Hot List Roulette System

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Hot List Roulette System

"Produced 910 units in February 2002 
in Hamburg Spielbank"


The Hot List Roulette System is based on betting on the inside numbers with flat bets only. After tracking the wheel for a relatively short period of time, this system will tell you what to bet on and when. There is no progression involved, so this system will not deplete your bankroll.

Sessions with the Hot List Roulette System win far more often than they lose. These sessions are also plentiful, only lasting as long as slightly over a half hour. These sessions are also capable of lasting less than 10 minutes, tracking and all. Approximately 80% of these sessions will be winning sessions – sometimes well over 80%.

The Hot List Roulette System is designed, as all good systems should be, to maximize profits in the shorter run and minimize losses in the long run.  Through extensive testing, it has proven to do this quite effectively.

While the Hot List System is purely mathematical and mechanical, it is recommended only for use against real roulette wheels. The system is not recommended for use against online casinos. The reason for this is that while this may be a purely mathematical system, this system is capable of exploiting wheels and dealers that are thoroughly or only temporarily biased. In other words, this is a system that should please both the mathematical and the physical bias types of players.

The Hot List Roulette System is based on the mathematical law, the Law of the Third.   This is a mathematical law in roulette that says that in any 36 spin cycle, on average, you will see only 24 different numbers.  The Hot List Roulette system takes advantage of this fact and makes the best use of it, producing winning bets on inside numbers with the lowest amount of chips, thus minimizing your risk.

Benefits of this system include the ability to wager with minimal tracking, winning nearly $250 in an 8-hour day at the casino, playing often enough and wagering enough to get compensated for meals, rooms and other items, all while protecting your bankroll against sizable losing streaks.  And this is achieved by playing with $5 chips only.  Playing with larger units will multiply your profits.

This system does have a money-back guarantee. If you can find a streak of spins on consecutive days from the postings at the Hamburg-Spielbank that would completely defeat your starting, recommended bankroll, you will receive your money back within 30 days of your purchase. This system has been tested and it has proven to bring in profit consistently. Don’t give up on it after only one losing session.

The Hot List System requires a minimum bankroll of $5,000. The system, when tested against real spins, showed the capability to consistently win 5 or 6 units an hour.

In testing against the entire month of February 2002 from the Hamburg Spielbank, this system created over 900 units of profit in only 160 hours worth of spins.

The system is only $40 sent to you by email, $45 sent to you by first class mail, and this is negligible relative to the amount you are going to win.

Please contact me  if you have any questions. I wish you the best of luck – hopefully you won’t need it.

Thank you,
Izak Matatya



Frequently Asked Questions on 
the Hot List Roulette System 

Q: When you say 5000 minimum dollar bankroll, what size chips? 1 dollar? Flat betting?  Which kinds of bets?  Bet every single spin or just selected spins?
Don't you think 1 month is too little for testing? Izak should write a program to help you out in testing it further...

A: It is all flat betting. You don't bet on every spin. For each session, you track anywhere between 2 up to 20 spins, but 20 is extreme and is I believe the highest this system has gone in terms of tracking. The tracking system is at least fairly simplistic also, but would still require notes at the table. 

Requires 1,000 units, typically a minimum of $5,000. One month of real spins have been tested, and Izak has tested the system against thousands more of computer-generated spins. Izak gives this system his endorsement, as do I.

Q: You need a $5,000 bankroll to play with $5 units?  (how much to earn $1,000 per day?) Also, the way the winning sessions are distributed, can you visit a casino for 1-2 days per week and still be profitable as opposed to having to live nearby a casino to continually offset losing sessions?
Can this system gather the same results with a double-zero wheel?

A: Thank you for your interest in my system. The system requires a 1,000-unit bankroll with a minimum of $5 per unit ($5,000 total) because the general table minimum is $5. There will be times when you are betting 1 unit only, while there will be other times you will be betting 10 units or maybe even slightly more (though 10 units is the general ceiling per session). 

If you play 12 sessions a day, this will, on average, complete the typical 8-hour work day with breaks accounted for. How exact this is will depend on how busy the tables are. Let's say that you have the following, typical distribution of positive or negative sessions in those 12:

(+67 total)

You've gained 67 units in this "work day," so with the minimum $5 unit, you've made $335. It would take a $15 unit to make over $1,000 on this day. Please keep in mind that there will be losing days and there will be winning days. The winning days will outnumber the losing days, but these losing days also come in short streaks, thus the sizable bankroll required.

I do not recommend that you play this system only a couple times a week and expect to make a living. I wouldn't expect to make a living no matter how much it is played, but this system is fully capable of getting you ahead by a sizable amount, quickly.

I have tested the system for single zero wheels.  Izak has tested it for double zero wheels with similarly good results.

Q: I understand that your system requires a 5000 bankroll in order to play 5 dollar chips. My question is: how many chips do I play at one time? 

The reason I am asking is because I intend to order your system if I can make it work at 1/5 the scale you have advertised. I currently have a bankroll of only 1000. If I am required to play multiple chips, then it would be easy to play your system at a $5 minimum table if I can use $1 chips, as long as I play at least 5 at once. 

