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"The most efficient system 
you will ever acquire for all even bets"
Single Loss Double Win System

by Izak Matatya
"reducing the size of the bets tremendously"


I'm proud to present you my latest system, SLDW, which stands for Single Loss Double Win.  It's designed for all even paying bets of all games, such as such as Red/Black, High/Low, Even/Odd in Roulette, Player/Banker in Baccarat, Pass-Line/Don't Pass Line in Craps, Small/Big in Sic Bo, etc.

It shows a high performance for a double zero roulette wheel, which is a 5.26% house edge game for only betting Reds and Blacks.  If used for all 3 even bet areas, the profits are tripled.  For Baccarat, the odds are better and so are the profits, not mentioning the speed of the game being also 3 times faster. 

The system is the result of high end innovation with the goal of achieving high profits without requiring high bets or a huge amount of bankroll.  The idea behind the system is something you have never seen before. 

It goes through four passes of efficiency procedures until the optimum results are achieved, keeping the system as simple as possible with the simplest bet selection, such as betting on one or both sides of an even bet, regardless of any past decisions, patterns or anything that doesn't really alter the odds for the next decision. 

The system's forte is the actual bet method, which is not altered from one procedure to the next, keeping the same structure for clarity.  The result is the utmost sophisticated system, that will amaze you all. 

Going from one pass to another, bet sizes are tremendously reduced.  Reaching the final stage of the system required the betting of only 2% of the original initial stage.  Whatever result could require the betting of 63 units to achieve a profit at the end of the run in the first stage was reduced to as low as 1 unit for the same decision in the final stage.

In fact, the highest bet overall for the entire 15,000 Zumma roulette spins does not exceed 86 units.  A 200 unit session bankroll is used most efficiently.  If a run should be abandoned, the session bankroll would be the total loss.  This happens not more than 6 times throughout the entire 15,000 spins, thus a total of 1468 units are generated.   Your lifetime bankroll would be about twice that amount, thus 400 units, in case a session loss would occur back to back, which never does for Zumma.   In fact, you gain the first 500 units without any abandoned runs at all, which is an amazing performance.  Thus you never require more than your initial 200 unit bankroll.  You even build it up gradually during the use of the system. 

At $20 a unit, this makes a total profit of 1,468 X $20 = $29,360 for 15,000 spins. If a spin takes a minute, 15,000 spins are 15,000 minutes or 250 hours. And your hourly profit becomes $29,360 / 250 = $117.44 an hour. Not bad! And this is for a 00 roulette table, which has a 5.26% house edge. That means, you can profit even more with better odds system, such as single zero roulette or Baccarat. Also the speed of Baccarat will be 3 times faster, thus you can count for $500 an hour using SLDW. 

Here is the performance chart of the system for 15,000 Zumma roulette spins betting only on Reds and Blacks:

We can see that the six 200 unit abandoned runs do not affect the overall profitability of the system, that keeps rising in profits indefinitely. 

You can triple those gains when you use the system for the other even bets as well, thus achieve 4500 units, or gain 1500 units in Baccarat three times faster. 

The system is $500, an amount you will make during the first hour of the usage of the system with a $20 unit size.  Early bird purchasers will have a 50% discount, for $250, if you buy the system by April 15, 2015.  The system has a non-conditional money back guarantee, should you want to return it within 30 days of your purchase, no strings attached, no questions asked, as usual. 

If you need printouts of the system document, it will be delivered to your mailing address for $10 extra.  You won't have more than 11 pages of easy and to-the-point reading.  

With your purchase of SLDW, you will receive the  system document and its 15,000 spin Zumma Roulette simulation for double zero table, which shows the full usage of the system with all four passes including extra procedures to cut your bets to minimum.  6 elaborate examples will make the system crystal clear to understand.  With a little amount of practicing, you should be ready to go.  

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Thank you!
Izak Matatya

Frequently Asked Questions on SLDW
Single Loss Double Win System

by Izak Matatya

Q: Izak, Was system tried on bac and craps? If so results. The chart looks like the system had a hard start for the firsr 5500 spins or so loosing 4 times and barely making a profit. Why? Are certain patterns problematic?

A: The system is good for all even bets. Its principle is easily applied to Craps, Baccarat, Sic-Bo, etc. 

There are no problematic patterns. As mentioned in the newsletter, this system does not care about patterns, nor past decisions. The chart shows huge profit increase towards the end, which is much better than showing profits up front, then go down.

Q: I would like to know what the results would have been using Kiss in z600 with this new MM

A: Any bet selection will produce very similar results, because the system is not bet selection dependent. 

Let's sat you're using a "most sophisticated bet selection" called "flipping a coin", that generates quite random results and one side of the even bet loses 9 times in a row. This means that the other side is winning 9 times in a row. Since the system switches automatically to the side, which is winning, the more random the bet selection, the better for the system's functionality.

Q: My question is simple based on your own testing why go with the system that costs 3 times as much. 
The cheaper system makes more units, smaller buy in, and smaller max bet.

A: Not necessarily so.  SLDW makes 1468 units betting only on one even side. One can use it to bet on all 3 even side areas in Roulette simultaneously and triple the profits to 4404 units, without requiring more bankroll. The highest bet remains 86 units. 

The price of the system is only a market issue and not performance dependent.   Various systems have different performance rates.  Computers once had 5 million times less capacity and performance than today, and they sold for 10 times more. 

Q: Izak, how can you bet all three even chances at the same time without requiring more bankroll?

A: Because you are using DB (differential betting),  you bet only on the difference of what's required to bet on each side and not on the sum.  So with even less bankroll, you're making more profits.  There are additional features that reduce the size of the bets even more drastically. 

Thank you all for your interest and quesitons.

SLDW is now fully tested versus the 600 Zumma Baccarat shoes.  The result was a total of 7230 units generated, with not more than 2 abandoned runs for all 600 shoes.

Here is its performance chart:


This simulation will now be included for future purchasers.  Earlier purchasers can receive it, too, upon your request.

Also, another customer sent me his collected roulette data of 53,056 spins and I plugged the data in the existing roulette simulation and the result was a total of +9558 units with absolutely no abandoned runs, keeping the session bankroll within the 200 units.

Those are absolutely amazing results.

You have another 11 days to take advantage of the 50% discount, at $250 instead of $500, if you purchase the system by April 15, 2015.  The system has a non-conditional money back guarantee, should you want to return it within 30 days of your purchase, no strings attached, no questions asked, as usual.   You won't have more than 11 pages of easy and to-the-point reading.  

Thank you!
Izak Matatya

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