IBS7 - Infallible Baccarat System Version 7.0 and Infallible Roulette System

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"two systems coming the closest to 
ultimate perfection"

The Infallible Roulette System
The Infallible Baccarat System Version 7.0
by Izak Matatya
"winning every single run"

If I was to chose a religion, I wouldn't select one from many that exist, but I would take the good part of each one and make up one that suits my needs.  So far I have developed over 68 systems, and I decided to analyze each one of them and take the good ideas from the best of them to come up with a perfect one, after further modifying this best combination. 

This system's development was influenced by all its predecessors. In order to construct it, I have used all the good elements from each of the previous best systems, such as bet selections, bet methods and money management, enhanced them even further and the result was a stunning perfection, meeting all players' all requirements, which are:  to have an absolute winning system requiring not a high bankroll, winning every single run without having a steep progression, with bets never exceeding table maximums, not even approaching them, and most importantly to have a system, that will hold long run, no matter how long one plays it, simple to use, not giving way to mistakes with confusing rules, dynamic, in terms of being able to bet on every single spin, without risking the croupier to ask you to leave the table if you are not betting.

The Infallible Roulette System is probably the best and the most perfect system you will ever acquire to beat Roulette on the long run, while betting on every spin with no interruptions. 

Why is it infallible? Simply because it hasn't failed yet, not in testing nor in real life. And not that I'm expecting it to fail ever. And failing in this case does not mean losing your entire bankroll, as we definitely have a stop loss defined as a system parameter, which you absolutely need to respect. The stop loss is our session bankroll, which is also a lifetime bankroll. It is set to 94 units to produce optimum results in the 15,000 spins of the Zumma tester book. The highest bet is set to 20 units for each dozen. The system bets on 2 dozens simultaneously. With those two parameters only and applying the system specs exactly as it's written, the system generates +3580 units, closing all 3580 runs for all 15,000 roulette spins, without losing a single run, a major achievement for a game of 5.26% negative expectancy. 

Why 5.26%? Because the system has been tested for 00 wheels. And if it's infallible for double zero wheels, it surely is infallible for single zero wheels. 

The system is fine tuned to the very finest detail. If, for instance, you would use a 93 unit session bankroll instead of 94 for the 15,000 Zumma spins, it would generate +3490 units instead of 3580, having to abandon two runs with an accepted loss. 

Or, if the highest bet was set to 35 units (17.5 units for each dozen), for instance, instead of 39, the system would still generate 3331 units, even after having to abandon 3 runs within the 15,000 Zumma spins.

Having set those two parameters: highest bet to 39 units and session or lifetime bankroll to 94 units makes a perfect system for 15,000 Zumma spins and is totally infallible. And if in real life, if one would lose say up to 10 runs of 94 units maximum, it would cut 940 units from the total of 3580 and would make the system still very profitable with +2640 units. 

The attached and fully automated MS-Excel simulation for the Infallible Roulette System, which comes upon your purchase,  will let you experiment with those parameters and you will be fully convinced on the system's super performance. 

Some systems analysts say, that in Roulette, if you are not waiting for the right opportunity and going through every losing streak, then the house edge always kicks in and you cannot win long term. Well, not so with this system. For one thing, if we are going through a losing streak, we simply cut our bets to to the minimum bet and still play every spin and close profiting runs only after wins occur.

Chances of one dozen hitting when we are placing a chip on two dozens is exactly 24/38 for double zero wheels or 63.16%.  The odds do not change if we chose any two dozens.  However, in the Infallible Roulette system, we have a certain bet selection that fits a certain bet method in such a way to generate certain streaks, which will bundle losses together and have long streaks of consecutive wins, which are necessary for our system to complete runs easily, not lose during the losses and attain the win target. 

The best bet selections have been deployed from the best performing systems for double dozens.  This kind of powerful bet selection is coupled with the best bet method.  And this is where the big surprise lies.  The Infallible Baccarat System (IBS) has been modified in its bet method in such a way to also reach ultimate perfection under its Version 7.0 - IBS7.

The IBS7 bet method has been adapted for betting on two dozens simultaneously for the Infallible Roulette System and it is also deployed for all even bets.  Each system is documented separately, each system being infallible. 

