Couples System

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Couples is based on pairing even bets and their interaction.  On even bet systems, such as Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, etc. there are two sides, such as Red and Black in Roulette or Player and Banker in Baccarat, etc. 

When we couple them and match them in pairs, such as RR RB BR BB, we get four couples. 

The system analyzes their interaction, their relation, their frequency/odds of appearance and everything associated to those pairs and comes up with a fine, solid flat bet system, that provides you rising profits per usage.

Since we are dealing with pairs or couples, the system bets every other bet, as it needs to identify the first partner of the couple first and then determines which couple should come up next based on statistical data. 

The system is very simple to use, although was not easy to develop.  When you see a musician perform a hard piece, if it's well practiced, it looks and sounds pretty easy, but I'm telling you, it took lots of hours to get it to that stage. 

Here's its performance chart:

As you can see, no matter where you start using the system you end up with a profit as you continue using it.

In 1000 shoes, one makes 300 units using 1 unit flat bets only, meaning you can use any chip denomination you can afford. 

If $100, you make $30,000.  If $1,000, you make $300,000.  If just $10, easily made $3000.

All this achieved with an overall drawdown of 3 units only.  Yes, not a misprint, you are down only 3 chips throughout the entire 1000 Baccarat shoes. 

The system is 10 pages of easy and fun reading.  And you get a fully automated simulation, all 1000 shoes in one spreadsheet.

The system goes for $600 and is worth every penny.  Early bird purchasers will receive a 50% discount, if you buy it until the end of this month April 2021.  You invest $300 to multiply it by at least 10.