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by Izak Matatya

In his book, "BeatWebCasinos.Com", the author, Bill Haywood, states that Baccarat is the easiest acceptable choice for those who want to exploit online casinos’ bonus programs. The reasons: The house edge is just over 1 percent, the variance is lower than in blackjack, and the game plays quickly. In other words, Baccarat is the ideal choice for "bonus hustlers". For more on the BeatWebCasinos.Com book, click here.

Whether you play online or in a bricks and mortar casino, you really should consider giving Baccarat a try. The house edge is among the lowest in the casino (as long as you don’t bet "tie") and playing couldn’t be any more uncomplicated. You bet "player" or "banker" – it’s like heads or tails in a coin flip. A fixed set of rules, which you don’t really need to know, determines which hand wins. Should you want to learn a bit more about the rules of Baccarat click here.

In my search for a good Baccarat system for this Systems Gallery I approached  well-known roulette pro, Izak Matatya. The conversation went something like this:

"Izak, you are such an expert on Roulette. What if I asked you to devise a system for a special table, where it is guaranteed that Black appears more than Red and 0 or 00 come up at a rate of about once every 10 spins, but you don't lose a penny when they appear?"

Izak replied that would be a piece of cake and started expounding plenty of ideas. I then said: "There is a little catch though, every time Black comes up the dealer gets a 5% tip."

His reaction was that if the system consistently wins, one wouldn't mind giving the dealer such a tip, as long as the win was greater than the amount given away, and he also came up with ideas on how to get around this catch. I was astounded at how quickly Izak came up with solutions. By now we both knew that I was fishing for a good Baccarat system, where Black is Banker, Red is Player, and zeros are Tie bets.

To make a long story short, that is how PROGRESSIVE BACCARAT came to be. About a month later, after a lot of testing and fine tuning, Izak reported:

"My baccarat systems are so good, that I'm afraid if the casino detects the strategies, they may have to alter the rules or shut down the game altogether."

That is a strong statement, but coming from Izak. I wouldn’t be quick to dismiss it. Judge for yourself. These are the most important features of Izak Matatya's


Tested in 10,000 bets, 150 times (150 different sessions of 10,000 bets, meaning 1.5 million bets) - generating consistent profits.

Simulations reflecting the true odds of Baccarat: Player wins 44.62% of the time - Banker wins 45.86% of the time – an there is a Tie 9.52% of the time.

The systems are fine tuned to cope with those odds and give the player the edge taking advantage of the percentage differences. This results in steadily increasing profits.

As you never have to bet more than 10 units at the maximum peak of the progression, it is sufficient to have a bankroll of 135 units to play 2 out of 3 systems. If one is a risk taker and wants to go for larger profits, the third system requires a bankroll of 900 units.

The other two methods take very low risk and have automatic money management built in to them.

The betting unit can be anything between $2 and $10. Some online casinos allow Baccarat to be wagered with a minimum bet of $2. Although Baccarat is known as a high-roller game, many land-based casinos feature mini-Baccarat, where one doesn't need to bet $25 or $50 minimum. 

PROGRESSIVE BACCARAT works for both low and high wagers. It's just a matter of selecting the appropriate unit value.

It is immaterial what comes first, winning streaks or the losing streaks, the end result is always a profit.

At $780 Progressive Baccarat is a bargain. Whoever purchases the systems will agree that even $1890 wouldn’t have been too much, once they realize what they got.

Mathematically and statistically, it has been proven that the Banker wins 45.86% of the time, the Player wins 44.62% of the time and the remaining time of 9.52%, there is a Tie, that is Player and Banker show the same value after all cards are drawn. The simulations provided in PROGRESSIVE BACCARAT take the above percentages into account, and generate Player, Banker wins or Ties accordingly. This betting system will make you a winner even if the system is played for the long run.

The system is designed to give the player the advantage over the house. If you encounter a losing streak after a winning streak, you will come out profitable. The other way round will also be true, that is if you encounter a winning streak after a losing streak, you will come out profitable as well.

Other so-called experts are selling Baccarat systems for well over $800. From what I can see Izak’s PROGRESSIVE BACCARAT is better and costs a whole lot less. Izak’s methods incorporate three winning systems (two solid ones, one a bit risky), all for only $89.

Izak Matatya’s $780 PROGRESSIVE BACCARAT is a 20-page document delivered the fastest way possible - by this download. 

Thank you,
Izak Matatya