After 6 previous versions, all existing issues that have bothered players have been resolved. 

The high bankroll requirement is totally eliminated.  Now you only need a 94 unit lifetime bankroll and your highest bet is set to 39 units to have the system totally infallible closing every single run and betting each decision without skipping one, without having to track anything prior to playing.

The subjective decision of betting from the left or from the right of the scheme is now non-existent.   You will always know which part of the scheme to bet.  The IBS7 system leaves no ambiguities for the player in terms of how to bet, which side of the scheme to bet, etc.  It has very strict rules and allows no guesses nor confusion.  The schemes are composed automatically in an ingenious way to avoid high bets and close all runs within the set maximum limits. 

Commission coverage strategies for Banker wins are totally eliminated, as you simply need to bet on Player only and the system will close all runs, needing to win not more than 26% of all bets.

The system is totally mechanical, which has enabled its full programming and full automation.  All schemes are generated by the simulation and you can experiment with a lot of input parameters.

The system document contains full explanation on how to deploy IBS7 for double dozens and how to make full use of it for all even bets in two sections, first one explaining the Infallible Roulette system, the second one focusing on how to beat Baccarat, playing each decision of each shoe from the very beginning until the end.

IBS7 for all even bets can surely be used for all games  such as Reds/Blacks, Even/Odds, High/Lows in Roulette, Player/Banker bets in Baccarat, Small/Big in Sic-Bo, Pass Line/Don't Pass Line in Craps, Casino War, and any other game, that pays 1:1.

Like the Infallible Roulette System, IBS7 was also tested on the Zumma tester book, this time on the 600 Baccarat shoes, where all results are in the IBS7 Simulation provided to you as a separate attachment. 

With a maximum bet of 39 units and session bankroll of 93 units, IBS7 has been proven to be totally infallible, not abandoning a single run throughout the entire 600 Baccarat shoes or 41,003 decisions of the Zumma tester book, generating a profit of +8524 units, playing on Player only and with no interruptions, betting on every single decision. 

The two components of the system, for double dozens in Roulette and for all even bets is packaged together under the two system documents: Infallible Roulette System and Infallible Baccarat System Version 7.0 in 27 easy to read pages, beating Roulette, Baccarat and all even paying games in various ways with the powerful bet method of IBS7, where one wins every single run for each game. 

Two fully automated MS-Excel simulations are provided upon your purchase, one for the Infallible Roulette System betting on double dozens and using IBS7 method for double dozens for the 15,000 Zumma spins and another simulation for the IBS7 Baccarat system for all even bets applied to the 600 Zumma Baccarat shoes. 

The systems are priced at $800 together, which is fully worth it for infallible systems producing endless profits on the long run. 

And as always, you have a full money back guarantee upon your full satisfaction of the systems.  If you find anything that bothers you about the systems,  you can ask for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase, no strings attached and no questions asked.

Thank you,
Izak Matatya

Frequently Asked Questions on The Infallible Roulette System
The Infallible Baccarat System Version 7.0
by Izak Matatya


The so far most perfect system: IBS7 announced last week was received with great enthusiasm.  IBS7 is a bet method that is adapted for either all even bets paying 1:1 to be used in all games and for odds paying 3 for 2 such as double dozens in Roulette or numbers 9-12 in Sic-Bo, etc.   I thank you all for your interest.  Lots of feedback was received from purchasers.  I have been bombarded with tons of questions, and I would like to share my answers with you this week in this newsletter.

Before I do so, here are some comments and reviews posted on the system:

"I have IBS7 which is mostly about dozens. BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT. The MM works with any even bets. I am using it on Baccarat with my own bet selection method, and, frankly, I do not see that losing is even a possibility on even chances PROVIDING that you have a dependable bet selection.

And, as always when you gamble, you cannot leave your brain at home. Remember there are always two parts to winning in a casino: 1) you need to have a winning system; 2) You have to have learned how not to lose, and this requires you knowing your vulnerabilities and to remember that gambling will always find your vulnerable spots and exploit them to the fullest.

It is my belief that Izak has come with a plan that can make anyone a winner, but that is different from saying that it WILL make anyone a winner."

