Exponent Roulette System

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"The most profitable roulette system ever written" 
Exponent Roulette System
by Izak Matatya
"makes $20,000 for 15,000 spins using $1 chips only"

Roulette has a house edge of 5.26% on a double zero wheel.  It is indeed very tough to beat a game like that. 

I have been recently exploring and analyzing parlay systems, where one leaves the bet on the table on a win and expects it to replicate as the wins are consecutive.   Thus 4 wins in a row multiplies the chip on the table 16 fold and one profits 15 units for that run. 

The problem with parlay systems is that one needs to know how many times one is willing to wait for the chip to replicate and if the parlay fails, one ends up losing that initial chip in any event.  Then one goes for the next opportunity.  And for all other opportunities where the number of replications is not reached, one ends up losing that chip.

So, I came up with a totally new concept in my new system Exponent Roulette.

Wins do not have to be consecutive.  The chip on the table needs not replicate.  The system simply profits on wins in a very particular way.  Losses are totally negligible as one bets only 1 unit after every loss.

One can have much less wins than losses and one will still profit a lot, except that when one wins, it is exponential.  That's where the system name comes from.

It is an up-as-you-win system.  Very attractive.  The more you win, the more you bet.  So if one is betting hundreds of units, that's because one has been winning a lot.  Why put a max bet limit, if you are winning?

The bet selection is extremely simple.  One can bet just Black only, or Red only.  Or any other even bet, such as High, or Low, or Even or Odd or a combination of 2 or 3 even bets, such as Red and Low, or Black and High, etc.

It can even be a preferred bet selection of yours.  The one you like the most.  The one you feel will benefit more.  It really doesn't matter, because the forte of this system is the bet method.  It's how you multiply your wins and profits as you win. 

As a matter of fact, playing with only $1 chips, one will win more than $20,000 on 15,000 spins,  $20,466 to be exact.  This is totally tested on the double zero Zumma Roulette tester book.  On a single zero table, one will profit even more.

With $10 chips, one wins 10 times more.

Here's the performance chart of Exponent Roulette:

Unheard performance for a game with a 5.26% house advantage.  I was told many times, that one cannot beat roulette.  It's impossible.  You cannot beat the odds.  Yet, this graph tells otherwise, doesn't it?  Reaching a new maximum every time. 

You will ask how many abandoned runs?  The answer is none!  No abandoned runs whatsoever.  The system closes every run with a profit.  And not just with 1 unit profit like a grind system, but as many as 20 units and more. 

Average profit is $20,466 / 15,000 = $1,36 per spin.  If a spin takes a minute, one makes $81.86 per hour.  For a 5 hour daily play, the profit is $409.30 a day with $1 chips!! 

One makes $4K a day with $10 chips. 

Whatever suits your budget.

The complete simulation for all 15,000 Zumma spins is included in your purchase.  One bets every single spin with no interruptions, no tracking.  The above chart is for betting Black only.  Similar charts for other even bets. 

Betting on multiple even bet areas multiplies your profits.  Two areas, $8K profit per day with $10 chips.

The system document is not longer than 9 pages, very easy to read and understand.  You will be ready to use the system immediately.  You won't even need to practice it.  

The system is very valuable and is priced at $10,000, a sum you will cover in a few hours of play. 

As usual, your satisfaction is guaranteed and you have a full money back guarantee should you ask for a refund within 30 days of your purchase, no questions asked, no strings attached.

Thank you and best regards,
Izak Matatya


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Frequently Asked Questions on the Exponent Roulette System

Dear Let's Talk Winning subscribers, customers, friends,

The Exponent Roulette system launched last week was received with great enthusiasm and I was flooded with questions in private emails and in the discussion forum. 

First of all, I would like to share my answers with you in this FAQ newsletter, then we will discuss different options and ways to use this great system. 

Q: What is the bankroll for the exponent Roulette system?
How many units do I need to play the system?

A: The lifetime bankroll required is 1500 units.
Since your bets increase as you win, you need just 300 units to play it.
If you need to place a 300 unit bet, it's probably because you are already ahead by 293 units or so. You're just missing 7 units to complete the run. So it's really the casino's money that you are betting with, with the earnings so far in the run.

Q: Hi Izak - 
Appreciate you reaching out.  I am considering a purchase!  Have to wait to get paid to finance this but your information sounds promising.  You're right, the math guys say the game cannot be beat long term.
A couple of questions and forgive me if I missed this:
What is the starting bankroll required?  Units? What is the definition of an "abandoned run"? 

A: I'm a math guy, too.  I have a PhD in Stochastic Processes.  
A lifetime bankroll of 1500 units is sufficient to play this system as announced.
An abandoned run is an accepted loss amount and one moves on if one stops betting having accepted a certain amount of loss, but still being ahead overall in the game.
Exponent roulette has no such events.  All runs are continued and won with a profit with no exceptions.

