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Sparkling Dozens Systems

Izak Matatya’s profitable way to play Roulette

If you’re an avid roulette player, you probably already own several systems. I can hear you say: "I don’t need another one!". However, Izak’s Sparkling Dozens strategies are unique in the world of gambling. Izak offers you his tested and proven short-term strategies for beating the house advantage.

The methods presented in Sparkling Dozens will produce unlimited winning streaks, where only the table maximum might limit the upside potential. Losses are cut down to 2 units, while the profits can escalate up to 60 units. The strategies are absolutely amazing. Study them, and see for yourself.

The techniques are extremely easy to use and fast to learn. It will take anyone not more than 20 minutes to master the strategies and benefit from their excellent performance. One of the four methods gives the player the chance to make $6,000 in 10 minutes!

Betting minimum units can be as low as the table minimum ($1 at most online casinos), or as high as $50 to $100. Try the Sparkling Dozens systems, they're perhaps the easiest to use strategies Izak has ever developed.

If you already own Izak’s Dazzling Dozens you may wonder how is Sparking Dozens different? The major differences between the two are that Dazzling Dozens systems are based on betting only on single dozens or columns, while the strategies in Sparkling Dozens are all based on betting on two dozens or columns simultaneously.

Sparkling Dozens contains approaches for players who would like to win slow but sure, one unit at a time, and there are methods for aggressive players who are looking for a few quick hits and run away, taking home what they earned. Whatever your preference, Sparkling Dozens is worth adding to your arsenal of casino-beating weapons.


Frequently Asked Questions
on Sparkling Dozens Systems

If I understand you correctly, the objective in "Dazzling Dozens" is to quit when you reach a winning level 20 times your betting unit or a losing level 10 times your betting unit. Is that correct, and does the same stop-win and stop-loss rule apply to "Sparkling Dozens"?
This rule of thumb can be applicable regardless of the system you use: to set a profit limit twice as much as your loss limit.
Assuming you quit playing at a particular table because a stopping point has been reached, can you go back to that same table after taking a break or do you suggest going to a different table or a different casino?
You can either go to a different table, or come back to the same one after having taken a break. Different dealers may cause different trends. It is best to observe 20 spins or so, to identify which strategy to apply.
You recommend following the table trends when deciding whether to play the "Sparkling" or the "Dazzling" strategy. Does this mean that you track the wheel for, say, 30 spins, then start playing whichever system has a better chance of success based on whether dozens repeat or alternate?
This is exactly what I meant. 30 spins are sufficient to give you a good indication.
Should a player using your systems be influenced by such factors as a change in dealers, or a change in the dimension of the ball?
Only if you observe a drastic change in the trends. Again, in such cases, it's best to observe 20-30 spins before applying a system.
If you are at a crowded table and cannot readily reach the "dozens" on the layout, can you apply these systems to the "columns" instead with equivalent results?
Definitely. All systems created for the dozens are applicable for the columns as well. Observing the trends is again necessary, as columns may tend to repeat while dozens alternate in some cases.