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"designed to gain a flat bet advantage"
The Pendulum System

by Izak Matatya
"consistent profits in any mode"

It is very important to have a flat bet advantage in a system.  When we do have this advantage we can bet without raising our bets and without going into steep progressions and without having to chase our previous losses.  Moreover, we can bet as high as the table's maximum or as much as our budget allows us, as long as we know that on the long run, we will always be ahead.

This new system called the Pendulum system does exactly that.  After many years of research, we can finally gain a flat bet advantage overcoming the odds of even bet games. 

Take, for instance, the true odds of no commission EZ Baccarat, as presented by the Wizard of Odds:




Decision Count Percentage Odds

























sampled over 41003 decisions or 600 random Baccarat shoes.  As you can see the percentage of the different decisions of Baccarat matches very closely the actual odds.  Sampling those 600 random shoes yield nearly the same results.

This means that if we bet Banker only, we will have 17,794 wins (on Bankers), 923 decisions that will return your money on Dragons, 3,931 decisions that are neutral (Ties) and 16,989 decisions that will lose your bet on Players and 1,366 decisions that will lose your bet on Pandas. 

Total units on wins will be:  17,794, versus losing units of 16,989 + 1,366 = 18,355, losing overall: 18,355 - 17,794 = 561 units.

If we bet Player only, we will have 16,989 wins (on Player decisions), versus 17,794 losses on Bankers and 923 losses on Dragons, thus we will lose 16,989 - (17,794 + 923) = 16,989 - 18,717 = 1,728 units.

Neither option will generate overall profits if we bet on either Banker or Player or a combination of both, based on the above chart and betting on every single decision of all shoes. 

That's why we need to bet only when the right opportunity arises.  The Pendulum system identifies all such opportunities based on the gravity concept: whatever goes up must come down. 

Try, for instance, this simple method.  Track the last 12 decisions of any even bet game.  If one side exceeds the other side by at least 2 decisions, go for the other side.  You will see that the side with the lower count will catch up more than not.  This is a simple law of statistics.  The full strategy is given in the system document with a full example.

The Pendulum system is much more sophisticated than that.  It uses gravity to its full power, and you can compare the system to a pendulum swinging left and right.  When the pendulum is at its maximum height it has the slowest speed and when it's at the very bottom it has the highest speed.  The system translates this concept into gambling and the results are absolutely stunning.

Betting not more than 1 unit at a time, the Pendulum system beats all tester books for 600 shoes, for 1K shoes, etc with constantly increasing profits.

Here's a typical performance chart ran over 600 randomly generated shoes:

As you can see, the small straight horizontal lines are the times where we wait for the right time to bet. 

Every time we run this simulation over thousands of random shoes, we get a similar graph of profits raising constantly over time. 

About 400 units for 600 shoes may not seem much, but flat betting, you can use any chip denomination your budget allows. 

With $10 chips, that gives you $4,000 profit, with $100 chips, $40,000, up to the table maximum that can be $2000 or $5000 a bet, which can profit you up to $2,000,000 - yes 2 million dollars.  600 shoes is just 120 days of using the system playing 5 shoes a day. 

With a progressive system we tend to use the table's minimum.  So making 400 units at $100 bets is much better than making 1000 units with $1 bets.  About 40 times more profitable.  Besides, if you know you have the flat bet advantage, you can even use any progression of your choice and the system is guaranteed to win.

It's recommended to use a no commission based game, as one needs to place about 10-20 bets before gaining our unit.  If one insists on playing on regular baccarat with commissions, then one has to bet slightly more to cover the commissions, and only when the winning run is about to close, which happens only in one instance.

Good results have also been obtained for Roulette.  Roulette has the advantage of using multiple even bet areas, such as Red/Blacks, Even/Odds, High/Lows.  You can apply the Pendulum system simultaneously to all areas, tripling your profits.

Moreover, you can use the Pendulum system on ANY bet selection you like and it will generate similar profits.  In fact, you can use multiple bet selections simultaneously.  This will not only give you profits additively for each bet selection, but will make your game much more dynamic and you will be active more than 90% of the time.  The system document illustrates all of the above options with full, long examples that will make you understand the system very clearly.

The system document is 22 pages of fun reading, including all possible scenarios you may have during the use of the system and quite a few simulations.  You may also request as many simulations as possible.  This system has been tested very extensively. 

