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Imagine a daytrader, sitting in front of his computer screen all day long, having barely time to drink a cup of coffee or to take a breath.

Scary, isn't it?

And what is it delivering most of the time? A huge money stream? Wealth? A substantial (extra) income?

Or only tortured nerves and lots of stress?

You decide for yourself if you want to follow this road of much promises and few rewards... 

If you are however convinced that money can be made in a much easier and comfortable way trading the markets, then please stay with me as I'll show you the exact opposite of this hectic day trading.

The trading method you'll discover with QRTS will free you of all headache and stress that comes with frantic day trading.

At the same time, it will create more profit than you could ever expect from trading only a few times each year (!).

Yes, it's no misprint: I wrote " a few times/year"!

How can such a system possibly be profitable or generate a substantial income?

It can do this by delivering high accuracy high profit trades.

Allow me to explain a little bit more what is meant:

1) high accuracy: most trades generated will be right on to get in and to get out

2) high profit: partly because the trades are based on weekly graphs, the moves will be very substantial

Please remark the word "partly" in point 2 above. 

The essence that is responsible for delivering big moves, is what makes this trading system work.

Does the fact that you trade a few times a year mean that you won't make much money in one year? Or that it will take years before you can see any difference in your trading account?

No, not at all.

These trades can generate BIG profits, because they are based on BIG moves, that last weeks. While a day trader is fighting each day to make 1 or 2 meager points, you'll take a position in the market when the time is right. Then relax and only look sometimes how things are going. 
Comparing this very relaxed trading style with the hectic day trading, the profit potential is MUCH higher. 

When studying the course, you'll experience immediately the "haha" effect: there everything is shown so clearly in front of your eyes, you'll feel like a heavy weight is taken from your shoulders, making your trading activities so much easier and so much more relaxed.

What can you expect from QRTS?

- a very solid trading system, that will not depend on some changes in the markets
- commissions are irrelevant, as you'll only trade a few times each year
- when the time is right to make a trade, you'll chose only the best markets available at that time (these can be some commodities or currencies or stocks and their options)
- because of the time frame used (weekly), you'll be able to generate trades with very low risk and very high reward

Some results in 2004 and 2005

- EURO/USD: QRTS caught flawlessly the totality of the biggest move of the year, from beginning to end!
- S&P500: a big down move was caught perfectly
- CRUDE OIL: QRTS got an up move of 10 USD
- QQQQ: a substantial down move
- T-BONDS: 1 big move in 2004 and again 1 in 2005
- SSRI: 1 very big down move in 2004 and 1 in 2005

Don't be left behind and join the club of the Easy Traders!

This great course is $200 downloadable here upon your purchase.

Thank you.

The course in non-refundable, as the knowledge you gain from QRTS cannot be given back.


1)  by buying QRTS, you declare to use this knowledge ONLY and exclusively for yourself

2)  you also declare not to divulge this system in any way or by any means, be it through electronic or any other means

Frequently Asked Questions on 
The Quiet Road to Trading Success 

Q: This system sounds interesting. Before purchasing can you please provide the following information...

Can you give a breakdown of number of trades placed and number of trades won and lost over the last few years.

A: This depends entirely on how many markets you would have traded with QRTS.
I only traded some commodities and a couple of stocks and that generated about 11 trades in 2004 and part of 2005. All ended positive. Some very big ones.

Q: Have you made any LIVE bets using this system, if so what were they and how much percentage profit did you make.

A: Sorry but I cannot tell you which trades I took exactly, as that would already reveal too much.
I gave however some practical examples in the newsletter.

Q: Is the system CRYSTAL CLEAR on entry and exit points without any doubt.

A: Crystal clear, but not entirely mechanical, although you could trade it as such.

Q: Is this system applicable to any market?

A: Any market will do.

Q: Does it need a lot of analysis - do I have to spend say 1 hour everyday?

A: 1 hour / day... A few days each year!

Q:  On average it looks I'll get about one or two trades a year per commodity, is this correct?

A:  Not necessarily on each commodity.  When you get your signals to trade, you will only trade those markets that are really ready at that time.

Q: This sounds promising. What size bankroll would I need to get started? 

A: Really low. $5000 would be sufficient.

Q: As with any new venture, I'd insist on starting with a small amount of capital and make the system prove itself before risking more.  Do you have an estimate of "Annual Return On Investment"?

A: A yearly capital doubling is really feasible.

Q: How much trading experience does one need and product, technical know-how?

A: Trading experience needed is very basic: you'll have to know what an option is and how to give an order to your broker.  All the rest you need to know is found in the course and explained very clearly.
If you would not understand something, I'm here to help you.

Q: Are all the trades option based for my guide?

A: You can also trade the underlying stocks and commodities, but I prefer to trade the options, as they offer much more potential.

Q: Sounds like an interesting email and system. Trading on the weekly is defiantly much safer and less stressful, I am experienced at charting and have taken many courses and read many books. Do you have something new that has not been published or is this something that experienced trader would know?

A: Glad to hear you agree with me on the time frames.  Be assured that QRTS is very different from anything out there in the traders world.  You'll love the simplicity, the accuracy, the profitability and the originality.

Q: I use trade station if I were to put all your parameters in and back test your system would I get a favorable result? Have you back tested your system to see how it does? Just some thoughts let me know.

A: Of course I back tested it.  But I did it visually and not with some software, this because the system is very visual itself.   This could be easily done, because you only get a few signals each year.
It does not mean you could only do a couple of trades/year. These same signals can be used in different markets at the same time.  You'll only chose the best ones and that is most easily done by eyeballing. How to chose these is fully explained in the course.

Thank you for the thorough answers.  

Don't be left behind and join the club of the Easy Traders!

This great course is $200 downloadable here upon your purchase.

Thank you!