Wave System for Even Bets

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One of the most logical systems ever designed:

Wave System for Even Bets

"with a success rate of 97%"

Imagine a betting system on even chances with a success rate of 97%! 

Is this a typing error? 

No, by using this system you’ll indeed succeed in 97% of your attacks on the roulette, on the baccarat or on the craps table. 

Wait! Now you’ll be probably thinking “I know systems that are 99% right and will still lose badly during the 1%”.

This 1% loss will then be more than enough to eat all your profits made during the 99% winnings.  And – very sadly - that’s true. 

So, is this also such a system? 


You won’t give back your profits when losing 3 times out of 100. 

Why is that? 

Because you’ll win on average 1 point on each game in the long run, LOSSES INCLUDED.

This is statistically determined and the way it's calculated is the following:

Your total risk for a session is 57 units.  If out of 100 games you lose 3 times, your loss becomes 171 units.  However, you will win at least 93 times an average of 3 units amounting to 279 units. Your net profit for the 100 games will be 108 units giving you a net profit of 1 unit on the long run.

One game doesn’t take long: it will be around 10 minutes only.

Winning 10 units a day should be your goal and you shouldn’t go over that.

Your average profit/attack will be 3 units: only 4 to 5 games lasting only 10 minutes will cover your daily goal of 10 units!

Bankroll needed is 100 units. 

Can you imagine what this means when playing with 100 usd units?

You would earn US$ 1,000 a day during MOST of your visits to the casino! 

Wave is also one of the easiest systems to apply, even in a very busy casino and even if they hardly leave you time to breath. 

There are not much notes to take and if you’ve got a good memory, you could even do without writing down anything. 

So most of your visits will be an effortless and very profitable game for you when using Wave.

The system is only $80

Upon your purchase you get an additional system for free - the 2-Chop System sold for $60.  Unlimited system support is included. 


Thank you.




After obtaining Wave, you’ve got two weeks to test a full month of roulette on the Wiesbaden Casino 

You proceed as follows: 

-         start each day of the most recent full month with the first spin

-         your goal is to obtain 10 points profit / day

-         after reaching your goal, you stop for that day and your following test will be on the following day of that month

-         if you’d ever lose your full bankroll of 100 units during this test month, you’ll be refunded 

So what is your risk? 


You test on the results of a full month roulette of the Wiesbaden Casino without any real money, so you don’t risk a single dollar. 

If you lose your (virtual) bankroll, you’ll promptly get a refund without discussion. 

So your total risk = $0 

Things can’t be more honest and fair than this.


Thank you.


Frequently Asked Questions
on Wave System

Q: In Wave, it's specified that out of 100 games you lose 3 and win 93.  If you loose 3 games from 100 then isn't it that must win 97 times and not 93?

A: Yes, that is correct.  What is meant is that it is sufficient to win 93 games out of 100 in order to be ahead by at least one unit per spin in average.

Q:The information on this new method is rather brief.  Could you answer some questions?

1- I assume this is a method for picking R/B etc.  Izak has a method - FBMP - which is also used to predict.  What makes your method of bet selection so good?

A: This method is totally different in its selection procedure and is based on  probabilities.

Q: 2- Does the method have a money management component or is it flat bet?

A: A progression is used (in fact one main and one alternative).

Q: 3- Does the method pick the even money chance more than 50% of the time?

A:  You should rather think in won attacks: and they are VERY high (one attack is composed of a few spins).

Q: 4- Anything else you can tell me about it would be appreciated.

A: Consider Wave a sure winner with one special extra: it is extremely fast in obtaining its goal.


Thank you.