Shuffle Roulette System

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"a brand new concept"

Shuffle Roulette System
by Izak Matatya

"most profitable and totally infallible"

Here's a brand new system with a totally different concept.   It's called the Shuffle Roulette System.

It's designed for Roulette only, as it bets on the dozens, either single or double dozens.

Its bet selection is a remarkable way to shuffle the dozens in such a way that winning streaks of continuous 10-20 wins in a row are very frequent. 

This is combined with a strong bet method, which makes the system totally infallible, as no runs are abandoned.

And the system is not a grind system, where we aim to gain only 1 unit per run, but profits can range to up to 58 units per run.

A run doesn't last more than 15 spins tops.

It's probably the most profitable roulette system ever designed. 

By simply changing parameters you can have the system in either conservative and aggressive mode.

In conservative mode it generates 33,050 units for 15,000 spins on a double zero wheel with a bankroll requirement of 470 units, maximum drawdown of only 41 units and a maximum bet of 235 units.

And its performance chart is the following:

A stunning graph of steadily increasing profits.

The aggressive mode profits 116,426 units (not a misprint!) with a bankroll of 980 units, overall drawdown of 340 units, maximum bet of 508 units.

And here's its performance chart:

reaching huge level of profits. 

116,426 for 15,000 spins averages 7.76 units per spin, unheard of any roulette system for a game that has a 5.27% house advantage. 

This system negates everyone who claims that Roulette is unbeatable.  The performance chart proves the opposite.

The system bets every single spin from the very first one. There are absolutely no triggers to wait for and one bets uninterruptedly.

The system is 25 pages of easy reading with lots of examples that fully explain how the system works and what you need to do.

There are a few basic rules to follow for the full functionality of the system.  It's not too complicated.  With some practicing, you should be able to feel at ease with the system.

Two simulations are provided to you for the conservative and aggressive modes, which you will see is only a matter of changing flexible parameters.  You can also further experiment with those parameters, to discover different modes, including a specific stop loss if you wish, using the system at a lower budget. 

The Shuffle Roulette system goes for $4,000, as it's very powerful.   If you purchase it by the end of May 2024, you can have a huge discount of 90% and have the system for only $400, a great offer.

You have a full money back guarantee on your purchase within 30 days of your purchase.  You will be very satisfied and happy you acquired the most profitable roulette system ever.  Also I recommend to keep a low profile in order not to raise any flags or inquiries by the casinos on why the system wins so much.

Upon the purchase of the system a download link will be sent to your email.  Make sure to enter your email during your purchase.

Thank you!
Izak Matatya

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