IBS11 - Infallible Baccarat System - Version 11.0

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"The most powerful gambling system 
you will ever acquire"
Infallible Baccarat System
Version 11

by Izak Matatya
"for all even bets"


Well, if it takes 11 versions to perfect a system, that's what it is.  I'm proud to present you my new system -  IBS11 - the Infallible Baccarat System - Version 11.  It's probably the most powerful gambling system around. 

So far, the previous 10 versions had different bet selections and bet methods.  Each one of them showed you a different way to win. 

IBS11 is a significant improvement over the previous versions of IBS in many aspects:

- Bets are no longer escalated to large amounts.
- Maximum bet never exceeds 16 units
- Cancellation method tremendously improved with a dynamic and flexible Cancellation Way.
- Runs are closed continuously for over 30 shoes with bets not exceeding 8 units tops. 
- Same max bet (16 units) and session bankroll (80 units) parameters are deployed to beat all Zumma tester books, generating positive results for each. 
- Parameters are optimized to generate most consistent profits. 

One plays the system always within the limits of those parameters and applies the system as stated. The results are consistently generated profits and closing of runs one after an another. 

The system is infallible not in terms of never losing the session bankroll, as there will be instances, that we will abandon the 80 units, but in terms of generating profits over the long run, losses and winnings combined. At any point, the table may go against us and we need to be able to accept this and move on without affecting our overall profits. 

The specs of the bet selection and the bet method are quite different in IBS11 than its predecessors. The bet method has similarities in terms of using a cancellation method. Tremendous improvements have been made to keep the bets mild and closing runs in a more efficient way.

In IBS11, bets are so mild, that 30 shoes could go on without raising bets more than 8 units, generating more than 300 units during this time.  All this, as a result of a new concept in the cancellation method.  The system adjusts itself based on what happens in the shoe and based on win/loss sequences.  At times, it expands and at times, it contracts, keeping the bets in total control, eliminating the greed factor altogether. 

Here are the obtained results for all Zumma Baccarat tester books.  We set the max bet to 16 units and the session bankroll to 80 units in order to consistently beat all Zumma tester books.

For the Zumma 600 shoes, end profit: 723 units;

For the first half (first 500 shoes) of the 1K Zumma tester book, end profit: 372 units;

and for the second half (second 500 shoes) of the 1K Zumma tester book, end profit: 358 units. 

That gives us an overall profit of 723 + 372 + 358 = 1453 units for 1600 shoes, averaging 0.9 units per shoe.  
If the shoe takes an hour to play and your unit size is $25, this is about what you make an hour.  1453 units would make $36,325 with $25 units, made in 1453 hours or 143.5 days if you play 10 shoes a day.   

Increasing your unit size increases your income.  You can increase your unit size up to 6 times the table's minimum bet if the table range is 1-100, and if the table range is 1-200, you can increase it by 12 times, if your budget allows.  

If one is acquainted with the previous versions of IBS, the changes made will be obvious. This system document is written in a way, that does not necessitate the knowledge of the previous versions. You can read it totally independently and apply the system entirely as per the system document. 

The system's concept can be applied to all games paying even bets, such as in Roulette, Craps and Baccarat.

One places bets on every single decision, with absolutely no interruptions.  One can enter the game in the middle of a shoe and exit any time.  And no tracking of previous decisions is necessary.  Each run is independent of each other.  Only with a small number of wins within a short run, one will be able to close a run with 1 unit profit, the aim of each run. 

Full simulations will be provided to you for all Zumma Baccarat tester books: the 600 shoe, the 1K shoe - first 500, the 1K shoe - second 500 shoe tester books, all using the same parameters: 16 units max bet and 80 units session bankroll.

Each simulation will provide you with additional statistics, such as:

End profit:723 Maximum bet:16 Maximum session bankroll:80 Number of abandoned runs:78 Drawdown:-260 Completed Runs:7048 Positive Run Units:6970 Negative Run Units:6240 End Profit Verification:730 Difference:7 due to uncompleted last shoe stat:-7

As per the total drawdown, a lifetime bankroll of 300 units will be quite ample to use IBS11 to generate profits indefinitely. 

Here are the performance charts of IBS11 for all Zumma tester books:

for the 600 shoe:

for the 1K Shoe - first 500 half:

for the 1K Shoe - second half:

The simulation is totally automated, as IBS11 has a set of a few strict rules, that are followed to the letter.  The simulation completely deploys all the rules with no exception.   So, if you plug the decisions of your own plays, the simulation will guide you with every single step of the system application and will show you results bet after bet and general statistics as the one above. 

Thus, IBS11 is totally mechanical.  Two players using the system for any amount of shoes will have identical results in terms of units won.   As a matter of fact, I was testing the system manually for quite a number of shoes, while waiting for the professional programmer to complete the simulation.  When it was completed the results were identical, showing the solidity of the system, its rules to follow and the accuracy of the tested data.

The rules are not complex.  They simply need to be applied completely.  The system document is not more than 19 clearly written pages.  In any event, you will have my unlimited post-purchase support, should you need any assistance with it.  With a little practice, you will get the feel of the system and will apply it with great ease. 

It's a system that I will be using on a regular basis and feel comfortable with the size of the bets.  I'm sure you will, too.  Since you bet every hand, no one will ask you to leave the table, unless they feel you're winning too much.  For that, you will need to keep a low profile and navigate more often. 

The system goes for $11,000 and it's worth every penny, you will see.  

This other new system of mine is called Elasticity.  I have been using it already for years and making profits year after year.  

Just a few words about it: Elasticity is a flat bet roulette system, that beats all 15,000 Zumma spins, with 0 drawdown.  Yes, that's correct, and not a misprint.  Your initial chip is never lost and you replicate it over 16 times.  Since it's a flat bet system, your unit size can be anything up to the table's maximum. 

Here is its performance chart:

Not bad for a negative expectancy game, such as 00 Roulette with 5.26% house edge.  All with nothing but one chip bets every time.  The graph goes never below zero.

Elasticity is based on a rubber band idea.  If you stretch it, it will tend to come back to its original size.  If you stretch it too much, it will break.  We will use it in such a way, that it won't break.  And you can use it for any even bet area and all of them simultaneously in Roulette.  You can also use it for Baccarat.  

Since Elasticity waits for a certain condition to occur, you would be using it in conjunction with another system. You could, for instance, use IBS11 and track for Elasticity.  When the opportunity will show itself, you will place your chip on that decision.  The opportunity can be at the same table you're using IBS11 or a different table.  Win or lose (many more wins than losses), you will continue using your main system, as you will be placing your chip only once until next opportunity.  There are no progressions whatsoever.

You can use Elasticity also all by itself.  You would be walking from table to table and it will be very easy to see when that specific condition occurs.  You can collect your profits from each table. 

With your purchase of IBS11, you will receive the IBS11 system document, 3 simulations for all Zumma Baccarat tester books, the Elasticity Roulette System document and its 15,000 spin Zumma 00 Roulette simulation.

As usual, your full satisfaction is guaranteed.  If not, you can have your money back within 30 days of your purchase, no strings attached, no questions asked.  

Thank you!
Izak Matatya


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