The Pendulum System goes for  $800.  It will pay itself off within 8 hours of your play using $100 chips.

For early birds, you can have a huge 75% discount and have the system for only $200 if you purchase it until the end of November 2017.  

For $15 extra you can have a printout of the system document shipped to your mailing address.

You have a full money back guarantee, if the system is not to your satisfaction, no questions asked, no strings attached, and you may return it within 30 days of your purchase.  You will not regret your purchase.

Thank you!
Izak Matatya 

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Frequently Asked Questions on The Pendulum System

by Izak Matatya

The New Pendulum System announced last week was received with great enthusiasm.  There were numerous questions and I'd like to share my answers with you today at this Frequently Asked Questions newsletter.

Before I do, here are some comments and feedback about the system:

"I see the pendulum system potentially of reducing some of the large drawdowns that I sometimes endure"  

"There were quite a few things that makes this possibly viable as a long play system"

"Since by Izak on testing profits are less than a unit per shoe +3 seem to me a great stopping point"

"I played two more shoes.  After reaching +3 in the first shoe I decided to paper play the system to work on figuring the commission. And I only return to real play after sitting out a very bad stretch of would be losses for the system I changed tables +5 units. So for 3 shoes. +3 +5 +1"      Elliott

"Izak, most of us are acutely aware of the overwhelming odds in roulette, particularly with a double zero wheel, however this sounds like a viable approach when employing multiple bet selections. Even better with a single zero wheel. Love the flat bet feature!"             briang815

"Profit of 139 units playing Don't Pass for Zumma data is impressive. For this data of 10000 decisions, don't pass loses at 1.00% and pass loses at 1.95%. So Pendulum instead of losing at 1.00% wins at 1.39%."   John K

"Along with baccarat, the best odds in the casino, if you won the Roulette simulation at about a 5.5 % house edge the numbers must be phenomenal with about a 1.5 % house edge."  Naturespirit

"Go back to the double zero roulette simulation compared to the zumma craps simulation Izak did. The double zero did WAY better than craps!!"      toyoproxo

"Izak, Impressive performance chart for the double zero roulette wheel."  briang815

Thank you so much for your feedback.  And now the answers to your questions:

Q: Buy-ins, bankrolls, draw-downs?

A: You have a stop loss limit of 6 units. That's your session buy-in. Overall you may have a drawdown of up to 30 units, which will be your lifetime bankroll.

Q: I'm really happy to see your new system called Pendulum. But i really have doubt that we can win with using flat betting system whatever this system is. Because from the mathematics theory, Baccarat betting will reach 50% of winning rate. That means with commission, the final profit is lower than 0. Could you explain that why your flat betting system called Pendulum can beat baccarat??

A: Of course, you get 50 or even 53% (with FBMP) betting flat IF you bet every single bet. Pendulum waits for the right opportunities before betting. At the fastest speed of the pendulum, that is, during the time there is more tendency of the bet selection to win, that's when the Pendulum system attacks. You're active 70% of the time. However, you can use 2 bet selections simultaneously and bet 80% of the time. With 3 bet selections 90% of the time. Each bet selection adds to dynamism, that is, more frequent betting and additive profits. That's why you get over 800 units playing 600 shoes and you can have any bet size, as you never bet higher than 1 unit each time.

Q:  If you end a shoe at a loss, does this rollover to the next shoe?

A: You can stop playing a shoe any time should you feel you made sufficient units or continue to the next shoe, not necessarily because you end a shoe at a loss, but just to follow the system specs continuously.

Q: Since the game this system is featured for is Baccarat, just curious how there could be more than 1 bet selection. Are you speaking of Roulette when you say there can be more than 1 bet selection?

A: Here are some bet selections that one could use for Baccarat: 

KISS (follow chops, streaks and 2-2's) 
B only 
P only 
FLD (follow last decision) 
OLD (opposite last decision) 
FL2D (follow last second decision) 
OL2D (opposite last second decision). 
FBMP (Flat Bet Mini Play system's bet selection) 
FLnD (follow any last decision from any previous decision) 
OLnD (opposite any last decision from any previous decision) 
anti-KISS (do the opposite of what KISS tells you) 
anti-FBMP (do the opposite of what FBMP tells you) 
Dominance (bet on the highest count of the even bet) 
Anti-Dominance (bet on the least count of the last few even bets) 
Balance (if PPB, then PPBB, if BBP, then P) 
Anti-Balance (if PP B, then P, if BB P, then cool smiley 
and quite a few more. 

