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"The most solid sports betting system 
you will ever own"

The Matrix 
Sports Betting System
by Izak Matatya

I'm proud to present you my sports betting system called the Matrix.  This is indeed the most solid spots betting system you will ever own.  I have been using it for months for a few seasons on various games and the resulting profits have been very consistent.  With only 45 minutes spent per day, it's becoming almost a day job, where nothing else is needed. 

If you are into sports betting, some of you need the services of professional handicappers, who let you know where you should be placing your bets with either some kind of betting system or money management or sometimes with no other guidance.  Those services may be expensive from $250 a month up to a few thousands.

The handicappers provide you with their selections, based on either certain inside information they may have, or based on their knowledge and experience, or based on consensus with other handicapping services, or simply based on some educated guesses.

It's rare to find handicappers who have more than 60% right guessing rate on a consistent basis.  Some perform at a rate of 55-65%.  Some at a rate of 40-45%.  And some alternate between 40 and 60%  from one period or season to another.

Moreover, their selections do not always reach you at the right time.  Sometimes, it is right before the games.  Sometimes, by the time your place your bets, the odds are different.  Many times, this causes confusion and frustration, additional to the high fees you pay.

The Matrix system, first of all, eliminates the need to use handicapping services, thus saving you lots of money.  With the Matrix system, you will know exactly where to place your bets and how much.  So it incorporates both a bet selection and a bet method at the same time without requiring a handicapping fee.

The Matrix system completely avoids any type of guessing or relying on a source that provides guessing at a fee. 

As sportsbooks and oddmakers adjust the odds to their needs, the Matrix system uses cleverly those tactics in order to provide you with the best bet selection.  As those odds are made on a daily basis by oddmakers,  the Matrix system automatically synchronizes itself in such a way to generate constant profit on a monthly basis.

If the oddmakers alternate the odds in such a way to have an equal number of people to bet on both sides of an even bet, so they can easily collect on the vigs, the Matrix system adjusts itself to those conditions automatically.  It's that smart. 

Moreover, the Matrix system is not at all influenced by any vigorish.  No matter how large the vigs are, the Matrix system will produce exactly the same results at the end of the month.  How this is done is explained in full detail in the system document, which is not more than 18 pages, easy to read and easy to understand. 

The Matrix system uses the famous IBS3 system for its betting method, which is designed for all even bets.  The original IBS3 system required a large bankroll in order to win almost all shoes in Baccarat.  However, in the Matrix system, the highest bet ever made did not exceed 48 units, due its smart bet selection. 

As a matter of fact, those are the type of results one obtains:  I have applied the system with a betting unit size of not more than $10.  Within 44 days of using the system, the Matrix generated exactly 248 units, profiting exactly $2480 taking all vigs into account.  Imagine what your profits can be, if you use $25, $50 or $100 units. 

Since you can double your bankroll on a monthly basis, you can start wagering with smaller units and increase your bet units gradually until you reach those levels.  Then you will not need any other source of income. 

The type of bets the Matrix uses are the point spread and the OVER/UNDER type of bets, where the vigs alternate between 107-110 (place $107 to win $100)  depending on the sportsbook you use.  The system document provides appropriate recommendations on the subject. 

You can place as many bets your bankroll allows, as long as you can manage them.  The system document comes with 2 results spreadsheets, where up to 36 bets a day are placed.  The spreadsheets are then used as a template and guidance for you to deploy the method.

There are almost no bet limits in sports betting. You can wager as low as $1 and as high as thousands.  The system will work with any bet size you can afford.  Whatever your unit size is, you should account for having a bankroll of 300 units for the system to be successful and to have results as consistent as possible.

The system document comes with solid money management techniques and recommendation on unit size, number of bets per day, entry points and monthly resolution of all bets, a process which repeats itself every month and a half. 

The system price is $11,000 and will pay itself off within a couple of weeks of your play with only $10 units.  Then you keep all your profits without having to pay any commissions nor handicapping fees month after month, season after season, with the thrill of sports betting on a daily basis.

You don't have to bet right at the beginning of a sports season.  You can join any time it's convenient for you and start accumulating profits within 20-40 days of your play. 

Your purchase includes the entire IBS3 system with all its features, a $600 value, an opportunity you can't miss. .

Thank you,
Izak Matatya

Frequently Asked Questions about 
The Matrix 
Sports Betting System
by Izak Matatya

First I would like to communicate to you some feedback I received on the system:

"Hello Izak,
Well as usual you've done a superlative job of finding a way to overcome the obstacles in sports betting. The combination of linking your IBS3 system to a sports betting money management program is brilliant. The bankroll requirements seem a bit restrictive. However, for the consummate bettor the concept of starting with affordable seed money and then modestly growing it into larger bank over time is quite practical.

