Repeating Numbers Version 2.0

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"Beats all 15,000 Zumma roulette spins with over 2300 units"

Repeating Numbers Version 2.0

Roulette System by Izak Matatya

This is a new roulette system for inside numbers, a strong system, a very enhanced and modified version of the previous Repeating Numbers, implementing a totally new concept, in order to ensure short and long run profits.

Experienced gamblers know that it is a known fact that numbers in roulette do repeat, and they do not go for a full cycle of 38 (36 including the two zeros) different numbers before they repeat.  In fact, numbers start repeating early enough at times and sometimes they do not repeat until 10-15 different numbers are encountered.   

This system identifies the best time to start betting for repeating numbers. 

Why bet for repeating numbers?   

If you were to bet on a single number, which pays 35:1, its probability of coming up next is 1 in 38.  Statistically, charts show that a number can sleep for over 350 spins before showing up.  This kind of betting requires a huge amount of patience and one still would not be sure about when would be the best time to bet for a certain number.  

However, as numbers come up in roulette, the more different they are at first, the more likely they are to repeat later.  

This system has been extensively tested for the Zumma tester book, that contains 15,000 spins.  In fact, a simulator has been provided to you upon your purchase of this system, which has all 15,000 spins showing you on a spin by spin basis how you identify when to place your bet, how much you bet and when to resume your session. 

By inputting different parameters into this simulator, you can also find out the repeating frequencies of numbers depending on when you start betting.   

Therefore, the key element of this system is to identify when to start betting on numbers that will repeat. 

The Zumma tester book shows, for instance, that if you are to wait for 20 different numbers to show up with no repeat in between and if you start betting the moment one of those 20 numbers show a repeat, then you will win at your first few attempts. 

This, however, is extremely unpractical, because of the huge amount of time required to track. 

By experimenting with different parameters, an opimtimal parameter has been found not only to beat the entire 15,000 Zumma spins with +2353 units as a final result, but also to play the system dynamically without having to wait for too many spins before starting to bet.

As a matter of fact, after having tracked not more than 5 spins, you are ready to qualify the table and start winning. 

You will be pleasantly surprised for the supreme performance of this system.  It wins run after run, profiting up to 30 units per run.  It wins so frequently that a loss of an occasional session does not abolish your profits, but reduces by a small percentage. 

The session bankroll suggested in the system is 492 units, meaning that if a placed bet should surpass this allocated bankroll, the run is abandoned with an accepted loss, that is recovered within not more than 20-30 runs.  In fact, within 15,000 spins, there are only 39 such runs versus 997 winning runs, giving a final result of +2353 units for the entire 15,000 Zumma spins, averaging 1 unit profit every 7 spins, with a lifetime bankroll of 868 units only.

The system is very smart.  Alhtough the built-in progressions may be complex, but you only need to apply a small arithmetical formula to calculate the amount of your next bet, which never exceeds 14-18 chips per number. 

The system is easy to learn.  It's not more than 12 pages with no fluff and straight to the point.  The simulation, which is an Excel Macro, comes as an extra attachment and will let you experiment with numerous winning parameters built into it, a lot of them already suggested in the system document. 

Repeating Numbers Version 2.0 is $895 and does not require version 1 as a pre-requisite, since it uses a totally different idea.  You have a full money back guarantee within 30 days of your purchase,  if the claims made in this letter are not accurate and based on your full satisfaction. 


Thank you,
Izak Matatya