Q: I notice one huge drop of what I am guessing is 5000 units or more, any follow-up would be appreciated

A: The dropdown is not a worry. That's the casino's money you summed up during that run, until closure with a profit.

Q: I have tried several of your systems in the past, and unfortunately they have not met my expectations. You have been more than kind to refund my money no questions asked.... But in the interest of being totally transparent I find this absolutely hard to believe.... Of course I am always trying to beat the house and roulette of all games is impossible to beat... Once again I find it very hard to believe that you can make that kind of a claim, and I know I have nothing to lose by ordering.

A:  As you say, you have nothing to lose from ordering the system, checking it out on paper, and if not to your liking you can have an immediate refund, no questions asked, as you already know.

I'm very honest. And I strongly believe with this system, I have beaten roulette big time.  I surprised myself having overcome the negative 5.26% odds on a double zero roulette wheel.

All it takes is one innovative idea.

And I always use logic in my systems and specify why it should win.

Take Repeating Numbers 2.0 for instance. The logic is that within the next 38 spins, all 38 numbers cannot be different. The chances of that are almost zero. That means some numbers will have to repeat. Which ones? The ones that have just come up within the last 20 spins, if there were no repeats by then. Does it make sense? Does it work? Absolutely!!

Q: Izak, you mentioned that EXPONENT can be used in other even money bets. I have some questions

1.(A) How many units does it make commission baccarat against ZUMMA 600.
(B) How many abandon runs?
(C) What's the biggest unit drawdown ?.
(D) Lifetime bankroll needed ?

2.(A) How many units does it make commission baccarat against ZUMMA 1000.
(B) How many abandon runs?.
(C) Biggest unit drawdown ?.
(D) Lifetime bankroll needed?

A:  If the system beats roulette which has worse odds than Baccarat, it works fantastic on Baccarat. There are no commissions involved because it bets Player only.

On 1000 shoes it generates 103,724 units betting P only. The largest drawdown is 1500 units and that's your lifetime bankroll.

The maxbet is set to 10,000. Real drawdown of 25,377.

For Zumma 600 also there are absolutely no abandoned runs throughout. The end profit is 63,517 units with a drawdown of 19,349 units, which is really money won from the casino for that particular run. Max bet is 10,000.

There are NO abandoned runs. It's an amazing system, my last (for now), my best.

Q: I have a few questions on the new Exponent system.

If you revert back to 1 unit after a loss why the large drawdown at game 12693?

Was that a 7000 unit loss before the system recovered?

How much was the maximum bet?

What is the recommended session bankroll?

A:  As I mentioned, Exponent is an up as you win system. If the bets go high, that's because one has been winning.

The table limits are never exceeded. It may reach up to 40.9% of them on rare occasions.

The 7000 unit loss is not out of your own bankroll, but the previous win you got from the table and yes, it recovers.

They all recover. There are absolutely no abandoned runs in this system.

The maximum bet was 4096 units, again the casino's won money for that particular run.

The overall drawdown relative to the beginning of play is 1500 units and that's your lifetime bankroll.

The best suitable table range is $1-$5000 or $1-$10,000.  One wins $20,000 in 15,000 spins.

Thank you all for your very valuable questions.

One customer asked if the system can be used with differential betting, meaning that one would use both sides Red and Black and bet on the difference of the bets and place a bet on the side that requires the higher bet.

Well, it was a very good question, since the system wins on either betting B only and betting R only.

So I ran a few simulations, 6 of them:

1) With B only
2) With R only
3) With R and B using DB (differential betting)
4) With R and B using HB (higher bet - one bets not on the difference, but on the higher of the two sides)
5) With R and B using AB (additive betting - one bets on the sum of the two bets on both sides)
6) With R and B using DB NNB, which stands for Differential betting No No Bet, that is if both bets are the same, instead of No Bet, we place 1 unit on Black or Red.

Here are the resulting charts for each option:

This is all integrated in one spreadsheet now.  It can be sent to purchasers on request. 

Notice one abandoned run for betting R only, for the set maxbet limit of 4850.  With a higher max bet limit (10,000) there are no abandoned runs.  Nevertheless the end profit is 17,172 units.

Note also that using DB - differential betting, the end profit is 39,089 units for 15,000 Zumma spins, the most profitable option. It has an extraordinary performance!!

The system is priced at $10,000, a sum you will cover in a few hours of play. 

As usual, your satisfaction is guaranteed and you have a full money back guarantee should you ask for a refund within 30 days of your purchase, no questions asked, no strings attached.

Thank you and best regards,
Izak Matatya


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