A: The system requires a 1,000-unit bankroll. Generally, the lowest unit allowed in a casino using this system would be $5, because while there are times you will be betting 10 units, there will be other times where you will be using only 1 unit for a period of time. If I remember right, there do exist smaller casinos in Las Vegas where you can bet a minimum of $1 at the roulette tables. If you can find such a table there or elsewhere, then this system will work fully with $1 units.

Q: What will be the GREATEST drawdown I can expect with the Hot List Roulette System? 

A: The greatest drawdown experienced so far came against the Hamburg Spielbank in another month, and depleted the bankroll a total of approximately 500 units. As this is only half of the suggested bankroll, even the worst so far did not beat the system even halfway.

Q: You came up with an average of 5 to 6 units profit per hour, but based on how many average spins per hour?

A: The average spins per hour was 30, assuming that the table was rather busy. Faster tables can take 35-40 spins per hour, but I wanted the worst possible situation for this average.

Q:  The Hot List Roulette System claims an average 5 to 6 units profit per hour. Does this include wagering time ONLY, or wagering AND tracking time? For example, if the 5 to 6 units profit per hour was computed from wagering time only and if tracking time averages 15 minutes prior to wagering time, then the TRUE average profit is 5 to 6 units per hour AND a quarter hour, which is 4 to 4.8 units per hour. BIG difference!

A: The average units profit is tracking and wagering time both.

Q: Will I need to check for factors like roulette dealers consistently dropping the ball on certain areas (sectors) of the roulette wheel, consistent speed of the roulette wheel, or consistent speed of the game?  
What about objective factors like sex of the dealer or fret types of the roulette wheel (high or low)?

A: This system does not involve anything anywhere near what you describe. The reason that this system is described as being able to exploit completely or temporarily biased wheels is that this skill is built into the system and requires no tracking on your part. If the wheel is biased, you may not even know it, but the winning sessions might pile up even faster than usual.

Q: Have you used this system on the internet, and if so what kind of results did you have? I would be interested in the system, but I'm not sure I trust internet casinos.

A: This system has been tested in only two ways: 
1) Against the spins posted at the Hamburg Spielbank, 2) With a computer system that generates random spins designed by Izak Matatya. This system is not meant for online casinos, but in a way, it has already been tested against them, because these casinos also use random number generators. The reason I think this system is better for physical casinos is that this system, while it is purely mathematical, unintentionally takes advantage of temporarily or completely biased wheels or dealers.

However, for your information, I have begun testing this system against the software at The Sands Of The Caribbean online casino (you can get this free software, which I consider to be the best on the internet, at

Only when I have extensive results will I post my results. I plan on testing an average of 100 spins a day, so this could take some time.

Q: I would like to know approximately how many bets you place at a time. The reason I ask this is because I have seen systems that require you to place 24 bets and I don't think I can place that many under casino conditions. Placing 6 to 8 bets at a time is difficult enough. Also I don't understand why you need a 1000 unit bankroll, the examples you gave didn't show a draw down anywhere near even 1/4th that much. The Hamburg spins only have one zero and I am wondering what kind of results I can expect on the double zero American wheel? Thanks in advance.

A: The number of bets placed at any one time varies greatly, anywhere from 1-12. 12 seems to be the upper limit for the system, though it is always possible for there to be more. I don't believe in all of our testing that we've had to bet on more than 12 however.

A 1,000-unit bankroll is essential because if you use this system on a consistent basis, eventually you will run up against a bad string of spins. This happens with ANY system. The 1,000-unit bankroll is suggested as a safeguard against large drawdowns. The biggest drawdown by far came from a string of spins that lasted slightly over 2 weeks at the Hamburg Spielbank, and defeated approximately 500 units, or only half of the starting bankroll, only to come back very quickly.

You are right. The Spielbank does post only spins from a single zero wheel. This is what this system was tested against in the testing I have done against the Spielbank but not in the computerized testing done by Izak who has tested it against 00 wheels.  However, since we are talking about inside bets and not outside bets, the mechanics of the system will not change. The mathematics of the results of the system surely WILL change. By imagining the sheer mathematics of the situation, I would expect the system to perform slightly poorer than it does now, but I would still expect it to win. I still maintain and emphasize that this system was imagined for, designed for, and tested against a single-zero wheel.

I hope this helps you. Please feel free to ask questions.

Q: Hi: After reading about your style of play if 1000 units is your total bankroll what are your cutoffs or stop-loss points for each session? Also after waiting to play what if the dealer you have been watching goes on a break do you have to start all over again? I would appreciate answers to these questions.

A: The cutoff/stop-loss point for each session is 90 units for losses and any positive outcome for winnings. Even if you're just one unit ahead in a session, the session ends, so sessions tend to be somewhat short. Who the dealer is really has very little to do with this system, as the system unintentionally exploits biased wheels and dealers. You don't really have to watch any particular dealer for this  system to work for you. All you have to know is this mathematical system for the exploitation to work.

Thank you,

Izak Matatya