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Keep It Simple & Smart


KISS - Baccarat System

by Izak Matatya

"wins on every possible pattern"

This system is the result of hard work.  Long research hours were spent  in order to find the weaknesses of all Baccarat systems on the market, to resolve them and come up with a system that will be pure pleasure to use, in terms of ease, profitability and very low risk to you bankroll.

I'm proud to present you my new Baccarat system, which accomplishes this goal.  It's called the Kiss system, not only because you will want to kiss it, but it stands for Keep it Simple and Smart.

It is indeed one of the simplest systems you will learn.  As much as it is simple, it has been designed to handle all existing problems with most Baccarat systems that I have seen to date.

That's why it's very smart.  While applying it you will see that there is no pattern in Baccarat that will present an obstacle to the system

It wins every chop of the nature P B P B P B, or PP BB PP BB  or PPB PPB PPB or BBB PPP BBB,  or any other.   It will win any Banker or Player streak, such as PPPPP or BBBBB and any other Player and Banker combination you may come up with.  Every single Player and Banker combination has been dealt with and the system overcomes them all.  Tie bets are considered non-existent.

In terms of ease you will need to learn the rules of only 2 phases.  That's all.  It's like learning 2 very easy systems and apply them when the time comes.

There is absolutely no tracking You play every single hand until you reach your profit limit or your loss limit.  You are probably wondering if it wins every pattern, why would there be a loss limit or why would there be any losses at all.  Well, this is because no matter how good the system is, the table can go against you at times.  However, this is a rarity in the Kiss system.  And should that happen, the loss limit that we set is not more than -6 units per shoe.  Should you lose a shoe, this is all you are going to lose.   Those are part of the rules that constitute the system's money management. 

You can start playing at the beginning of the shoe, or a little later.

The profit goal per shoe is +12 units.  The moment you reach this goal, you leave the shoe.

The question is now how many shoes are winning shoes and how many are losing shoes according to the above win and loss limits.  The answer is the crucial point of the system, which makes it a winner on the long run, no matter how much you play it.  After extensive tests run over hundreds and thousands of shoes, with tester books (including Zumma), on real Baccarat shoes, on simulations, etc., the results show that you are able to quit half the number of the played shoes with +12 units and the other half with -6 units.

This is wonderful!  What it means that if you play 100 shoes, you will win nearly 50 shoes with +12, thus gaining 600 units and lose nearly 50 shoes with -6, thus losing 300 units, profiting overall 300 units for the 100 shoes, averaging a consistent win of 3 units per shoe.

And playing with $100 units is not a problem with the Kiss system.  There are no steep progressions, no double up Martingales or Grand Martingales, no Labouchere, d'Alembert or any other classic system you know.  As a matter of fact, 3 units will be the maximum amount you will place on the table, with a 1 unit play base.  This makes your bankroll totally safe.

With -6 units being the worst exit point, the drawdown concept is practically eliminated. You will either have a good shoe and exit at +12 points or you will leave the shoe before it even effects your bankroll.

If you would play 10 shoes a day, winning an average of 3 units of $100 per shoe, you can easily profit $3,000 on a daily basis.  Not bad at all! This is not a modest paycheck.  With the minimum bet amount of $20 a unit, you would still make $600 a day.

Those are sincere results.  If you play 100 shoes and you haven't won 50% of them with +12 units and lost 50% with -6 units, you have my unconditional money back guaranteeand I strongly stand behind it.  Just send me the results of the 100 shoes within 30 days of your purchase and I will return you your money .

Now this doesn't mean you can pick the 100 losing shoes of the Zumma tester book and send them to me. There are 600 shoes in Zumma and nearly 300 of them lose  -6 units, and nearly 300 of them win +12 units.  The tester book shoes will need to be consecutive shoes in that case, such as Shoes no. 100 to 200 or 345 to 445, and so on, as in real life play.

So, you don't need to spend money to test the system.  You can test it on paper using tester books or simply observe Baccarat or mini-Baccarat tables and see how the system performs.

You only need to keep track of your score to see how much your net profit is at any time while playing the system.  The system itself, you can play it from memory.  It is extremely simple, yet very efficient. 

As you know winning on Banker bets have a 5% commission.  The +12 units and -6 units specified above are AFTER commissions.  This is another reason you should keep track of your winnings and losses.

A buy-in bankroll of 30 units and a lifetime bankroll of 60 units are sufficient for the Kiss system.

And yes, you can easily apply it for Craps and Roulette for even bets.  A shoe in Baccarat consists of about 70 decisions.  This would be considered a session for the other games.  At +12 units or at -6 units, you would simply switch tables.

One would charge you big bucks for this kind of system, if anyone had such a system.  The price is $450 for this superbly performing system

I wanted to make it affordable for everyone and not deprive you from having such a good system in hand.  Just don't let the casinos know about it, so they won't change the rules of Baccarat on us.

The system consists of 34 pages including lots of examples taken from the Zumma tester book: 72 Days at the Baccarat Table by Erick St. Germain.  And again, shoes are sequentially selected.

Upon your purchase, you will receive an additional system for free: the Bonus Kiss - Baccarat system, which is even easier to use than the original Kiss system, and bets no more than 2 units tops.  This one requires a buy in bankroll of 25 units and a lifetime bankroll of 50 units, and has a win goal of +5 units versus a loss limit of -5 units per shoe.  You will see that you will win 75% of all the shoes.


