Best Basic System

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for Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Mini-Baccarat and Blackjack

Unquestionably the best all-around gaming formula for craps, roulette, baccarat, mini-baccarat and blackjack. A system as close to perfection as is possible.

With the Best Basic System the player swings the odds or percentages over to his side, regardless of the mathematical house advantage. How? Because patterns of decisions may remain steady for a while, then change continuously, the Best Basic System combines two betting methods that offset each other. That way one can, at the very least, slow the rate of loss, thus being able to stay in the game until ones luck turns.

The characteristics of a good system are that it makes allowances for occasional losses, but will show a net gain over a reasonable period of time. Using a $5 betting unit, the Best Basic System should produce an average profit of $60 an hour. No system is ever a "sure thing", but this one is as close to fool-proof as any system can be. Guaranteed!

You will learn exactly how to play in just a few minutes. The serious system player depends on winning at least half of all bets. The automatic bet selection methods of the Best Basic System virtually assures the player of being on the right side at least half the time. The whole process is explained in plain English, nothing complicated.

This system is for the person who is not greedy, but is determined to win some decent money over a reasonable period of time. You want a system that is low-risk, easy to learn, simple to play and above all, a system that works! With the Best Basic system your time in the casino will be much more enjoyable, especially when cashing in your winning chips at the cashier's cage.

You can test this system before making that live action bet. You will know what to do when you get to the casino. You don't try to outguess what the next decision will be. The dice, ball or cards will make a monkey out of you most of the time. Leave the hunches to the losers. If such things worked the casinos would have gone broke a long time ago.

The Best Basic System incorporates what’s necessary in successful gambling. An Up-As-You-Win money management strategy that uses a 7-step progression designed to escalate your bets with money that wasn’t yours to begin with. It’s the only way to minimize losses and maximize wins. As your bankroll increases so does your bet size.

You do not need a huge bankroll to play the Best Basic system. Fifty times the value of a single betting unit is recommended. If the unit value is $5, the bankroll would be $250. Playing with $5 chips, you should win $60 an hour, on average.

The BEST BASIC SYSTEM is $135.  Can be downloaded upon your purchase.

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Izak Matatya