TIE - Take It Easy Baccarat System

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"A totally infallible system"
TIE - Take It Easy - Baccarat System -
by Izak Matatya
"wins most consistently not having any abandoned runs at all"

Here's a brand new system with a brand new concept for you today.  It's called the TIE - Take It Easy - Baccarat System.

The system is designed for the 5% Banker win commission based Baccarat game.

The title TIE stands for “Take It Easy” and not for the tie bets we have in Baccarat. In fact, tie bets are totally ignored.

We place bets on Player and Banker decisions only.

The goal of the system is to close as many runs as possible without escalating the bets.

Some systems or players are in a rush to close those runs with a profit, which at times cause escalating of the bets to large amounts. In this system, this is not desired. We want to take our time to close the runs in a less speedy manner, more efficiently and taking our time.

This resulted in a totally infallible system, never abandoning a single run.  All runs are played continuously with no interruptions at all and they are all completed with a profit.

All runs are closed with a profit, no matter how long it takes to close them.

In a double win type of system, runs are closed with the second consecutive win. For this we always need to bet higher than the amount we are down. And if the next bet loses, our net for the run increases.

In this system we will not aim for closing the runs at the second or third consecutive win.

The bets will be placed based on certain thresholds, depending on the amount we are down for the run.

Both the bet selection and the bet method are totally unique and original never used in any other system before. 

The performance of the system is totally stunning, never seen before, particularly when commissions are taken into account.

Here is the chart for the 1000 Zumma shoes taking commissions into account:

 Always steadily increasing profits.

Here is the chart for the 600 Zumma shoes taking commissions into account:

Practically identical performance, emphasizing its consistency. 

For the 1000 Zumma shoe set, TIE generates 10,615.25 units with a maximum bet of 196 units, which is for rare cases only, as normally bets do not escalate more than 30 units tops.

The overall drawdown is 148.1 units. 

A lifetime bankroll of 400 units are sufficient to play the system with this type of performance.

For the 600 Zumma shoe set, TIE generates 5,684.8 units with a drawdown of 250 units and requiring the same lifetime bankroll of 400 units and max bet of 198 units.

Combining the two sets one makes +16,300,05 units averaging 10.2 units per shoe.

Both simulations for the 1000 and 600 Zumma shoes with commissions are included in the package. 

The TIE system is only 12 pages of easy reading and the rules are explained with many examples to make the use of the system crystal clear.

TIE - Take It Easy Baccarat system goes for $30,000.  The price is elevated because of the system's consistency and infallibility.  This is probably the best system you will ever own.

And, if you purchase the system by the end of March 2024, you can have a huge discount of 99% and have the system only for $300, an opportunity not to be missed. 

Your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.  You can have your money back if the system is not to your liking within 30 days of your purchase, no questions asked, no strings attached.  And you know I always honor my guarantee.

Upon the purchase of the system a download link will be sent to your email.  Make sure to enter your email during your purchase.

Thank you!
Izak Matatya


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