Roulette Trend Analyzer

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Roulette Trend Analyzer

by Izak Matatya

tells you what goes on on the table
and guides you on your next bet

Perhaps the biggest advantage of gambling online is limitless access to information that will help you win, regardless of your skill. At an online casino, there's no pit boss to confiscate your cheat sheet, so you can have an online casino's video poker machine open in one window, and a software application manual telling you what to do for every unique hand in another window. 

Or you would play the new single zero Roulette on a Sands of the Caribbean window, and have my On-Line Roulette strategies displayed on another one. 

Best of all you could have the spreadsheet of my Roulette Trend Analyzer (RTA.xls) open in another window, telling you step by step what the next best bet would be.  

If you have Microsoft Excel, this spreadsheet is something very useful to have.  All you do is enter the number that have just came up on the Roulette wheel and it will keep track of the even money bets, the dozens, the columns, whether they repeated or alternated, the frequent numbers, the sleepers, etc. 

Another good feature of this Roulette Trend Analyzer is that you can simulate thousands of spins and retrieve statistics on what is the longest streak on a Red or Black, or how often does it zig-zag, how often does a zig-zag last, what is the longest time for a Dozen or Column not to show up, how often does a Dozen or Column alternate, what is the largest amount of spins a number sleeps and any other question you can come up with.  

The numbers are generated by Excel's random number generator.  You can take the last line and replicate it over as many times as you like to see trends for the longer run.

Replicate it over 1000 times and find out how long it takes a sleeping number to wake up, or a sleeping dozen column to finally show up, or how often a dozen or column could repeat or alternate.

Or you can simply use it to identify the next best bet, by simply entering the number that just came up under the column Random.  That would be the only number to enter.  All the others are computed completely automatically.

I use this spreadsheet quite often to analyze trends and patterns.   It can help
you also develop your own systems.  The price of the Roulette Trend Analyzer is $125 delivered to you right away by email.  This low price includes my continuous support on how to make best use of it.  If you need any assistance just email me at

(To have Microsoft Excel is a prerequisite).