SPR - Simple Progression Roulette System

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"A very easy yet very profitable roulette system"
SPR - Simple Progression Roulette System
by Izak Matatya
"every winning session profits 20+ units"

Here's a system for you for the month of July.  SPR - Simple Progression Roulette System. 

It's a brand new Roulette system designed to bet on all even bets areas such as Reds/Blacks, Even/Odds, High/Lows all simultaneously with a most efficient bet selection.

As the name implies the progression it uses is extremely simple.  It has just 2 steps. 

In fact, any progression with 3-6 units apart from its step 1 and 2 will work very well.

It's because the bet selection generates lots of L W L W type of lose/win sequences.

So if the 2 step progression is 1 7, for instance, an L W will generate 6 units just for those 2 spins.

If it is 2 6, an L W sequence will generate 4 units, etc.

An L W L W L W will generate lots of units.  The runs will end very fast by then.

A run is defined by having a sequence of bets that close with a profit.

Numerous runs will end with lots of units.

Imagine placing 9 units on each even bet area and they all win.  This generates 27 units profit for only one spin.

We set a win target of 20 units per session and this is achieved very fast and very efficiently.

You are provided with a simulation of 100 random spins in Excel.  Each time you press F9, you will have a different set of 100 spins.

You can experiment with any value of the 2 step progression as they are implemented as changeable parameters.

If your progression has higher values such as 8 20, for instance, you can even set a win target of +50 units per session.

With a lower budget, your session will end when you reach 20+ units.  If you have not reached those +20 units by the end of those 100 spins, then your win/loss profit level will be determined when you complete the 100 spins.

Statistically, you will have 5 times more +20 unit sessions for each 100 spins that may not reach the +20 and can end at not more than -59 units.

At normal times, the +20 unit target will be achieved within 10-15 spins.  At times within 30-40 spins. 

The 2 step progression does not apply to consecutive losses and thus losses are totally limited and controlled.

The system document is extremely easy to read and has not more than 9 pages of explanation and detailed examples. 

The system goes for $6,000 and you will see it's totally worth it. 

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Should the system be not to your liking, you can return it with a full refund within 30 days of your purchase, no questions asked, no strings attached.

When you purchase the system, an automatic download link will open for you.

Please do not forget to specify your email during your purchase, so your download link can be sent to you.

Thank you!
Izak Matatya


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