FPP-Hybrid System for All Even Bets

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"a very strong system to generate profits for as long as you use it"

FPP - Hybrid System 
for All Even Bets
by Izak Matatya

"applies to all even paying games, i.e. Roulette, Baccarat, Craps and Sic-Bo."

This is a very strong system, generating consistent profits for you, no matter which even bet game you apply it to: Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, or Sic-Bo.

The name FPP derives from the fact that the system uses a combination of flat bets, parlays and progressions most effectively to win multiple runs one after another. 

Its bet selection is one of the best.  It generates multiple groups of wins.  Consecutive losses are not affected by the system, as during that time, you are betting not more than 1 unit.  One does not press the bets until one starts winning.  And when one starts winning, runs are closed in a flash.

Runs generate either 1 or 2 units profit when they are terminated with a profit.  In Baccarat, because of commissions, some runs may terminate at 85% or 95% of a unit up to 1.5 unit.

The win rate of the system is so high, one can expect 1 unit profit for each 10 decisions or spins, including losses, abandoned runs and commissions.

Like the KISS system, the bet selection catches all streaks, chops and 2-2 patterns with wins.  The bet method takes care of generating continuous profits, as it only needs a few wins within a pool of losses, thus giving you a mathematical advantage. 

The system provides multiple examples on how it's applied to Roulette and Baccarat.  For Craps and Sic-Bo, it will be quite straightforward as no zeros and commissions are involved. 

The provided simulations have a highest bet set to 75 units for optimized results.  The system generates profits even with a 25 unit maximum bet.  You will be able to change the maximum bet value as a parameter in the spreadsheets and observe the results. 

In general, the bets do not escalate that high.  Usually you will be able to complete a typical run by betting not more than 15-18 units tops. 

Complete tests have been performed on all Zumma tester books.  The system generates between 335 and 7075 units for 40,000 decisions with a certain range of maximum bets, never exceeding table limits. 

In order not to think that the system could have been reverse-engineered for tester books, a simulation for random bets is also provided and the results obtained are absolutely stunning. 

The random number simulation is run indefinitely over millions of decisions and the average win rate still remains 1 unit per each 10 decisions, which is a breakthrough over many outstanding gambling systems. 

Here are some sample results run over 100 random Baccarat shoes taken directly from the simulation, taking commissions into account:













A total drawdown hardly exceeds 150 units and profits can rise up to more than 1000 units for 100 shoes or 7000 decisions.

Here is a graph of the system's performance:


High profits with small drawdown. 

The bankroll requirements for FPP-Hybrid will depend on the maximum bet you set to yourselves.  For a 75 unit maximum bet, you can have a buy-in of 250 units.  For a 25 unit maximum bet, you can be fine with a buy-in of 75 units.  A lifetime bankroll of 500 units would be more than enough to use the system to its full potential.

The system is documented in 16 pages.  You need to study them well in order to apply the bet selection and the bet method properly together.  Within a few hours of practice, you should be able to master it.  You will have to study also how the method application differs when it's used for Roulette and when it's used for Baccarat.  Sufficient examples are provided for both games.

The system is $385 and you will make this amount within a few hours of your play. 


Thank you,
Izak Matatya