Deuces Wild for Comps, Profit and Fun

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Deuces Wild For Comps, Profit and Fun

Since video poker is your game . . . ya gotta read PLAYING DEUCES WILD FOR COMPS, PROFIT and FUN. It’s the true story of how my wife and I have enjoyed 17 fully comped four-day visits at one of the Las Vegas strip hotels over a two-year period. Playing $25 and $1 video poker not only earned us 17 free mini-holidays, I made a $2,000 cash profit on top of it!

I’m not a video poker "professional", my expertise doesn’t go beyond basic strategy. My method is to "play for playing money" until I find a machine that’s in a paying cycle. Once I sat down at a machine with one roll of quarters, four hours later I took a total of 1,800 quarters to the change booth!

Playing Deuces Wild for Comps, Profit and Fun contains the whole exciting story. Every word is true. You’ll learn how to play the game and how to get on the "comp gravy train". Getting free rooms, free meals, free tournament play, free gifts and cash-back doesn’t require a large bankroll. I’ll show you how my wife and I did it, We started out limiting our gambling money to $100 each, per day. 

Thank you.