Inertia System

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"the most logical even bet system"

Inertia System

by Izak Matatya

"works very well for commission based Baccarat"

I'm proud to present you my newest system today:  Inertia.

It's for all even bets.  The document concentrates on Baccarat, as the system works for commission based Baccarat as well, beating all 1000 Zumma shoes.

Its concept is new, very solid and most logical.

In life, many times we have to take certain decisions and follow a certain path.  We may be driving, we come to a fork, where we have to decide to go left or right.  Even the GPS may not give you an accurate information at times.  If we go left, we may reach a dirt road or never reach our destination.  Then we know that we should have taken the right path. 

The Inertia system wins no matter which direction you take.  In fact, to take only one direction and expect to win has a 50-50 chance of having success.  Taking the other direction has exactly the same probability.  If one takes only one direction and always the same one, one eventually breaks even or loses because of commissions of Banker wins. 

The Inertia system doesn't place you in the right or wrong direction.  It simply wins regardless of the direction one takes.

How this is accomplished is very innovative.  The system document will explain exactly what it's meant with a certain direction.

With very little tracking, the system will determine which way to go.  It will give inertia into the given direction.  If the direction changes the inertia will work the opposite way in an equal manner.  So the final destination is always reached no matter which direction one takes, closing runs with at least 2 units profit for each run. 

The system would be infallible, that is, every single run would close, if we did not have a stop loss.   In order not to escalate the bet amounts, a limited bankroll has been implemented, limiting the maximum bet amount not to exceeds 35 units.

A typical shoe will generate easily 13 units taking commissions into account with a maximum bet of 11 units.

In fact, Inertia beats the entire 1000 shoe Zumma set both without and with commissions.

Without commissions Inertia generates +1460 units with a maximum bet of 35 units and an overall drawdown of 196 units. 

Here's its performance chart:

Nicely and steadily rising profits.  No matter when and where you start betting you will end up always at a higher profit level.

With commissions, Inertia generates 368.29 units with the same parameters.

Every system usually has a nemesis.  It goes smooth until this nemesis is encountered.  The Inertia system knows exactly what its nemesis is and instead of the nemesis causing losing runs, Inertia capitalizes on those and converts them into profits instead. 

In fact the system navigates between the main system and taking care of its nemesis with solid rules on how to do so.  So, there will be no confusion.  The system has been totally simulated.  With your purchase you get two simulations for the entire 1000 Zumma set in one file and the same set with commissions. 

The system is also very parametric.  There are at least 5 values you can experiment with to further discover new modes of playing.  You will find it very interesting and challenging.  It took 38 simulations to come up with its optimized final version. 

The Inertia System goes for $400 and is worth every penny. Early birds can have it for half price for only $200, if you purchase Inertia until the end of October 2020. 

You will receive the 22 page easy to read system document and two Excel simulations for non-commission and commission based Baccarat game within which you can change all 5 parameters to experiment with different variations and profit levels. 

As usual, you have a full money back guarantee within 30 days of your purchase, no strings attached, no questions asked.

Thank you,
Izak Matatya

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