Singles System for Even Bets

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"a most profitable system"
Singles System for Even Bets

by Izak Matatya
"profits on all singles"

Continuing the trend of the great ideas of 2019, I present you a new system this week.

This new system is an extension of the 1-2-3 System for Even Bets announced last week, which took advantage of all Singles, Doubles and Triples.  It's not just an addendum, but it is a totally independent system that can be applied on its own.

Why Singles?  Because as much as the Singles, Doubles, Triples occupy more than 80% of all decisions, Singles on their own constitute more than 50% of all decisions, giving us already a flat bet advantage.

Most flat bet advantageous systems are very profitable when a suitable progression is applied to it.

That's exactly what the Singles System for Even Bets does. 

In flat bet mode, the system generates only 103 units for 1000 shoes.  That's very low.  To gain only 1 unit every 10 shoe is not worth much the effort.

With the correct progression the system generates 2,491 units for the 1K Zumma shoe set with the following parameters:


Max bet:


Max Session Drawdown:


Max Overall Drawdown:


Max Profit:


End Profit:


Yes, this is accomplished with the maximum bet set to 30 units, which is an optimized parameter.

The system will generate high profits with more than 30 units max bet, but then the drawdowns become unacceptable. 

With 30 unit max bet, one generates 2.5 units per shoe in average. 

Here's the performance chart of the system for those 1000 shoes:

Positive results throughout all 1000 shoes and rising profit trends, even higher as we reach the last shoe, thus the more you play, the more you profit. 

The progression itself is quite special.  It's not any of the progressions used in my other 90 systems I have developed. 

A run is abandoned when the max bet reaches 30 units.  But this doesn't mean that we absorb a large loss.  It's just a way to stop escalating the size of our bets.  We may even be winning the 30 unit bet, we start a new run nevertheless.  This way of playing increases our overall profits. 

The 1000 shoe simulation is provided to you in one continuous spreadsheet.

The system document is merely 10 pages of easy reading.  You will love the simplicity and efficiency of this system.

I would like to make it affordable to you. The system is not more than $375 and if you purchase it until the end of February, you can have an extra 50% off.

As usual, you have a full money back guarantee, should the system not perform for you and you can ask for your money back within 30 days of your purchase, no strings attached, no questions asked. 

You will receive a PDF system document and one simulation of the 1K Zumma shoes, within which you can change the maximum bet parameter, which is the only one and observe different profit levels.

The Let's Talk Winning web site is now totally modernized and has a fully e-commerce solution for your purchases.  Instead of processing orders manually and receive your system within 24 hours by email, you will receive a download link and you will get your system(s) in one second.  

The new site is at:  Via this site, you can purchase a number of systems by adding them to the shopping cart, have a checkout panel and download links to receive your systems immediately.  It takes any credit card, PayPal and other payment options. 

Please come and visit, scroll around and tell all your friends about it. 

I will be keeping the old for the discussion forum and the archive of all newsletters written since the year 2000.  The old secure purchase order form will also still be there based on your preference. 

And you can directly buy the Singles System for Even Bets from this link with the new order form.

Thank you!
Izak Matatya