RDBS - Relative Distance Baccarat System

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"A conservative and very efficient winning system"
RDBS - Relative Distance Baccarat System
by Izak Matatya

"makes 10,000 units for 1000 shoes"

RDBS - Relative Distance Baccarat System is a new system that uses innovative brand new concepts never used in any other system before.

It's a conservative system, never escalating bets, designed for Baccarat winning with commissions as well.

One of the new concepts looks at the distance of occurrence between Baccarat decisions. 

If we have a sequence of the nature B P P P B P P P P P B B P B B P P P B B B B P..., we look at the distance of the first B to the next B.  Since three P's separate those B bets, it takes a distance value.  This is what we refer to as a Relative Distance. 

The larger this distance, the more likelihood that the opposing decision occur.  Not because it's due, as this is a gambler's fallacy, but because it's already happening.  And we take action not prior but after it happens.

And when it does happen, those distances are used as parameters to create a winning system. 

This is only one aspect of the system.

There are quite a few other aspects combined with the relative distance, which maximize profits as we play.

In fact, the system generates over 10,000 units for the 1000 Zumma tester book, averaging 10 solid units per shoe.

Here's its performance chart:

As you can see, there is always a new maximum within the flow of bets. 

Profits rise tremendously as you continue betting.

Another new concept introduced in this system is the non-existence of runs. 

In previous systems, a run was defined as a sequence of bets, where one makes a profit.  Then all parameters are reset and we start a fresh new run.

Not with RDBS.  The amounts of bets are adjusted based on various values, taken either from the relative distance or other factors.

Bets are reduced automatically when certain conditions are met. 

Bets rise or are reduced based on different criteria, without the need of any runs.  Bets are refreshed automatically based on its specs. 

In short, one can continue betting indefinitely, making sure that profits will accumulate on the long run.

Parameters used for the above chart are:



Max profit:


End profit:


Max bet placed:




A life time bankroll of 500 units will be ample to use this system efficiently. 

The overall drawdown of 288 units is relative to the initial play. 

The increment parameter is flexible.  The larger it is, the more the profits.  It can be also very conservative.

It's proportional to the overall performance of the system.  A value of 12 will generate 5000 units.  A value of 24, 10,000 units.

It will all be explained in the system document.

Since it's an up-as-you-win type of system, the maximum bet of 40 units means that you have been continuously winning and making large profits.  It really means you have won 14 consecutive bets!

One could make as many as 85 units per shoe.  One can decide to quit the shoe anytime at such a high profit amount. 

Continuous betting will average 10 units per shoe. 

There are no abandoned runs.  In fact there are no runs to abandon.

And one places a bet on every single decision, using various different concepts all simultaneously. 

The document is 13 pages of easy reading, containing numerous examples covering all criteria.

There are examples for commission based baccarat and no commission based Baccarat.

The system comes with a full simulation of 1000 shoes, where one can analyze every single bet and decision.

RDBS goes for only $4500. With $10 bets and 10 units per shoe, one will get this back in 4 shoes or within one day.

The system has a money back guarantee totally unconditionally, should you return it within 30 days, no questions asked, no strings attached.  Your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.

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Thank you!

Izak Matatya


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