PSDSC Roulette System

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"Beats double zero roulette"
PSDSC Roulette System
"on all 15,000 spins"

by Izak Matatya

There has been many systems that use the concept of a parlay, to replicate your chip over many times, as you let your bet ride when it wins. 

In even bets, your chip parlays to 2, 4, 8, 16 units etc. when it wins 4 times.  This is some kind of reverse Martingale, that gives you high profits with a very low investment.

This new system of mine PSDSC, that stands for Parlaying Single Dozens and Single Columns, uses the parlay concept to single dozens, where the payout is 3 for 1.  Therefore if you parlay your winnings, the profits triple every time from 1 to 3, to 9, to 27, to 81 etc, only within 4 wins. 

Applying the same principle to columns at the same time will replicate your single chips into many many units.

Of course, one has to know at which point one needs to cash those chips, as if you parlay forever, all chips will eventually be wiped away from he table at the next loss to either a zero or the wrong dozen or column.

For this, one has to have a smart bet selection, which will ensure the parlay will work and a very strong money management, which will increase your profits indefinitely.

With all those factors combined, the PSDSC system makes exactly 5055 units for the 15,000 Zumma spins, which are based on a 00 wheel table, with an overall drawdown of not more than 94 chips. 

Here's the performance chart:

Unbelievable profits for a game that has a 5.26% house edge on a double zero wheel. 

You must be wondering what those downward swings are.  Well, those are not losses, just the number of trials until your parlay pumps up your profits.  Each session investment on a dozen or a column is merely one chip. 

Your chip can be any value, from $1 to anything that won't surpass the table limits.  If the table limits are 1-2000, your last parlay will not exceed 2000 / 3 or 666 units. 

It's not that you are betting 666 units to make 1.  On the contrary, you are betting 1 unit each time to finally bring your profits more than 666 X 3 = 2000 units for the session. 

And relative to each point of time, you will have a higher profit amount.  Each next mountain top is higher than the previous one, as you can see from the above graph.

In any event, the smart parameters that make you profit every time on the long run have been optimized. 

The system is only 9 pages of easy reading.  You will understand the concept and the specifications within a very short amount of time.  There are just a few basic rules to follow.  

PSDSC goes for $5000.  It's very profitable.  

As usual, your satisfaction is guaranteed and you have a full money back guarantee should you ask for a refund within 30 days of your purchase, no questions asked, no strings attached.

Thank you and best regards,
Izak Matatya

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