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"So far I have used Izak’s Online Roulette Program four times and it has produced a profit of 40 units for me. I prefer to use the 4th stage as the re-set point, as per Izak’s example. I feel that the drawdown is survivable, and recovery is fairly easy. The system seems to work well on the Internet, maybe that’s because the casino software has not been able to figure out what we’re doing.

I've bought just about every system known to this world. Izak’s Online Roulette is the system that has worked for me right from the gate...until now it always seemed that this stuff worked for everyone but me.... :)
                                                                                     Don M. (Cleveland)"




Why design a roulette system for on-line play? Because, online casino’s roulette software can be programmed to foil a player's system or strategy, and some casinos might be taking advantage of this possibility. Although it’s being denied by casino operators, (and most of them are probably on the up and up,) the suspicion still remains that not all online casinos run a fair roulette game. Players are skeptical, and so they should be. If the casino can manipulate the software, the player can never win.

With this in mind, Izak designed strategies that will help protect you from dishonest operators. First he shows you how you can verify the honesty of an online casino before you risk serious money, then Izak outlines his winning approach. The strategies presented in ONLINE ROULETTE are based on Izak’s specialty, betting on Dozens only. They were designed specifically for online casino play, but will work equally well in at tables in real casinos.

And yes, Izak has thoroughly tested his strategies before publishing them. As always, he provides detailed charts, showing the ups and downs. As you will see, over a series of 200 spins it's hard for you to lose, regardless of whether the casino’s roulette software detects your strategy or not.

Izak’s ONLINE ROULETTE is a 15-page document, revealing excellent strategies combined with a built-in casino "honesty verification". With ONLINE ROULETTE you can play with more confidence, because you have the advantage!

Thank you,
Izak Matatya