SFBRS - Simple Flat Bet Roulette System

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A flat bet system generating multiple units"
SFBRS - Simple Flat Bet Roulette System
by Izak Matatya
"beating roulette with 1 unit bets only"


Let's start the new year 2024 with a brand new system:  SFBRS - Simple Flat Bet Roulette System. 

It's designed for Roulette only as it bets on inside numbers.

It's so simple, it can be described in only a few words, but is very sophisticated.

Its simplicity is the result of hard work and testing new ideas, which resulted in this flat bet roulette system.

You bet only 1 unit each spin.

You need to track a few spins to meet the system's special criteria. 

When you win and you will, you cash 35 units and your loss is only 1 chip.

Yes, the odds of winning your number is always the same, but you will see that the special criteria will make you win much more than betting any random number.

The system has been tested on both single and double zero wheels on the 15,000 Zumma and random spins.

In fact, you will receive two simulations for the system, one for the Zumma tester book and one for randomly generated roulette numbers.

Since the zeros are part of the inside numbers, they don't make you lose your bet.  You will win on a zero, when it meets the special criteria.

Following is the performance chart of the system for the 15,000 Zumma spins:

600 units generated by betting 1 unit each time.

If your bet size is $10, this means a profit of $6000.

For $25,

Bet size:


Overall drawdown:


Max profit:


End profit:


 $15,000 profit for 15,000 spins averages $1 a spin.

The overall drawdown is 125 units.  This is relative to your initial play. 

Based on the chart above, we can see, a lifetime bankroll of 400 units are needed, in case your bankroll drops from 800 to 400 units or this drawdown occurs up front.

But we can see there is always a new maximum to be reached, which makes the system win on the long run.

One may think, this performance is biased towards the 15,000 Zumma spins. The system has been tested for 15,000 random spins and the performance is at times even better.

Here are 4 sample runs of the SFBRS simulation in random mode:

This run doesn't even have an overall drawdown.

The fact that this run generates exactly the same profit of 1860 units shows the consistency of the system.


Steadily increasing profits.

The sysem is only 13 pages of easy reading and easy understanding of the system. 

SFBRS goes for $2,000 and will generate $6,000 profit, three times as much, using just $10 bets.  Then you keep all the profits to be generated afterwards.

Early bird purchasers can have a huge discount of 90% and have the system for $200 only if you purchase it until the end of January 2024. 

Upon the purchase of the system a download link will be sent to your email.  Make sure to enter your email during your purchase.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  You can have your money back if the system is not to your liking within 30 days of your purchase, no questions asked, no strings attached.

Thank you!
Izak Matatya


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