"So would you say that the progression in IBS 7 is a significant improvement on previous versions? Yes.  if you and I was playing the table at the same time we would make the same bets. in some other IBS systems you would wait for a paper win and other times you would wait for double paper wins and there were no hard set rules on just when to start waiting for double paper wins and just when to split your bets. In IBS 7 there is no paper win phase that is sometimes one sometimes 2 and you never split you bet. Also in other IBS systems sometimes you added numbers from the right and sometimes from the left. IBS does not have that. I guess what I am trying to say is there is no guess work when it comes to IBS7."

" I keep buying Izak's systems because they always offer me something to improve my game and chances of winning. His latest MM techniques are great contributions and different from what is out on the net.  Izak has taught me many things over the years, especially in the field of MM.  I am a consistent winner on the net. In the past, I have been advised by some of the very best gamblers and am a systems analyzer. I have had many systems sent to me over the years for an opinion and to try to improve them. I have learned much from all of this input, and Izak and his systems have helped me in my progress"

And now the answers to your questions:

  1. Q)Since roulette (00) has a much higher house advantage than baccarat, what potential negative impact could this have as relates specifically to IBS7? In other words, when playing IBS7 roulette, is the potential to lose several times greater than when playing IBS7 baccarat? If so, then why would anyone playing for serious money select roulette over baccarat? This question is important, as I will start playing roulette since the min bet is generally much lower than baccarat as is the bankroll requirement.
  2. A)Yes, in roulette the house edge is 5.26% for 00 wheels as opposed to 1.47% in Baccarat and 1.7% in Baccarat playing Player only. The impact is as shown in the simulations. You make 3580 units in 15,000 spins and 8524 units in 41,003 decisions. Average profit per spin is
    3580/15000 = 0.2386 units. Average profit in Baccarat is: 8524/41003 = .2078 units, pretty much similar. However, Roulette is 3 times slower, thus you make 3 times more profit playing Baccarat within the same time frame. And it's true that in Roulette you have more potential for losing session because of the two zeros. In Baccarat, playing Player only versus Banker also reduces the win rate. The reason I chose Player bets is not to have to deal with commissions, since it wins so well on Player bets only.

    The reason people may select Roulette over Baccarat is because the game is slower. You have more time to think. You are more relaxed and you are less opt to make mistakes in sophisticated systems. But once you gain the experience, of course, Baccarat wins more and faster.
  3. Q)Could you possibly break your results down into how many units of profit one could make per hour........on average of course. I understand that some sessions may take longer to close out with a profit?
  4. A)For roulette you make 3580 units per 15,000 spins. A spin takes a minute. So you make 3580 units per 15,000 minutes or or 3580/15000 = .2386 units per minute, X 60 = 14.32 units per hour in average. 
  5. Q)Izak, I just read your email regarding IBS 7. Wow, I am impressed. I would like to ask a few questions if I may.

    Is my understanding correct in that the biggest drawdown in both the Zumma Roulette book and the 600 shoe Zumma Bac book was 94 units. I define a drawdown as the amount in units you are down from a high point anywhere (not just from the beginning of the book) including the bet you have currently out there. Hope I made sense.....I just wanted to make sure that you are not counting previous profits to offset losses.
  6. A)The drawdown is as you described from the beginning of a new session and not from the beginning of the start of your play at point zero. In fact, the maximum session bankroll is defined as a parameter: 94. Should one exceed the use of this amount, the run ends and thus this bankroll cannot be exceeded.

    Q)IZAK, hi, hope you are keeping well! just wanted to ask you are these systems for use online? and if they are, are they fully automated to say set and forget, of course what i mean is could it be left running on its own?
  7. A)Yes, they are adequate for on-line use. The simulations are not robots to play automatically. But you can surely plug in the decision or the outcome of the on-line casino and the simulation will tell you where to bet and how much to bet next and the schemes will be shown and updated automatically.
  8. Q)Hi Izak,

    Thank you for your email. Your new system sounds very promising. Would you mind to answer my few questions:

    How many shoes have you tested in real (not including Zumma shoes)?

    A) About 550 

    Q) How long have you been using this system? 

    A) About 2 months.

    Q) How long does a session last? 

