FQRS - Four Quadrant Roulette System

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"An infallible Roulette System"
FQRS - Four Quadrant Roulette System
"averages 2.5 units per spin"

by Izak Matatya

Let's start the new year 2023 with a huge kick: a new and infallible Roulette system called FQRS - the Four Quadrant Roulette System.

This system is designed for roulette only, as it bets on inside numbers and/or a combination of some line bets and cannot be used for even bets.

It can be used for either single or double zero wheels. Tests have been conducted on double zero American wheels.

In fact, this system will completely eliminate the effect of zeros.

We know that roulette has a house advantage of 5.26% on double zero wheels. This takes effect when zeros are outside any outside bet such as even bets: red, black, high, low, even, odd; or dozens and columns, or any side line or street bet – double or single.

If you’re betting dozens or columns, any zero will make you lose your bet. Same goes for all the outside bets.

The roulette layout has 36 numbers and two zeros.

We can divide the layout into four quadrants, such as the numbers from 1-9, 10-18, 19-27, 28-36. Even in this case a zero, any zero, will make you lose your bet, when you’re placing bets on Quadrants.

If you’re covering the numbers 1-9 with 3 line bets (1-3, 4-6, 7-9) with 3 chips, a zero will make you lose your 3 chips, or the amount you are betting on them.

Let’s say you place 1 chip on those 9 numbers of the first quadrant (numbers 1-9). If you win your bet, you will win 36-9 = 27 chips. If a zero comes up, you lose all your 9 chips.

Now, what if we include one of the zeros into this Quadrant 1 and say that now our Quadrant 1 are numbers 0-9, or 10 numbers including the zero.

Now if you lose your bet, not to a zero, but to another Quadrant, you will lose 10 chips instead of 9, but if a zero comes up, you will win 36-10 = 26 chips. Much better than losing 9 chips on a zero.

We can do the same trick for the 00. We will add it to Quadrant 4, to numbers 27-36. Thus the modified Quadrant 4 will include the 00.

We won’t touch Quadrant 2, which will remain with numbers 10-18. And we won’t touch Quadrant 3, which will remain with numbers 19-27.

So now our four Quadrants will be the following:

Quadrant 1: Numbers 0-9
Quadrant 2: Numbers 10-18
Quadrant 3: Numbers 19-27
Quadrant 4: Numbers 28-36 and 00.

This is for the double zero American roulette, of course. If you are playing on a French single zero wheel, Quadrant 4 will be simply Numbers 28-36.

By playing this way, we abolish the losing to zeros, as now they are part of our four Quadrants.

We know this doesn’t change the odds of roulette, nothing can. We can only overcome them.

So, you will ask if there is any advantage of using Quadrants this way versus using them regularly without including the zeros.

Well, in fact, I have a simulation with the exact parameters used in the modified Four Quadrants and the regular ones with zeros.

With the modified Quadrants including the zeros, the system generates 35,805 – 14,643 = 21,162 more units with the exact bet selection and bet method.

Yes, the system does win also with the regular zeros not included in the Quadrants, but it has 2 abandoned runs, and makes 21,162 less units.

Here is its performance chart for the unmodified Quadrants with zeros:


And this is the performance chart of our actual Four Quadrant system with the modified quadrants incorporating the zeros within the quadrants:

There are absolutely no abandoned runs and is quite infallible. It does make quite a difference, despite the fact that the odds are the same. Thus smart systems do modify your chances of winning.

It also contradicts the people who say roulette cannot be beaten. The above graph shows the opposite of this argument. Couldn't have a more perfect graph and performance.

The fact that both versions win is also the results of the great bet method combined with a smart bet selection, all documented in the system description.

Generating 35,805 units for 15,000 spins, the system averages 2.387 units in average, which is phenomenal for a double zero roulette system.

The maximum bet amounts is usually contained between 1 and 12 units for over 2000 spins.  Only rarely the maximum bet can go as high as 172 units.  FQRS is an up as you win system, also meaning that if bets go higher than usual, it's because you have been winning.

And it's absolutely not a grind system which profits just 1 unit per run.  Run profits can go up to hundreds of units, starting with a minimum profit of 26 units per run.

The document is 44 pages containing lots of examples to make the system description, the bet amounts, etc. crystal clear.  It comes with the full simulation of all 15,000 spins.  There are some small calculations involved, and a very easy to use formula is provided to you.

FQRS goes for $9600 and you will make this amount within a day's usage of the system when you profit 2.4 units per spin. 

Early bird purchasers can have a huge discount of 90% if you purchase the system until the end of January 31, 2023. 

This system will be added to the holiday specials of year end 2022, which will also be extended until January 31, 2023 upon popular demand.

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Please do not forget to specify your email during your purchase. 

Wishing you all the best in the new year 2023.

Izak Matatya


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