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Unsolicited Testimonials:
"I had 21 consecutive winning sessions with this system, it's truly amazing"
"A well tested product delivered after hundreds of hours of research and development"
"A very profitable Roulette method 
using the law of the third most efficiently"
The Rose Garden System
for Roulette

edited and revised by Izak Matatya

Finally, after 5 months of testing the Garden System, and achieving positive results, it's time to have it available for you.  I have promised to put it on the market for you, only if the test results were positive.  The system is completely revised and rewritten and has been extended to on-line playing and the double zero American Roulette wheel and thus named the Rose Garden System.

The Rose Garden uses the law of the third to the best extent.  It takes advantage of the Roulette feature that within 38 spins, you will have most of the time 24 different numbers showing up with some repeaters.  The system gives you step by step instructions on how to track them and how to bet on them successfully.

The results will speak for themselves.  12 units are what you aim for, and 12 units is what you will receive session after session.  The system has excellent entry and exit points.  There are 6 scenarios of money management and greed control.  Should you not get the +12 units per session, proper exit points make sure your losses are limited.

Playing the system on the long run over thousands of sessions will ensure an average profit of 2.3 units per session.  A session can last between one spin to maximum 10 spins.  There is a tracking phase of about 37 spins and a playing phase until you hit your target.

It is astonishing when you hit a streak of more than 10 winning sessions in a row, my personal mark is 16 in a row.  Some customers had an amazing record of 21 consecutive winning sessions in one day.  This makes a profit of 21 X 12 = 252 units.

This is the typical performance of this system.  Of course, there will be sessions with negative results.  Some with -72 units and in the worst case scenario, but very rarely with -96 units. Some sessions end at -12 or at -24 units.   However, by the time those will occur, you may be hundreds of units ahead.  If they occur up front, the system will recoup very fast and will bring you ahead.   This is what happened in tests and real play and this is what your tests will prove as well.

There are quite a few people using this system today and they are ahead by more than 1000 units.  So even a -72 unit session definitely does not hurt their accumulated bankroll. 

A lifetime bankroll of 300 units is sufficient to use this system and profit with it for years.

The Rose Garden system is basically based on the law of the third; the fact that after certain number of spins not all numbers will hit the same amount of times.  Some numbers will hit as much as double or even triple than others. Therefore these are the numbers you will be playing.

You will know which these numbers are by using the selection process explained in the tutorial.
The selection process will select the winning numbers, while the session is in progress.

There are no decisions to be made based on guesses. Once you have mastered the system, you simply follow the rules and the steps and you will see how it will perform.

The author has passed hundred of hours in research and development in order to deliver a good tested product.  And presently, he is at more than 1700 units up.

When you order the Rose Garden System from Let's Talk Winning, you receive it at 50% off its original price of $100 for $50.

You have full money back guarantee, should the system not perform the way it's stated.  You need to run your tests against real spins of the Hamburg Spielbank against any month, so the numbers can be verifiable and you have 30 days to do so from the date of your purchase.

If you are not satisfied, you return the system with your log or by specifying which month of the Hamburg Spielbank failed and your money is fully refunded, no questions asked.

The system is available in the form of an e-book only.  If you are not acquainted with e-books, don't worry.  You will receive detailed instructions upon your order explaining how to load the e-book and how to register it on-line with a dedicated personal identification number.

You will have continuous support and assistance, as the owner of the Rose Garden System.  Just email   Inquiries and questions are welcome.

I have promised you a rose garden and here it is.

Thank you,
Izak Matatya

Frequently Asked Questions on The Rose Garden System
for Roulette

Q: Izak, 

As a customer of yours and long time fan, I have two two questions about Rose Garden:

1) Could I play Rose Garden professionally or semi-professionally?  I am retired and have the time to devote to playing. You have said before that all systems must break down eventually (at least, that's what I understood you to say).

2) If so, could one play this professionally on double-zero wheels, which is really the only choice I have in my area?

A: Yes indeed, the Rose Garden system has been designed to win in Roulette and you can use it professionally.

I haven't seen this system break down yet and the author has been using it for 2 years now being at +1700 units.

And it works very well for 00 wheels as well.

Q: Hi Izak,

How does one move about Spielbank, it's all in German?

A: You don't have to speak German in order to be able to use the Hamburg casinos archives.

Here is all you need to do:

Click:  to get there.

Specify table number in box: Tisch.

Specify the date:

Tag (day), Monat (month), Jahr (year), and click Auflisten to show the outcome for that day and for that table number. Then click "back" and enter a different date. You have 4 years of stored Roulette spin results.

Best regards,

Q: Do you wager on streets and columns?

A: No, you wager on inside numbers only.

Q: Have you sold this before or someone else?

A: I haven't sold this before, the author did for $100. I'm selling it for a promotional $50 with the author's permission.

Thank you,
Izak Matatya