CBS - Conservative Baccarat System

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" A Low Budget Conservative System"
CBS - Conservative Baccarat System
by Izak Matatya

"Highest bet never exceeding 10 units"

The May promotion of 95% discount on all systems is over.  Lots of new ideas are coming for the month of June.  Here is one for today:  a brand new system deploying a brand new concept and a brand new progression never used before.

It's the new CBS - Conservative Baccarat System designed for non-commission Baccarat games.

As the name implies, it's very conservative.  It's the system you have been waiting for to use a very low budget and still win in the long run very consistently.

In fact, your highest bet will never exceed 10 units max. 

A new type of progression has 12 steps and profits in any win loss combination sequence. 

The system has four bet selections that compete with each other and one selects the one that performs the best automatically just following the specs of the system.

The system comes with an excellent money management and risk management criteria with optimized parameters. 

We set a win target of 29 units to close runs.

We also have a loss limit of -45 units, that happen maybe once or twice in 1000 shoes.  The first one I encountered was at Shoe no. 642.  I'm not sure if there is another one...

When that happened we were up by 3,484 units.  A full simulation is provided with your purchase.

Setting the system parameters, we get:

Win target: 29
Loss Limit: -45
Drawdown: -41
Max Session Drawdown: -54
Max profit: 5032
End profit: 4782

a profit of 4,782 units for 1000 shoes, averaging 4.8 units per shoe.

And this is with an overall drawdown of mere 41 units.

This is the performance chart of the system:

Steadily and nicely rising profits.

Always reaching a new maximum, no matter at which point you start playing and using the system.

The system is only 8 pages of easy reading. 

Each case has been fully documented.

The system is very conservative and very affordable.  It's only $2,000 and it will pay itself off within a few hours.

Averaging 4.8 units per shoe, and playing only with $10 bets, it will take just 5 shoes to pay it off.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Should the system not meet your needs, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase totally unconditionally, no strings attached.

Please do not forget to specify your email during your purchase, so your download link can be sent to you.

Thank you!

Izak Matatya

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