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"Winning in tennis betting couldn't be easier"

Simple Winnings in Tennis
by ProBettor
edited by Izak Matatya

A report about making money on tennis betting
 with no acquaintance of tennis at all
and with only a basic knowledge of sports betting

This system will give you the opportunity to win at tennis betting (ATP) http://www.atptennis.com/1/en/home/ in a very easy manner, without having to know that type of sport at all.

Depending on the size of your bankroll your annual earnings will vary between several hundred to several thousand dollars and you will achieve this by spending only a few minutes a day. 

Most systems designed by other authors are quite complex, containing an abundance of statistics, power ratings, etc., but they don't show you easy ways to win that would take very little of your time on your computer, and that you could repeat the process over months and years and be ahead.   

This document is very easy to learn.  It doesn't require a high level of math education or skill.  You simply need to read it thoroughly.  

The key items you need to know about the SWiT system are: 

1) You don't have to know or even be interested in tennis. The system works even if you make blind bets.  Actually, you will only make blind bets!

2) You're completely out of gambling. The system is based on exploiting loopholes or, as a lot of experts say, one phenomenon in collective bookmaker defence, that lasts for years, and not only in tennis, but also, for example, in soccer.

3) You can try it with a very low bankroll

4) You will learn it fast.  

Now I will give you the information on the technical parameters of the SWiT system. Due to the fact that most visitors of Izak's website (http://www.letstalkwinning.com) like casino gambling, I will first provide the information in an easily understandable format and then for more experienced sports bettors.

The easy format is in terms of units and you can set 1 unit to be $10, $30, $50, $100 etc: 

Required lifetime bankroll

20 units

Required session bankroll

15 units

Maximal drawdown

6 units

Average number of bets per month


Number of required bookmakers/exchanges

From 2-3 to 5-7

Average profit from turnover over the long run


Average profit per year

19 units

Sports it involves

Tennis (ATP Tour events only)

As a rule of thumb, if we take that the minimum bet at a certain bookmaker is $5, you can start using (rather testing) the system with a $100 bankroll (20 units). However, will it be worth it for you to earn 19 units per year in average or $95 with $100 bankroll?  Probably not.  That's why I'd rather recommend you to have an optimal minimum bankroll of $500 (i.e., 1 unit is $25) and higher, even for testing purposes. 

Below, I would like to point out what you should expect in the worst case, year by year, if your lifetime bankroll is more adequate, such as $2000 and your unit value is $100:



Summary bets

Profit/Loss, USD




2 514.20












3 992.40




3 237.10










However, there are some tips within the system document, that will enable you to easily increase your annual profits.


Lifetime bankroll -


Profit, in $


Profit in percents to lifetime bankroll

In average per year




After applying better strategy





In summary you will get:

1) 21 pages of content written in easy and understandable format in the form of an e-book. The report is totally revised by Izak Matatya, so you will not have problems with my English J

2) A winning system proven for the last 6 years after 6000 bets. By a winning system, I mean, that it has an edge over the bookmaker lines when you apply flat betting money management and it works for very large amount of bets

3) Lifetime updates and support directly from the author. If you don't understand something, you will not be alone with your dilemma. I will always be there to help you!  

4) A special list of top highly rated bookmakers that allow US citizens to bet

Remember: it will take you between 20 minutes to 1 hour to completely understand the system and to start making money with it!

And that's not all.  There is a sensational discount I offer for this system for a limited period and for a  limited number of lucky customers.

There are three reasons why I am offering a huge 50% discount and why you will get this system for only $90 instead paying $180 regular price.

First of all, it's simply an early bird special, not a secret at all.

Second, December 30, 2006 Saturday is the release date and next week we will have the first ATP tournaments of new year 2007, thus you won't be missing on any bet in the forthcoming  year 2007!

And finally, you would be saving $90 and spend it on your family during the New Year.

So hurry up and be one from first 100 people who will be prepared to make their winning bets on tennis in the year 2007!

