No Tension Roulette

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No Tension Roulette System
for Outside Bets

by Edmond Petitjean
Analysed and Revised by Izak Matatya

(now also available in Spanish and in Chinese)


"It's a system with which you will feel totally stress free, 
and confident that you will win"

It was a Sunday afternoon on October 28 when I was playing European Roulette in a multi-player environment at my favourite on-line casino: Sands of the Caribbean.
I had deposited $200 and received my monthly bonus of $50.  Playing with $5 units, I had won 5 units very quickly and my bankroll rose to $275.  

The first thing I did was to cash back my initial deposit of $200 and was left with $75 casino's money as a bankroll to play with.  Playing with $5 units again, within 2 hours of play, the $75 rose to $225.  I decided it's time to cash my winnings.   I went to Cashier and found that I was eligible to cash out $0.  I was wondering what was going on.  I called customer service and I was told that in October cash out wagering conditions were $1500 and that I had wagered not more than $725.  So, in order to cash out my bonus, I needed to put in action another $775.

I said "No problem" and went back to work, using the same strategy.  Within another hour and a half, I wagered another $775 and my winnings rose to $325.
This time, the cash out balance was indeed $325.  Sands' software does this automatically with no intervention from casino operator. 

Within 3.5 hours of play, the $75, which was the casino's money in the first place rose to $325.  You must be wondering by now, what system I was using.  

The system I was using is becoming one of my favorites now and it belongs to a Belgian colleague.  His name is Edmond Petitjean.  Edmond has been writing to me and saying that he has developed a system, which surpasses anything else he has seen and that he had decided to keep his secret to himself.  Or if I wanted to purchase it from him, I would have to pay him $10,000.

For weeks, I was intrigued by Edmond's system and I had a very hard time convincing him to have his system available for sale from Let's Talk Winning.
He finally gave in and I was extremely happy and grateful to his kindness to have agreed.   So there we go.  Edmond Petitjean's wonderful system is called Relaxed Roulette and it's now here for you.

As the name implies, Relaxed Roulette lets you play in a very calm and relaxed fashion not only because you can be confident you are going to win, but also if you happen to lose a run, the system has a built-in strategy on how to get it back.  It's actually part of the system.  So, you never really lose.  Edmond says, you deliver this money to the casino only temporarily in order to just get it back at a very easy pace.

Believe it or not, this system doesn't set a loss limit, only a profit limit.  The loss limit that you may set is irrelevant.   Edmond's own style does not allow him to set a loss limit.  He says he never had to.  The system wins so frequently that any loss you may have during applying the system is easily gotten back at another session in a very relaxed manner.

So, I had to try it to believe it.   Edmond sent me his documentation early October, and I have been applying it to as many permanence's as possible in Hamburg Spielbank and to my amazement, it kept winning and winning.

It made me wonder what it is that makes this system win so often.  I sat down and analysed it for days and discovered the ingenious way this system was engineered.  I even added a few pages to the system to show the results of this analysis and various other ways you can win using Relaxed Roulette.

You will just love this system.  There is no waiting and tracking of the wheel for a long time before you start betting.  In fact, I had to track not more than 2 spins before I started betting.  You bet on most of the spins.  If you don't bet, it's because there are certain interruptions built in to the system to make it work absolutely perfectly.  Those interruptions do not last more than 3-4 spins tops.  So you can remain at the same table until you have accomplished your profit limit.

The results you will get are very quick.  You complete a run within not more than 9-10 spins and at times as quickly as one spin. 

The system has a few rules.   You have to apply the instructions exactly as specified in the document, in order for the system to perform the way it should.  The rules are very easy to learn.   After practicing for a while, you should be able to use Relaxed Roulette as easily as walking on the street.  It's helpful to use a piece of paper and a pen to keep track of your score and how you will place your next bet. 

A lifetime bankroll of 100 units are sufficient to play the system efficiently.  The system comes with an excellent money management strategy and a method to build a solid bankroll gradually until you play risk free, as you secure your bankroll.

The price includes continuous assistance and support of the system by the author Edmond Petitjean, that you can reach by email at: or myself Izak Matatya reachable at:

Following are the conditions for the money back guarantee:  Should the system fail within 100 spins starting from spin 1 of the most recent month of the Hamburg Spielbank after your purchase, you can ask for a refund within 30 days of your purchase.


Here is how Edmond Petitjean, the author of Relaxed Roulette describes the most important features of his system:

"The most important aspects of my system are an absolute protection against capital loss (you can start with a ridiculous amount out of your own pocket and double it a first time, then taking off your initial capital and from there on gamble for the rest of your life with ZERO risk and without ever looking back), a very powerful selection method (letting you win on most of your bets) and a strong money management that balances the other parameters into a system made of pure concrete.

Result: you can walk into a casino without any fear at all and really enjoy the experience. Playing will be simple, stress-free and rewarding. You will sleep soundly at night because you won't have to bother about terrible losses or losing your shirt or...

The only condition: follow EVERY rule, not some of them.

The reason I'm selling it is simply to generate extra capital for me, so that I can quicker play as a real high roller. Selling it to you won't make it less performing to me.  And Izak really had a hard job to convince me to do so.

