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"The best flat bet roulette system"
Dominant Difference Roulette System
"wins even on the zeros"

by Izak Matatya

As the pandemic is contained with more of the population getting the vaccine, soon the brick-and-mortar casinos should open and we'll be back to our games. 

I have always been a roulette aficionado and my challenge has been to beat the game using flat bets only.  This is quite a challenge knowing that the odds on a double zero roulette wheel are 5.26% against the player, mostly because of the zeros.

Well, I'm proud to say, that I have finally perfected a flat bet roulette system, that I would like to present to you this week.  It's called the DD – Dominant Difference system, one of the best flat bet Roulette systems ever developed. 

The system is designed for Roulette only, as it takes advantage of all even betting areas, such as Reds, Blacks, Lows, Highs, Even Odds and even the zeros themselves.

The system does not bet on every single spin. It waits for certain conditions to take place. A trigger is required to initiate betting.

Otherwise, betting on every spin, makes it very hard to beat roulette on the long run, as it has a very high house edge of 5.26% for American tables that have two zeros: 0 and 00.

This system not only beats the double zero roulette with flat bets only, it takes also advantage of each zero, as there will be bets placed on them, too.

Flat betting means the betting of the same amount every time we place a bet, unlike a progression that alters the size of the bets from bet to bet.

The system will place a certain amount on an even bet, such as Black or Odd or Low or on all of them simultaneously and will place an amount on a zero and double zero.

The proportion of the bet on the even bet and on the zeros will depend on the performance of the system.

You will see that different proportions will give you various results and all winning ones.

We could be placing 10 units on an even bet and 4 units on each zero. Or we could be placing 25 units on an even bets and 5 units on each zero.

In the first case, the total bet size on the table will be 18 units (10 + 4 + 4). In the second case 35 units (35 + 5 + 5). And each other bet will be exactly the same throughout the use of the system.

Now 25 units may sound high. However, we can look at it also in terms of dollars or any currency you are using.

Your bet on the even side can be $25 or 25 units of $1 = $25 or 25 units of 2$ = $50, etc. depending on your budget and the size of the bets you are ready to place. In either case your final result will be the multiple of your unit size.

If, for instance, your bet on the even side is $25 and on the zeros is $5 each, the final result obtained for the entire 15,000 Zumma spins will be $4,385.

If we are talking units, that is 25 units on the even side and 5 units on each zero, the final result on the Zumma 15,000 spins will be 4,385 units. If your unit size is $10, then this will mean a profit of $43,850. If you place flat bets with a black chip of $100 and you place $42 on each zero (one fifth), then your total profit for 15,000 Zumma spins will be more than $50,000. And I’m sure a lot of you can afford this kind of bets.

At some casinos you can place $1000 a bet even $10,000. Imagine (or simply do the math) the profit level for this size of bets.

You can also have a $10 unit's size and place $10 on an even bet and $2 on each zero. Your profit on the long run will always be a multiple of your unit size, as the system is extremely accurate and totally proportional.

And we’re talking Reds Blacks only now. You can place bets simultaneously on all even bet areas, Reds, Blacks, Evens, Odds, Lows, Highs at the same time and simply triple your profits.

You must be wondering how all this can be possible.

Well, 21 years of system development experience and very hard work and extensive testing has finally enabled this great system. This is my 103rd system document. My web site shop.letstalkwinning.com  can hold up to 100 at a time. Three of the least popular ones are removed. Thus, you will always have access to the 100 best.

I have so far developed 4,778 systems and documented and marketed only 103 of them. A very successful system is always the result of multiple failures and not giving up and keep trying. Do you know how many rockets of Elon Musk blew up before they could land back on earth intact?

The DD system performs wonderfully.  Here's its performance chart, betting just Reds and Blacks only:

Rising profits up to +4385 units, using green chips ($25) on even bets and $5 on zeros.  An amazing performance!  A total drawdown of 200 units is your session bankroll.  As you see in the performance chart, there could be a decrease of 1000 units before the graph rises again, so to be on the safe side, 1000 unit bankroll is what you need for lifetime.

If one places a bet on every single spin and also covers the zeros at the same time, betting flat, one will lose to the house edge on the long run, because this is exactly how to house edge is built. A zero on a double zero wheel appears 2 out of 38 times or once every 19 spins on average. If you are covering the zeros at all times for all spins, and it pays only 36 for 1 instead of 38, this gives the casino an advantage of 2/38 or 5.26% of the time.

We are covering the zeros only when we are placing bets, so lots of zeros will show up also when we are not placing bets. That in itself reduces the house edge, because we are covering the zeros not for all their appearances. In 15,000 spins, there should be around 15,000 / 38 = 395 zeros. And we encounter not more than about 100 zeros during the time we bet. So 295 zeros do not make us yield to the house edge.

On the contrary, every time a zero comes up while betting, we gain some extra units. We thus convert the house edge into our own advantage!!

So now betting on all even bet areas:  Reds, Blacks, Evens, Odds, Lows and Highs, simultaneously, the following performance is obtained:


End profit Red Black: $12,800
End Profit High Low: $20,640
End Profit Even Odd: $8,320
Overall End Profit: $41,760

as the grand total is the sum of all profits on all even bet areas. 

This is achieved with flat bets of $100 chips and $40 on zeros. 

You can be a $10 bettor and will still make $4,176 on 15,000 spins.

The system document is well documented in 16 pages.  You will understand the system the first time you read it, as it's easy to use, hard to develop.  To enable simplicity is very hard work, and the player will benefit a lot.

You will have two simulations attached.  One for Reds and Blacks only and another one covering all even bets in Roulette.  Each line is shown for the entire 15,000 Zumma spins. 

There are 4 parameters you can experiment with.  You may even discover better options.

The system goes for $500 and that's very low compared to what you will gain.  Early bird purchasers can have a discount of 50% if your purchase the system until the end of this month: June 2021.  You have a full money back guarantee should you want to return the system within 30 days of your purchase, no strings attached.

Thank you and best regards,
Izak Matatya


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