You have nothing to lose.  If you can't see how you can make money in tennis within a couple of hours, you have a full money back guarantee.

P.S. Winning in sports betting can be easy if you know how. You have now a unique opportunity to do that in about one hour and to leave your losses behind (if you have any) in the year 2006.

P.P.S. It's not necessary to do incredible things to get incredible results.

P.P.P.S. Only 100 copies only until the 14th of February 2007 for only $90 instead $180 the regular price.


About the author:



Age: 28 years old

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Years in sports betting: 5+

Number of published works about sports betting and poker: >100 in betting related magazines Sport Pari, Na Fone Sporta, CasinoGames.ru, All-Russian sports newspaper Sovetskiy Sport.

Websites: www.livelines.ru - first Russian odds comparison site - marketing Director since 2003
www.betonsuccess.com (www.betonsuccess.ru)  -  first International sports betting informational exchange Director
www.bet-on.ru  - ebook for sports betting beginners, coauthor
www.probetfair.ru  ebook for Betfair, editor
www.tennis-bet.ru  - ebook about tennis betting, editor
www.betconsultant.info -  guide about handicappers in Runet, editor, promoter
http://subscribe.ru/catalog/sport.news.prostavki - owner of the largest  subscription in RuNet about sports betting with >4200 members since 2002
http://letstalkwinning.com/Aikido.htm - author of Aikido sports betting system

Currently work on several interesting projects including translations of Stanford Wong's book SharpSportsBetting.

Email: probettor@gmail.com

ICQ: 146985607

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Thank you,
Izak Matatya

SWiT Results - Follow Up


I am the author of the SWiT (Simple Winnings in Tennis) system that was released towards the end of December 2006 and first of all I want to share with you the performance of the system from January-June 2007.

The system performed as expected for those 7 months.  The ones who have followed the system to the letter must have gained the following results:

Number of bets: 620

Number of bets won: 525 or 84.68%

Number of bets lost: 95 or 15.32%

Overall profit for $2000 lifetime bankroll: +1502.60 USD (+75.13%)

Overall profit for 20 unit lifetime bankroll:  +15 units

Profit from turnover (yield): +2.42%

Several months ago I received a testimonial from someone who is a well-known authority in gambling systems.  His name is Darren Power (www.betting-school.com).  That�s what he wrote about my system:

"The SWiT system appears to be able to produce a consistent
long term profit of between 2 and 3% on turnover, which is inline with
that claimed by the author. If you need a quick and easy system to
grind out small long term profits then this might fit the bill.

The February loss was 0.86 for 98 bets which is a loss of 0.8 %. The
research we carried out for 2006 showed a profit of 35 points for the
year for 1096 bets which is a Return on Investment of 3.2%. The
author advises that this level of profit could have been obtained
from traditional bookmakers which would negate the payment of
exchange commission. If commission was paid at 5% then the profit
would reduce to 23.65 points an ROI of 2.1%.

The profit for 2007 to February 25th would be 9 points.

The profit has been pretty consistent throughout the year and a small but consistent advantage is gained by following the system. If you want a very simple selection method that grinds out a small percentage profit over the
long term than this may be the system for you. "

Special information for US citizens.  Due to the fact that you can�t use the two key bookmakers BetFair.com and PinnacleSports.com who offer great lines for tennis, your results would have been worst under the rule of thumb. The system will gain a profit but not as much as one can gain from European bettors or those bettors who can legally use those two key bookmakers.

If you have any questions � you can ask them either at the Let�s Talk Winning discussion forum at: http://www.letstalkwinning.com/forum/read.php?f=1&i=28286&t=28286  or email me directly at: probettor@gmail.com or call me with Skype.com � to probettor.

And finally we propose you a $40 discount on the SWIT system if you purchase it until July 16, so you can get this simple and powerful system for only $140. I recommend you to hurry up and order your copy immediately!

The Wimbledon results have also been very satisfactory.�

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Best regards,