To resume: getting Relaxed Roulette means no risk at all to you, because you could start with 100 usd of your own capital and bet 1 usd units. The worst case scenario would be to lose 100 usd IF Relaxed Roulette would perform extremely poorly and it surely won't do that. You would also get a complete refund without discussion in that case. So what is your risk? Getting and keeping a job involves MUCH more risk and there are no guarantees!

Therefore I'm sure that you'll see the value of what we are offering and won't hesitate to go for it."


Frequently Asked Questions about 
the Relaxed Roulette System

answered by the author
Edmond Petitjean

Question(s): Hi Edmond,   I just read about your system from Izak's site.  It sounds really good.   Can you tell me what do you bet on - is it the even money bets/columns/dozens/inside bets? Have you won much yourself - are you a professional player? Can it beat both online and land based casinos, and 00 roulette? I would appreciate your help as I'm a bit down on my luck.

Answer(s): Forget waiting for luck!  You have to help it to come around. This system is the ideal way to do exactly that.   I'm not a professional player myself but I am more than happy with the very substantial extra income generated in that way. The system is only betting on dozens.  Not one setup of the casino is a problem: you can play in a real casino or  in an online. A double zero will be a little bit more difficult, but
you'll also win against these.  Don't think in terms of "beating" the casino: it's your golden cow and it  never should be slaughtered, only milked.   So help your luck to come around and get the system.

Question: Have you ever lost your total bankroll of 100 units?

Answer: The maximum I ever lost (although "lost" is not the right word, because you always get it back!) was 32 units.  Therefore a 100 unit bankroll would be more than enough for all possible situations.  The system is designed in such a way, that it will always adapt to each and every situation. There is also an excellent money management built in, that will guide you to high value units on the back of the casino and without any real risk to you.  Considering and understanding your situation, you'll quickly be convinced that you can start with a very low capital and build it in no time to high units.  The money management is such, that you'll only risk your initial small capital.  You could start with a capital of 500 usd and play 5 usd units.  Even this low amount would already give you a substantial extra monthly income.

Question: If you are able to win back your loss very quickly in a relaxed manner, how come you need a 100 unit bankroll?  

Answer: The need for a 100 units bankroll is mainly psychological.  The maximum I ever lost (temporarily) was 32 units.  Therefore such a bankroll is keeping you far away from stress and fear, allowing you to go the casino as an entertainment and not a hard job.   In the section about money management, I'm also stressing the point to make your first goal the doubling of your initial capital, immediately followed by taking of the entire initial amount of 100 units. From that point on, your total risk will always be zero, nothing, niente. Imagine your stress-free way of going to the casino, betting higher and higher units without any risk at all of your own capital.  Remember that you can start really low with your own money and betting later on higher units with the money you have won.

Question: How many units do  you win on a winning run?  I take it several wins make up a session (or where your target profit is aimed toward?)

Answer: I'm always going for a daily profit of 5 units. So you can consider one daily visit to the casino as one total session.

Question(s): What is your session buy-in?  What is the suggested bankroll?  What are your average units won per session?  How many spins or how much time, on average, do your sessions last?   How often do you play?

Answer(s): I'm always buying 50 units to start with. The total needed capital is 100 units. I determined this quantity because the maximum I ever lost (although "lost" is not the right term as you'll understand when buying the system) was 32 units.  Now something you're probably not used to when buying other systems: there is no average win, there is only a VERY SPECIFIC one, namely 5 units.  It can take you only half an hour to get these 5 units or it can take sometimes two hours for the same 5 units. The important thing is to get home with 5 units. That is your PROFIT limit. Yes indeed, I'm limiting the profit per visit. This procedure will protect you against the casino advantage or in other words, there will be no longer such an advantage for the casino. You'll learn the details about this in the course. You can play this daily as a profession and consider it a business. Or you can play it whenever you feel to do so.  In any case it will always be a very gratifying and stress-free experience in contrast to much other systems that can put a heavy weight on your nervous system.

Question(s): In that newsletter is mentioned that this system surpasses anything else you have seen before. Is it true?  May I ask you if you can tell me some more information about your system:   Which bets it plays, does it bet on every spin, what bankroll it requires, does it use any progression, how much you can win, does it have any limited time to play it, how much you have tested it, how long have you already used it?  Do you often play roulette and where? Are there in Belgium casinos too or do you play in Holland?

Answer(s): It's the only system that I'm playing myself all the time, so you can be convinced that I trust it.   It is based on betting the dozens.  Bets are placed very regularly on nearly every spin. The bankroll you would need to be on the very safe side is 100 units, because the maximum I ever lost (but not really lost as you'll understand when buying the system) was 32 units. I'm not limiting the time. Instead I'm limiting the number of units that you've to win on one visit to the casino, namely 5 units. This can happen in under half an hour or after two hours. I've already played my system for hundreds and hundreds of real betting sessions in real casinos in Holland, because that is nearer to me than some casino's in Belgium that are nearly all concentrated at the coast-side (and even on the internet and on my computer). Relaxed Roulette does really function as its name suggests: you can go to a casino with the same easy going attitude that you would go to a film or a happening. It will be an enjoyable experience and not a hard stressful job.


Thank you!