Block 8 System for Even Bets

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"a system with a very particular bet selection and method"
Block 8 System for Even Bets

by Izak Matatya
"generates thousands of units with a very low bankroll"

I'm proud to present you my newest system:  Block 8 System for Even Bets.  It's one of the best performers of the systems so far.

It presents a brand new concept in bet selection and method.

As the name implies the system splits all decisions in blocks of 8 and depending of where you are in this block of 8 decisions, you bet differently. 

This attacks a totally random environment of bets with a randomized way of betting generating lots of win streaks, loss streaks and alternations for all types of shoes, whether they are choppy, streaky or full of all kinds of different sequences of decisions. 

The bet method takes a huge advantage of winning streaks, as it's a pure up-as-you-win type of system.  Thus, you could generate a large sum of 148 units for a small sequence of only 8 bets. 

If you would lose all 8 decisions, those eight sequential losses would cost only 8 units, since we are totally controlling our losses. 

For an equal amount of losing and winning streaks in samples of thousands of shoes, the system presents definitely a great advantage for the player.

The system generates profits also for all various other kind of sequences.  Typical shoes are illustrated in elaborate examples throughout the system document. 

Block 8 system beats all tester books and generates positive results for randomly generated decisions as well. 

Here is a performance chart for the 600 Zumma shoe set:

+3,219 units for 600 shoes averages 5.365 units per shoe.  This is all achieved with a maximum bet of not more than 43 units. 

The good news are that we are not betting 43 units to chase our losses.  On the contrary, since this is an up-as-you-win system, the higher you bet means that you have been winning more and more. 

This is the normal version of the system.  For those who could be concerned about the drawdown shown in the graph, there is a very mild version of the system, where your max bet becomes a mere 3 units for the entire 600 shoe set. 

For this version, the entire drawdown is reduced to 13 units only!  And the system still generates 716 units.  The performance chart for this version is the following, where you see that the profits are always on the positive side of the graph:

The fact that this system is mild doesn't mean that you will be betting $1 units only. 

 If your unit size is $10, you will make 716 X $10 = $7,610 for those 600 shoes for your bets of $10 and $30. If you bet black chips ($100) only, your profit will be $76,100.

If your highest bet is 3 units and the table limit is $24,000, your minimum bet can be $24,000 divided by 3 or $8000, then your profit will be $8000 X 716 = $5,728,000!!  Thus, you could use this mild version very aggressively!!

It’s all up to your budget and style.

With the innovative bet selection and method, Block 8 has a definite flat bet advantage, too, as it generates 20,694
wins versus 20,310 losses, 384 more wins than losses, betting 1 unit only throughout the entire 600 shoes.

This is achieved with an overall drawdown of only 32 units. 

Here's how the flat bet version's performance looks like:

For flat betting, you can chose any bet size you desire up to the table's maximum, if your budget allows it. 

For either version of Block 8, there are no interruptions nor tracking.  You bet on every single decision from the very first decision until the last.  You can enter a shoe any time, and quit any time you feel like, should you have a win target. 

The system itself doesn't have a win target.  On an up-as-you-win type, it tells you by how much you should increase your bets and for how long in order to optimize your profits.  The optimized parameters are already done for you.  Since the simulation is parametric for those values, you are welcome to experiment with them as much as you like.  You will be astonished by the results you will get.

Upon your purchase you will receive the system document and two simulations for the 600 Zumma shoe set and 600 randomly generated decision set.

The reason you have only one simulation is because different versions of normal and mild are created by simply changing a few parameters in the system, thus you don't have to learn a totally new system.

The system document is only 12 pages of easy and fun reading.  You will know what to do in a very short amount of time.  The simplicity of the system is the result of very hard work, like a virtuoso pianist, who makes playing looks like very smooth and easy, but behind all that is years of very very hard practicing. 

The Block 8 system is a very strong performer.  To make it affordable to you, it goes only for $250.  Moreover, early birds may have an additional 50% discount if you purchase the system until the end of August 2019 and have it for $125 only.  A huge bargain for such a great system.

As usual, your satisfaction is guaranteed and you have a full money back guarantee, should the system is not to your liking and you can return it within 30 days of your purchase, no strings attached and no questions asked.  And please do not ask for a refund until you have really tried the system, as its performance is quite guaranteed to be an absolute winner.  You will see for yourselves.  My goal is to make you a winner and you know I have been trying that relentlessly for over 20 years now. 

Thank you!
Izak Matatya

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