IFBBS2 - Infallible Flat Bet Baccarat System - Version 2

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"An additional infallible flat bet system"
IFBBS2 - Infallible Flat Bet Baccarat System - Version 2
by Izak Matatya
"profits consistently with 1 unit bets only"

I'm proud to present you another great new system this week.  It's IFBBS2 - Infallible Flat Bet Baccarat System - Version 2.

Although it has the same name as IFBBS, IFBBS2 is very different than the first version. 

It uses a totally different concept, never used before in any other system.

It has a very original bet selection never used in any other system, a unique idea and most importantly an idea that works to generate a flat bet advantage of 1,123 units. 

Out of 73,111 decisions of 1000 shoes the system generates 37,116 wins versus 35,993 losses. 

It works for any variation of the Baccarat game, whether it's the regular version with 5% commissions on Banker wins, or the EZ Baccarat with no commissions or the B6 version. 

IFBBS2 is slightly more complex than IFBBS.  It needs a bit more studying and practicing. 

With all detailed examples provided in the system document, it won't be that hard to understand it and apply it.

Tracking is only the very first 2 Hands of the shoe.   Then it bets every single hand with no interruptions.

There are no runs to close nor to abandon.  You bet continuously until you are satisfied with your wins.

Since it's flat betting, you bet 1 unit on every single bet, never more.

It does not have a dual flat bet mode like its predecessor. 

You can bet any bet the table allows from its minimum to its maximum. 

The system generates 1,123 units for the 1000 Zumma shoes with the following performance chart:

Always steadily increasing profits.

Overall drawdown amounts to 35 units only.

Looking at certain small fluctuations in the profit graph, one would require a lifetime bankroll of 200 units tops. 

The system is tested also with randomly generated decisions and the performance fully matches the above. 

Upon your purchase you will receive the full 1000 Zumma shoes simulation as well as 1000 random shoes, which has a macro that can run the simulation as many times as you wish, giving you results for hundreds of thousands of shoes with equal performance.

The system is only 10 pages of easy reading and the rules are explained with many examples to make the use of the system crystal clear.

IFBBS2 goes for $4500 and is worth every penny. With $10 bets, you will make over $11,000 for 1000 shoes, or you will cover the system's cost in half that time.

Early bird purchasers can have a huge discount of 95% and have the system for $225 only if you purchase it until the end of February 2024. 

Upon the purchase of the system a download link will be sent to your email.  Make sure to enter your email during your purchase.

As usual, your satisfaction is guaranteed.  You can have your money back if the system is not to your liking within 30 days of your purchase, no questions asked, no strings attached.

Thank you!
Izak Matatya


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