All of the above can be used also for Roulette and Craps.

Q: I'm also a little confused regarding the bet selection, as I would assume that the system requires betting on the side that did come up less often than the statistical average. How could that be combined with choosing ones own bet selection?

A: When we apply the gravity concept of the Pendulum, it really doesn't matter which bet selection you use. The pendulum system does NOT require betting on the side that came up less. That was just a simple example to show how gravity could be applied. Pendulum is much more than that. 

Thus, choosing ANY bet selection and tracking for multiple bet selections provides you additive profits plus the use of the system in a more frequent betting mode.

Q: So does the system come with its own bet selection?

A: Any one of the above and any combination of the above will do, you don't need a NEW bet selection. The system illustrates the multiple and simultaneous use of B, FLD and OLD and a full simulation is provided with your purchase sampling 600 random shoes at a time. Each time you get a new set of 600 random shoes, you get positive results. 

You can use also your own preferred bet selection. The Pendulum system will explore its fastest winning trend and will go for it.

Q: I understand that this is a flat bet system which is very good. However, will this method be profitable on shoe per shoe basis and how many units per shoe? We need more details please without compromising the system content.

A: Yes, it will be profitable on a shoe by shoe basis. One can either continue to the next shoe or quit a shoe any time one desires. With a 6 unit stop loss, you can't go wrong. 30 units are the total drawdown one could have for 600 shoes. 

Some shoes may end up slightly negative by a few units (less than 6 for sure), but many more will end up positive. That's why the long term winning. 

Since running the 600 shoe random sample generates about 400 units for 600 shoes, using only one bet selection and about 700 units for 2-3 bet selections, we can easily average 1.2 units per shoe very consistently. if a shoe takes about an hour, your average hourly profit will be exactly your unit size: $25, $50, $100, whatever your budget allows.

Q: Did you take 5% commission on Banker wins or these shoes are no commission shoes? What are the results by using P only?

A: There is a version of the Pendulum for commission based baccarat. However, that can no longer be flat betting, as if it takes 15-20 decisions to make your unit, the commissions will drain your unit gain. Thus, you need to bet some extra units, just before you close the run and that can be up to 30 units. So the commission based Baccarat pendulum is no longer flat betting. Thus the system has been designed in flat bet mode for no commission baccarat only. The good news about commission Baccarat is that you need to cover the commissions only during the one bet, that closes the run. 

And yes, there is a roulette simulation and example provided in the document. 

P only simulation required the betting of B, as that's where the fastest swing of the pendulum was taking place. It's the system really which dictates where to bet, according to whichever bet selection you chose. So you may chose OLD for instance and many instances the system may tell you to bet FLD (its opposite) to make you win.

Q: Hi, what is the frequency of a negative session (-6 units) in average? Thanks.

A:  If the frequency of the -6 sessions would be high, then it would not be a winning system. Since we average more than 1 unit per shoe, we have to make 7 more positive sessions than one -6 unit session per shoe, which is really what happens in simulations and in real life.

Q: Is the system easy enough to implement without needing a pen and paper at the table?

A: Oh, absolutely, it's very easy. We could use our fingers to count bets, and other counts, etc.

Q: Is there a different bankroll requirement when a person is using the system for multiple bet opportunities?

A: Since you're flat betting and your bet size doesn't exceed 1 unit, if you are using say 3 bet selections simultaneously and all bets happen to go on the same side of the even bet, you may need to bet 3 units max for that particular bet. So in the worst case, your session bankroll will have to be 3 times the 6 units or 18 units, but those are such extreme rare cases, that I have never seen happening really. 

Particularly, if 2 out of the 3 chosen bet selections are each other's opposites, such as FLD and OLD, if one side is not doing too great, its opposite is probably doing wonderfully well.

Thank you all for your valuable questions.

The Pendulum System goes for  $400.  It will pay itself off within 4hours of your play using $100 chips.

For $20 extra you can have a printout of the system document shipped to your mailing address.

You have a full money back guarantee, if the system is not to your satisfaction, no questions asked, no strings attached, and you may return it within 30 days of your purchase. You will not regret your purchase.

Thank you!
Izak Matatya

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