    A) Between 1 decision (the shortest) and 60 decisions (the longest).

    Q) Is it very difficult to learn it? 

    A) No, on the contrary. It's made simpler, smarter and more explicit. 

    Q) Do you have to use a scorecard? 

    A) Not for tracking decisions, but for calculating the amount of your next bet. 

    Q) Do you go to the next shoe if the first shoe runs out in the middle of session? 

    A) Yes, but you have no obligation to join the next shoe right away. Just continue the interrupted previous session any time later. 

    Q) Can you guarantee that this system won't fail? 

    A) Nothing can be guaranteed in gambling. I can only provide test results over thousands of decisions, which are very promising. 

    Q) Basically IBS7 makes 14 units/shoe average. Have you got the same result in real test? 

    A) Yes, I did.
  9. Q)Hello Izak,

    You certainly have caught my attention, and have met my own personal requirements with this newest version of IBS. I do have a couple questions or so for you.

    I understand most of your testing with roulette was done with the dozens. However, if a person wanted to include playing red/black, odd/even, or high/low at the same time, did one of these perform better than another, or would the results be about the same?
  10. A)The new product comes with two new systems: Infallible Roulette System, which uses two dozens and the IBS7 bet method and IBS7 - the Infallible Baccarat system, that uses the same bet method and, that bets on Player only, but can be used for all even bets, such as Red/Black, Even/Odd, High/Low in Roulette, Pass Line/Don't Pass Line in Craps, using the basic strategy and bet method of IBS7 for Blackjack, Small/Big in Sic-Bo, Casino War and any even bet game, including sports betting.

    The Infallible Roulette system, that uses double dozens as its bet selection and IBS7 as its bet method, can be used for other games paying 3 for 2, such as Sic-Bo, for example. I like playing numbers 9-12 in Sic-Bo, placing 4 chips to get back 6 chips when you win, with the exact odds of double dozens in Roulette.

    In short, the new systems cover all aspects of all games paying 3 for 2 or 1:1 tested with 2 fully automated simulations for each such odds generating similar results.
  11. Q)Since we would be playing player only in Baccarat, is it possible to just jump in the shoe at anytime, without waiting for a new shoe to start?
  12. A)One can start playing at any stage within the shoe. The only thing is that if the run is not over at the end of the shoe, you should carry it over to the next shoe and not necessarily to the beginning of the next shoe, but simply any time.
  13. Q)Izak, If I am interpreting you correctly you can play Bac two ways betting player only and betting both sides B and P. Correct me if I am wrong but your 8500+ unit win in bac playing the Zumma book was betting player only . What was the win playing both sides? It looks like in both bac and roulette you win 1 unit in a little under 5 bets or decisions. Is this true for most games weather the odds are 50/50 as in bac or are betting 2/3 as in roulette? In bac playing player only are you still betting every decision?
  14. A)I don't recall saying you can play IBS7 by placing bets on both Player and Banker. On the contrary, I have eliminated bets on Banker in order not to worry about commissions and commission coverage strategies as in IBS6 or Banker Baccarat system. Keeping the system simple and smart makes it more usable, playable, enjoyable and in the case of IBS7 more profitable.

    If one wishes to use DB (differential betting) in IBS7 using both Player and Banker or both sides of the even bet in Roulette or any other 1:1 paying games, by all means, it will work well. But why complicate life, when it works in a simple way. If you love challenges, I wouldn't stop you, as you will double your profits in Baccarat. Imagine playing db in Roulette and playing on all 6 sides of the even bets, multiplying your profits by 6, averaging 1 unit profit per spin. If you can manage it, by all means, go ahead.

    The odds in Roulette are the worst, 5.26%, for 00 wheels. For single zero wheels, you will profit more, as the odds are 2.7%. (I tested only for 00, BTW). Other games, such as Craps, will also profit as much as in Baccarat. However, Craps and Roulette are much slower. By the time the shooter 7s out or makes a point, several minutes are elapsed. A roulette spin takes about 1 minute and up to 3 minutes per spin in a more crowded table. In Baccarat, 3 decisions could take place within a minute. 

