IBS12 - Infallible Baccarat System - Version 12

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"The most profitable Baccarat system ever"
IBS12 - Infallible Baccarat System - Version 12
"makes 100 units per shoe for every shoe"

by Izak Matatya

Here's another version of the famous IBS series, IBS12 - Infallible Baccarat System - Version 12.

Yes, there was a big break after IBS11, the latest of the IBS series, time it took to perfect it.

Each version comes up with a new modification.  Lately the goal has been to make more profits with less bankroll and reducing the maximum bet amount. 

IBS12 achieves more than all that. 

First of all, the profits are overboard.  It's no longer a grind system that makes 1 unit per run.  As the name and the version implies, it makes exactly 12 units per run.  And the runs are not too long.  Usually it takes 1 up to 11 decisions to generate those 12 units.  100 units are generated per shoe and per each played shoe!!  That's an outstanding performance!!

You can use the system for any even bet game.  It will perform similarly.

With special techniques the maximum bet is reduced to 40 units or to any size you feel comfortable with.  It will work in all cases. 

It's, of course, a cancellation system, but better than all others.  The more you advance in the run, the better chances you have to close the run with, yes, +12 units profit each time.  And the closure of the runs are guaranteed.

The system has seven different options to use.  It's like buying seven different systems with the price of one.

Each variation is adjusted to suit the player's style and budget.  In some options all runs are closed without abandoning any one.  This is achieved with a max bet of 515 units.  With that option, the system generates 40,967 units.

Here's the performance chart of this version:

This option is totally infallible, closing all runs with no exceptions and each run profits 12 units. 

Some other options have a milder version by accepting some abandoned runs and the maximum bet is not more than 50 units, as a suggested parameter and can still be flexible.

Some variations do not limit the closure of the run to +12, but to at least +12 and more. 

The bet selection also varies from option to option, at times P only, at times B only, at times both on Player and Banker.

The system wins on all versions of the Baccarat game, commission and no-commission based games. Option 7, for instance, will show you in the system document,  bet by bet, how IBS12 achieves 1000 units within only 13 shoes taking commissions into account.  All 13 shoes are documented in the system file. 

Here's how IBS12 performs on a commission based Baccarat:

1000 units profit achieved with a maximum bet of 25 units and session bankroll of 170 units taking commissions into account.  There are very small abandoned runs.  That's everything one can expect from a solid Baccarat system.

The system document is 49 pages, because each seven option is explained thoroughly with many examples for you to understand the system fully.

You don't need great knowledge of math, just simple arithmetic and counting a few figures will do.

IBS12 goes for $12,000, a sum you will cover in 12 shoes within a couple of days of playing, making 100 units per shoe betting $1 decision.  Betting $10 a unit, you will win $1000-$1200 a shoe, so the system will be paid off in one hour!!

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Happy Holidays to all!

Izak Matatya


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