Overall the system is wonderful."                                                                               Jordon L.

And now, the answers to your questions:

Q: Izak, how long have you tested this so far, and what is the win percentage?  I think an IBS3 progression may be too risky for some, so please tell us the flat bet results so far and any other information about this new wonderful system you have there.

A: I have been testing this Matrix system using IBS3 since January 1, 2006 up until now, so about a year. I have used it personally from January until April (then I was on a very long vacation, as you may have felt from the lack of newsletters...: )) I have the exact log of games attached with the system document, that can be verified against  and it shows how the Matrix generates 248 units exactly taking the vigs into account within 44 days in average, placing anywhere between 6 and 48 bets a day on the point spread and OVER/UNDER type of bets having vigs of -107 in Canbet. 

It's true that IBS3, at times, requires the betting of high amount of units when it's used with random games, such as Baccarat, Roulette, Craps and Sic-Bo. However, with the way bets are placed in sports, using the Matrix strategy, it goes very smooth, not necessitating the betting of more than 48 units tops. At $10 a unit size, a $480 bet does not put too much constraint on your bankroll in the worst case scenario.

Win percentage was: 50.34%
Total wins: 448
Total losses: 442
Total number of bets: 890
Total End of runs (profit units):248 for the 44 days of betting (January 1-February 13, 2006).

February 14-April 4, another 252 units with the same win/loss ratio.

250 units is the average profit for a month and a half of using the Matrix, or if you like 250/45 = 5.5 units a day.

Q: I note that you mention the largest single wager you encountered using the system was 48 units.  At that point, how far of an accumulated drawdown would the player have at the point that wager was made? Also, you make reference that the player would be profitable in 22-40 days.  Iis the player then in a negative position prior to that time?

A: The drawdown at the point of wagering 48 units (+ some vigs) was -48, meaning you would require a bankroll of 96 units for that session, but you have multiple sessions running simultaneously.

The 300 unit bankroll is only to be in the comfort zone. You don't have to use the Matrix to its full extent. You can start using the Matrix at a smaller scale and gradually expand. Then you can surely use $100 units.

The player is in a small drawdown at the beginning overall, which recovers within the first few days. Profits of 100-200 units are reached within a month.

Q: Dear Izak,  I have read with interest about your new Matrix sports betting system and have a query.
You mention that over 44 days the system produced 248 units.  Can you please advise how many bets were placed to obtain those units and what was the largest number in any one day.
Also does your system require "in running betting" or can the bets be made prior to the start of the event?

A: The minimum number of bets per day was 4 and the maximum were 36 bets a day for 44 days continuously.  A total of 890 bets were placed in 44 days and IBS3 closed exactly 248 runs with no pending progressions.  All bets are placed prior to the event up to 20 hours in advance, the moment the odds are made and available at sportsbooks.

Q: Hi Izak,

I recall your post from some time ago talking about applying IBS2 (I believe) to sports betting with some pretty good results. I imagine this is something along the same line (just improved)? I've got a few more questions on your Matrix Sports system.

Have you used this (or can it be used) against all the major sports with the same predictable results?

A: I have used this for all sports that have a point spread and OVER/UNDER for total scores bet type with the same odds on each.

Q: Is the source you use to base your bet decisions readily available?

A: You will not need any further source than what the Matrix provides.

Q: It looks like you average about 20 bets per day (890 bets / 44 days) and you said the max bet was 48 units. Does that mean that the max bet of 48 units was the maximum for one given day, or just for one particular bet. I'm wondering if 48 units is about the maximum I could expect to bet for all my bets for any one given day, or could I possibly have one bet at 48 units, another at 36 units, another at 12 units, another at 10....etc. for a much larger total bet for the day?

A: The 48 units was for a particular bet. You could have various bet sizes per number of bets per day. You can in fact have up to 36 bets a day and even more if you challenge yourself. The system will work and for the sum of all those bets, you will need sufficient bankroll to support them. A 300 unit bankroll is the recommended one to have up front. With months of usage, you will be then using your profited units rather than the original 300 units.

Q: Any guesstimate on what your return would be if you could increase your 
pick percentage to 55% - 57%? Just wondered if you'd considered a sports pick software like sportstrend or something similar? This is not a plug for any program, but some of these are fairly inexpensive on an annual basis, and they are pretty consistent at 55% - 57% winning picks.

A: You don't need a pick software. The Matrix is independent of any selection, regardless of its performance percentage. 

Q: Lastly, Do you offer any trial guarantee on this as you have with other systems, and any discount for your previous IBS 2.1 buyers? Thanks.

A: Trial guarantees are always within 30 days of your purchase, based on your full satisfaction. 

Thank you,
Izak Matatya