Thank you,
Izak Matatya



Frequently Asked Questions on
Izak Matatya's
 KISS - Baccarat System



Hello Izak,

I just finished reading the system description for KISS. The name is superb..........and the system appears to be a baccarat player's dream. I would appreciate answers to the following questions.

 What is the worst case scenario for consecutive losses of - 6 units per shoe based on your extensive testing?

A: I had up to 4 consecutive losses of -6 units. That's why the buy-in bankroll is set to 30 units in order to allow you to withstand this situation.

Q:  What is the norm for winning and losing shoes based on playing 6 shoes per day for 5 days? i.e. What would the bottom line profit or loss be (on average) for the week after playing 30 shoes?

A:  After playing 30 shoes, the average of 3 units per shoe is valid, thus you will make 90 units at the end of the 5 days, while having small fluctuations during the process.

Q: If you applied KISS to craps or roulette, what kind of performance could one expect in unit profit per hour?

A: The average profit amount is slightly less in Roulette because of the odds. You know Baccarat has only 1.4% house advantage versus Roulette having 5.26% for a double zero American wheel. Also Baccarat is a much faster game, I would say about 4 times faster. So, Roulette presents about 20% less profits and at a rate 4 times slower. However, there is no issue of waiting until the end of the shoe in order to start a new session. Once you reach -6 or +12, you simply switch tables. In Baccarat, as well, you can just switch tables the moment you reach those profit and loss goals.

Taking all those factors into consideration and comparing the making of 90 units at the end of 5 days of Baccarat playing, in Roulette you would make about 75 units at the end of the 5 days, or 15 units per day. If you play 5 hours per day, you can expect 3 units profit per hour in average.

Q: Since KISS handles every possible pattern, what specifically accounts for the losing shoes?

A:  A pattern requires some continuity of a few bets. Should the pattern alternate after 1 or 2 bets, this may cause some losses.

"Thanks, Izak for developing what appears to be an outstanding baccarat system."

Q: I would like to know if the system will give the same results over the internet?

A:  The system performs well on the internet as well as on land casinos. The system has been tested for real shoes, live shoes and simulated shoes, giving all similar results.

Q: Is FBMP better or KISS?

A: KISS is better than FBMP. FBMP handled the 2-2-2 pattern properly but had a weakness over the 3-3-3 pattern (PPP BBB PPP). KISS is able to handle both.

Q: I may have to try this one just to see how it overcomes BPBPBPBP when I am working on other patterns. Be great if it works the same on roulette.

A: A PBPBPBPB pattern will give you +6 units using KISS.  Same for Roulette.

Q: Looks great, but why would you buy in for 30 units if your stop loss is -6 ? Couldn't you buy in for 6 or 10 units?

What is the longest string of consecutive shoe losses you've experienced in real life or through simulation? With a life time bankroll of 60, we can only withstand a string of 11 consecutive shoe losses of -6.

A: You would buy in 30 units for the worst case scenario. In all my tests 4 consecutive losses was the worst I have encountered. This brought me down to -24 units. After that I had 4 consecutive winning shoes at +12 each. 

It is very unlikely for the KISS system to fail 11 times consecutively. It has never happened yet.


Thank you,
Izak Matatya



Unsolicited Testimonials on the KISS System

Here are some testimonials taken directly from the discussion forum from customers who have acquire KISS.

"Congratulations Izak - KISS is a winner. I'm tired of testing. Did 50 shoes from Zumma. (Shoes #50 to #99)

26 losing shoes @ -6 units = -156 units
24 winning shoes @ +12 units = +288 units

For a total profit of +132 units (before vig) or 2.6 average units per shoe.

I did go through 5 losing shoes in a row - but then later had 5 winning shoes in a row.. 

Time for some real casino action!

Thank you Izak.

"Yes Izak - this is fantastic news. Go ahead with my testimonial if you wish - I have the test results to back it up. Two thumbs-up for KISS!!

My testing was done on Zumma 72 Days Tester for Baccarat."

"Testing takes time guys.. it's going well. The system is performing as claimed (so far)."

"Very easy to use. Bet never goes higher than three units."

"The Kiss method looks pretty good so far."

"I'm just flat betting the minimum for now observing the basic rules and its ahead even this way. Looks good for now."

"I have tested the new KISS system and it has performed as advertised...I have actually played it in the casino a couple of times. 

It has performed reasonably well. The only drawback I have noticed is that if you lose -6 at the start of the shoe (first 3 or 4 hands) you have to wait for another shoe to start playing again, which in some circumstances may be difficult.

Otherwise if you live in Vegas and can play or you have a lot of tables going the system is excellent."

This is all very encouraging.  I thank you so much for your feedback.

One customer provided a further modification input:

"Just read your stuff - very interesting - actually makes a lot of sense.

Play to +12 or -6 also makes sense. Use large units and play less. That's always been my motto.  Don't stand in the middle of the highway for too long.

One suggestion I would make is that once you hit a set point which is close to your target, you may want to "profit lock it" meaning that say once you were at +10 you wouldn't make a bet that would take you below say +4, and exit the shoe.  This way you don't have a seemingly good shoe turn into a bad one.  Just an observation and suggestion."

I find this an excellent suggestion.  I have already incorporated it the system documentation. Thank you again for the valuable input.

As you can see KISS is doing great.  I have also demonstrated it live at the Casino of Hull applying it to Roulette after a gambling seminar I held in Ottawa on November 5.

Wishing you lost of success with the KISS method.

Thank you,
Izak Matatya