chop System is all what I mentioned above in ONE package. 

The 2-Chop System can be used for all equal chances in Roulette, Baccarat and Craps. 

Imagine the following scenario: 

1)          you decide to order this system

2)          a couple of minutes later you get it in your e-mail

3)          still a couple of minutes later you’ve entirely studied it and you’re ready to play. 

From that moment on you could go to any casino and start playing immediately.

I like to call it playing, because that’s exactly how it will feel.

Be aware however: you’ll get your reward in hard US Dollars, although you’ll have the impression to only have a good time and not to “work” at all.

The system is only $60  Unlimited system support is included. 

Thank you.




After obtaining the 2-Chop System, you’ve got two weeks to test a full month of roulette on the Wiesebaden Casino.

You proceed as follows: 

-         start each day of the most recent full month with the first spin

-         your goal is to obtain 10 points profit / day

-         after reaching your goal, you stop for that day and your following test will be on the following day of that month

-         if you’d ever lose your full bankroll of 100 units during this test month, you’ll be refunded

So what is your risk? 


You test on the results of a full month roulette of the Wiesbaden Casino  without any real money, so you don’t risk a single dollar. 

If you lose your (virtual) bankroll, you’ll promptly get a refund without discussion. 

So your total risk = $0 

Things can’t be more honest and fair than this.


Frequently Asked Questions
on the 2-Chop System

Q:  What size buy-in is required? What size bankroll?

A: The required buy-in is 50 units - bankroll 100 units.

Q: Do you have to do a lot of recordkeeping at the table?

A: No. It's very easy and only a few things to write down.

Q: Do you play every hand, spin, or dice roll?

A: No. About 1/3 to 1/2 of all spins.

Q: What is the winning percentage of the 2-Chop System based on extensive testing?

A: Over 90%.

Q: You indicated that using the 2-Chop system one would play 1/3 to 1/2 of all spins. I realize that when playing baccarat or craps a person can skip betting, but roulette is a different story. They expect you to "pay for your seat at the table" by making a bet every time. How can that be handled with this system?

Also, I forgot to ask you before about the stop-loss you have established. Is it the entire 50 units? And how often would that happen, based on Izak's (or your) testing?

A: That's easy: bet the minimum on black and red at the same time as long as you can't make a "real" bet or chose either one of the two if this looks awkward.

Stop loss is 100 units (losing your 50 units two times in a row).

Until today I never lost 100 units playing the 2-Chop System, so it is difficult to say how often that would happen: in any way very seldom and negligible compared to the winnings.

Q: Hello,

I have read Izak's write up on your 3 systems in his latest newsletter.

I use D'Alembert combined with Avant dernier (decision before last) on Roulette, Craps & Baccarat. And D'Alembert only on BJ along basic strategy of course. I have very good success with my approach to the above games.

I could be interested in your 2-Chop System. However if it incorporates the D'Alembert approach (up one unit after a loss & down one unit after a win), on even money games, I would appreciate your saying so. Thank you.

A: It follows an adapted version of d'Alembert, what makes it more powerful.  This combined with the special selection procedure makes it a sure winner.