    In either game, one places bets on each spin/decision.
  15. Q)Is this something that will require pen and paper tracking at the table?
  16. A)Pen and paper may be required for the method, unless you're very good in arithmetic and have an excellent memory to keep the scheme in your mind. I don't. I'm good in arithmetic but I have a terrible memory. You need pen and paper to calculate your next bet. As the run progresses, the scheme may become too complex to keep in mind.

    You don't track what happened at the table in terms of spins/decisions, but you do track what you write in your scheme and jog down the necessary information based on your last win or loss.
  17. Q)Is there particular advantage to playing the two dozens compared to the even chances in roulette? Can the two columns work equally as well?
  18. A)There is no particular advantage to play two dozens simultaneously versus even chances. The Infallible Roulette system found the best bet selection for two dozens and the IBS7 bet method has been adapted to work for two dozens. And yes, naturally one can use two columns either instead of two dozens, or, if you can manage it, on both two dozens and two columns to double the profits.
  19. Q)Hi Izak, does the system require the splitting up of units when they get to high?
  20. A)No, the system does not require the splitting of the bets. As mentioned, the rules are very strict and leave no means for any kind of ambiguity. Even splitting the bets sometimes causes different variations. IBS7 is completely mechanical and doesn't require any kind of guessing nor an alternate solution for any tough run. They're all handled the same way. Two people using the system would be placing the exact same bets all the time.
  21. Q)Hi Izak,

    You say:
    "if one would lose say up to 10 runs of 94 units maximum, it would cut 940 units from the total of 3580 and would make the system still very profitable with +2640 units. "

    How can the lifetime bankroll be only 94 units if you admit the possibility that you can get multiple losing runs? These could happen right from the start.
  22. A)I said: "if" not "when". It never happened so far in neither tester book and hopefully it will never happen. But if it does happen, I don't see it happening back to back, but at very rare frequencies. If it happens right from the start, you would definitely be needing the second 94 unit bankroll in order to continue playing, but not necessarily that you would use all of the 94.
  23. Q)What's the difference between highest bet and the maximum placed bet?
  24. A)Let me clarify the point of the highest bet and session bankroll. The system has been programmed in such a way, that if the next bet exceeds the highest bet, which is set to 39 units, the bet is placed nevertheless. If that bet is lost, it's an End of run with an abandoned run and accepted loss. If that bet is won, the run may either end right there or continue with smaller bets, as the system dictates.

    That's why the 39 unit highest bet threshold and the 93 unit bankroll may be exceeded at times.

    In fact the simulation shows, that the highest bet placed is 79 units and the highest session bankroll used: 150, although the limits have been set to be 39 and 93 respectively.
  25. Q)Would the system then require large bets?
  26. A)This is only if we want IBS7 to be totally infallible and 79 is still not considered relatively high for those circumstances.

    If you wish to bet much lower, IBS7 will still function properly and will generate decent profits, if you would be willing to abandon a few runs.

    Here are some interesting results from the IBS7 simulation for Baccarat for 41,003 decisions of the 600 shoes. Whoever has the system can verify those results by changing the input parameter: highest bet.

    Highest bet: 35
    End result: 7288 
    placed bet 77
    Max. used session bankroll 92 
    Number of abandoned runs 17

    Highest bet: 30
    End result: 6121 
    Max. placed bet 62
    Max. used session bankroll 92 
    Number of abandoned runs 35

    Highest bet: 25
    End result: 5455 
    Max. placed bet 61
    Max. used session bankroll 91 
    Number of abandoned runs 48

    Highest bet: 20
    End result: 4248 
    Max. placed bet 57
    Max. used session bankroll 91 
    Number of abandoned runs 76

    Highest bet: 15
    End result: 3115 
    Max. placed bet 57
    Max. used session bankroll 82 
    Number of abandoned runs 139

    Highest bet: 12
    End result: 1950 
    Max. placed bet 36
    Max. used session bankroll 82 
    Number of abandoned runs 207

    Highest bet: 11
    End result: 1572
    Max. placed bet 31
    Max. used session bankroll 82
    Number of abandoned runs 238

    Highest bet: 10
    End result: 1441 
    Max. placed bet 31
    Max. used session bankroll 61 
    Number of abandoned runs 261

