Concept 4

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"The most sophisticated system
you will ever acquire for all even bets"

Concept 4

by Izak Matatya
"uses the four most powerful concepts in gambling"

It's an excellent way of starting the new year 2016 with a brand new system. 

Here I am to present you my newest system Concept 4. 

A system is solid if it uses a good concept, which is logical and powerful.  If it uses a combination of good concepts, it makes it even more powerful.  Concept 4, as the name implies, uses four excellent concepts, which results into a very sophisticated system, designed to make you profits after profits. 

Three of the concepts have been selected from my previously existing systems, but they have been selected to be the best ones out of the 63 designed so far, based on their performances and customer feedback.  Moreover, they have been modified to even better standards.

The fourth concept is a brand new one, which added to the already three powerful ones becomes the very icing of the cake.  This fourth concept totally eliminates the need for any kind of tracking or waiting for a certain opportunity to occur before starting to bet.  This makes the system not only very powerful but also very dynamic in terms of being active every single decision. 

The fourth concept also doubles the profits that one would make without its addition. 

In fact, combining all four concepts simply triples all profits that could be made with each concept used individually. 

All of this is enabled not by increasing the required bankroll, but, on the contrary reducing it 4 fold!

In short Concept 4 becomes one of the most sophisticated systems that you could ever use. 

After having developed so many systems and having this vast experience, I certainly have tough demands on myself.

The system works for all even paying games, such as Player/Banker in Baccarat, Red/Blacks, Even/Odds, High/Lows in Roulette, Pass Line/Don't Pass Line in Craps, etc.

All four concepts are explained in the document step by step and one by one and you will be amazed how the addition of each one to the previous one makes the game much more interesting and most importantly adds profits from one step to the next. 

There is only one parameter that is used, which has nothing to do with the four concepts themselves, but with the money management.  This parameter simply enables us not ever to give our hard earned money back to the casino once our profits rise to a very decent level.  In a way, it controls our losses, and instructs us to take a certain strategy, should bets escalate to undesired level.  It also automatically controls our maximum bet that we can ever use in order not to approach the table's maximum limit. 

In fact, this parameter has only two values, although you are welcome to experience with many more, as it's a changeable value on your spreadsheets.  Once it's set, all other values, such as maximum bet, session bankroll required, etc. are all automatically adjusted.  We may approach a certain maximum bet only in very rare occasions.  Otherwise, the system normally does not require the drastic raising of our bets.  You would be reaching your win target fairly easily.

The two values make the system either mild or slightly more aggressive.  Nothing else changes in the specifications of the system.

Here are two performance charts using either one of the parameters:

With this first parameter, which makes the system milder, Concept 4 generates a profit level of 1254 units for 500 Baccarat shoes, with a maximum bet of 77 units tops and a total drawdown not more than 16 units.  A lifetime bankroll of 200 units are quite ample to use this system efficiently.

Below is a little more aggressive version of the system, that generates a total of 7438 units for the same 500 shoes, averaging 15 units per shoe, with a maximum bet of 203 units and absolutely no drawdown, meaning your very first chip is never lost and keeps multiplying steadily.  Quite an impressive performance I would say, meeting my own requirements on the system.  A lifetime of 500 units are quite sufficient for this version of Concept 4.

Two full Excel simulations that generate the above charts will be sent to you upon your purchase showing every step and every detail of the usage of the four concepts. 

The system document itself is very easy and fun to read.  It has not more than 15 pages and has sufficient detailed examples for you to understand the system in its integrity within a couple of hours or less. 

Concept 4 is very inexpensive.  It goes for $470 and it's worth every penny of it.   For $20 extra you can have a printout of the system delivered to your mailing address. 

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  You have a full money back guarantee if you return the system within 30 days of your purchase, no strings attached.

Thank you!
Izak Matatya

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