FBRN - Flat Bet Repeating Numbers Roulette System

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Flat Bet Repeating Numbers Roulette System

"I purchased and read the Flat Bet Repeating Numbers System today.  I also played a few sessions on my Hoyle software.  The results after about 4 sessions were surprisingly successful, not because I won but because I won so soon."

"I purchased the above system today. I've had so far 9 winning series totaling 117 units."

"I recently purchased your flat bet system for repeating numbers and inside bets.  It works very well.  Congratulations on developing this system. You are turning a craps guy into a roulette aficionado with this and your suggestions for dozens bets."

"So far of all the systems I've purchased, FBRN is one that really works."

The simplest yet the most effective roulette system ever for playing inside numbers

Flat Bet Repeating Numbers Roulette System

by Izak Matatya

"Uses only flat bets and can win up to 200 units per session!"

I was playing at Caribbean Gold on line casino the other day.  They have a reputation of having fair games, as they are monitored by the gaming commission.  I bought in for $200 worth of chips and received a welcome bonus of $75.  Playing with $1 chips, I started using my newest strategy, a system based on repeating numbers using flat bets only.  After half an hour of play and winning 8 sessions, my balance rose to $425.   This was enough to increase my betting units to $10 a chip.  Soon enough after winning a few more sessions, my balance went up to $665.  I decided to cash my winnings, but it was rejected by the casino.  Roulette was not one of the games I should have used in order to cash in my bonus.  As a matter of fact, neither Roulette, Craps nor Baccarat were qualified games for cashing in on bonuses.  The reason for that is probably because people wager both sides of even bets at the same time (Red and Black or Even and Odd or High and Low in roulette, Player and Banker in Baccarat , Pass and Don't Pass Lines in Craps) in order to wager sufficiently to be eligible for cashing in on bonuses.  What was left as a table game was Blackjack and I needed to wager 10 times the amount of my bonus that is $750.  Having increased my bankroll from $275 to $665 using my roulette system, I went to play blackjack thinking to break even if I would win half of the bets using basic strategy and wagering more than $750.  I have mixed my game with the great progression of the Superior Roulette System.  After having wagered $750 using not more than $10 units, I won an extra sum that brought my balance to $830.  This time the casino had no objections to my cashing in.

You must be wondering what kind of system this roulette system is that enables one to increase a balance from $275 to $665 in about an hour's play.  This is the new Flat Bet Repeating Numbers Roulette system.

This is a system you will truly enjoy.  The fact that it uses flat bets only protects your bankroll.  It is a very dynamic system.  There is no tracking at all.  The moment you take your seat next to the roulette table, you start betting with no breaks, no interruptions, no waiting.

The simplicity of the system will strike you.  This is a system that will take you the shortest time to learn and the quickest to make profits.  You will be mostly amazed by the results you will get.

It is good for any budget.  You can play at $1 minimum tables or with $100 chips.  You can start wagering with low amounts and as your profits accumulate,  you increase your betting units to $2, then to $5, then to $10, etc., thus building a solid bankroll to play with.

The amount of bankroll unit is not more than 300 units.  This is according to the money management techniques the system has.  Should you lose a session, you will stop betting when you are at -100 units.   Should you lose 2 consecutive sessions, you will be down by -200 units.  I have never seen the system fail 3 times consecutively. 

When you win a session, you will gain an average of 20 units.  You may have a losing session not more than once every 9 sessions.  This will give you an average profit of 160-100=60 units for those 9 sessions.  Each session will last not longer than 20 spins. 

Why does the system work so well?  Numbers in roulette repeat themselves.  Within 38 consecutive spins, there is no way you will get 38 different numbers.  At one stage, you will see the same numbers showing up as a few spins ago.  This system takes full advantage of that risking very little of your money.

The system comes with one base system and two variations.  The base system is safer and more conservative.  Your profits range from 8 to 35 units.  The first variation of the system is more aggressive.  I have seen it win more than 200 units per session.  The third variation simply sets a profit limit to 50 units and a loss limit to -100 units.  Statistically, the third variation has proved to have 3 times more winning sessions than losing sessions.  In order to come out ahead you need to win only twice as many winning sessions.

The system is very affordable: only $450.

  Money back guarantee conditions are very simple.  You can return the system within 30 days of your purchase should you lose 3 consecutive sessions during your tests with a record of your spins.

The price of the system always includes on going support and assistance if you need any. 

Just contact me  should you have any questions. 

Thank you,
Izak Matatya