    Highest bet: 9
    End result: 1078 
    Max. placed bet 29
    Max. used session bankroll 53 
    Number of abandoned runs 353

    Highest bet: 8
    End result: 667
    Max. placed bet 27
    Max. used session bankroll 53
    Number of abandoned runs 396

    Highest bet: 7
    End result: 270
    Max. placed bet 27
    Max. used session bankroll 53
    Number of abandoned runs 511

    This is as low as you can go for the system to be still profitable.
  27. Q)Izak, has the system been reverse-engineered for the Zumma shoes?
  28. A)Reverse engineering means to find or devise a system, that will suit a certain given amount of decisions. Such a given amount of decisions would be indeed the Zumma tester book decisions. This is not a hard task to do. One can simply observe the number of repeats, or the maximum number of a certain decision not to appear, etc. and devise a system accordingly.

    Now, if IBS7 was such a system, how would you explain the fact, that only now (after long it was devised) I am verifying it against the 1000 Baccarat shoes and it's winning every single run? Shouldn't I have to reverse engineer the system first based on the 1000 Baccarat shoes instead? But the system is there already. And I'm not changing any rules at all, based on some sets of decisions encountered in different tester books. So the reverse engineering concept does not apply to IBS7.

    In fact, I just completed the testing of the second half of 1000 Zumma Baccarat shoes and the results are:

    Highest bet: 39
    session bankroll: 93
    End result: 7567 
    Max. placed bet 77
    Max. used session bankroll 92 
    Number of abandoned runs 0
    Abandoned runs cost 0

    Combining this profit with the +7702 units of the first 500 shoes, this makes a total profit of 7702 + 7567 = +15,269 units profit for 1000 shoes, or rather 1035 shoes, as the second half had 535 shoes and not 500, and an average profit of 15269/1035 = 14.75 units, pretty much consistent with the other set of 600 Zumma Baccarat shoes.
  29. Q)Izak,

    Why don't you use a simulator with a random number generator and run through a few thousand baccarat hands and give us the result in units won and lost? That in combination with the results from the two tester books would give us more confidence that the system works.
  30. A)I think I must have run the simulations with the random number generators over a thousands times, every time recording the end result in a macro and the average is still 14 units per shoe, despite the variety of end results.

    We're talking not a thousand baccarat hands but running the 600 shoe simulation 1000 times, meaning 40,000 decisions 1000 times, or 40 million decisions, a bit more than a few lifetimes...

During those runs, there were some abandoned ones with a certain accepted loss.  Nevertheless the 14 unit average per shoe was maintained.

Here are some sample runs:

Highest bet: 39
Max. session bankroll: 93
End result: 6418 
Max. placed bet 69
Max. used session bankroll 143 
Number of abandoned runs 43
Abandoned runs cost -4340

Highest bet: 39
Max. session bankroll: 93
End result: 6074 
Max. placed bet 74
Max. used session bankroll 145 
Number of abandoned runs 43
Abandoned runs cost -4616

Highest bet: 39
Max. session bankroll: 93
End result: 6129 
Max. placed bet 75
Max. used session bankroll 149 
Number of abandoned runs 41
Abandoned runs cost -4433

Highest bet: 39
Max. session bankroll: 93
End result: 6160 
Max. placed bet 75
Max. used session bankroll 149 
Number of abandoned runs 45
Abandoned runs cost -4585

Highest bet: 39
Max. session bankroll: 93
End result: 6912 
Max. placed bet 87
Max. used session bankroll 178 
Number of abandoned runs 36
Abandoned runs cost -3822

  1. Q)Izak,

    Is that (approximately) 6,000 unit profit BEFORE or AFTER you subtract the (approximately) 4,000 unit loss per abandoned run?
  2. A)It's the End result, thus it is after subtracting the losses (or rather the abandoned runs).

Thank you all for your great interest.  IBS7 stands for the best system ever designed.  Numerous profit reports keep coming.

The systems are priced at $800 together, which is fully worth it for infallible systems producing endless profits on the long run. 

And as always, you have a full money back guarantee upon your full satisfaction of the systems.  If you find anything that bothers you about the systems,  you can ask for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase, no strings attached and no questions asked.

Thank you,
Izak Matatya