47 Ways to Beat the Slots

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Finally, Slot-Playing Strategies You Can Count On!

Unlike those useless magic slot systems promoted by the other guys, 47 Ways To Beat The Slots is based on proven principles.  The same strategies professional gamblers use to survive and get ahead in the casino. 

47 Ways To Beat The Slots is unlike any other book on slots you've ever seen!  No tedious studying.  Precise instructions tell you where to play, what machines to play and how to play.  If you're serious about wanting to become the most proficient slot expert you can be, 47 Ways To Beat The Slots is the only guide you'll ever need.  It's the genuine article, not another useless "miracle" system.

They say knowledge is power! That is precisely why you will no longer be a loser when you play the machines.  Those computerized robots can not be coaxed or tricked to pay more money more often than they're programmed to pay.  That's why "magic slot systems" don't work. But we humans have something machines don't have - our brain! And that's our superior weapon.   If you not only know the rules, but also the logic behind them you'll play to win, every time!  Let "47 Ways To Beat The Slots" be your step by step guide to victory.

You'll learn...

  • How to develop "staying power" without digging deeper and deeper into your pockets.

  • How to stop making the serious mistakes nine out of every ten slot players make.

  • How knowledge beats percentages.  If you know the rules and know yourself, you'll beat the odds!

  • How to get the most out of slot clubs. You needn't risk a bundle to get free food, free rooms and much more.

  • How signing up for a slot tournament could be your best casino bet.  Most tournaments are fun and good value.

Plus you get this FREE BONUS GIFT that will dramatically improve your chances at all other casino games:
A complimentary copy of "LET'S TALK WINNING - THE BOOK."  This manual shows you how to get the most for the least out of any casino.  Covers all table games, video poker and keno.

You'll have to agree 47 Ways To Beat The Slots will make you a winning slot player or your money back - that's my GUARANTEE! 


Today's electronic slot machines are controlled by a computer chip known as a "Random Number Generator". That little device is a sophisticated program designed to generate and endless stream of losing and winning sequences, which are translated into the symbols that line up behind the glass for visual effect. How many coins you insert does not influence the payout frequency or sequence. All those near misses are casino marketing ploys, designed to make you think a big payout is about to happen. I don't believe anyone can tell when a machine is "due" to hit. Slots do have hot and cold cycles, but those cycles are due to random fluctuations, it is impossible to know in advance when they will happen. 

Best regards,
Tony R Frank