Wedding Cake System

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What do we have in a Wedding Cake to taste the best?  The finest ingredients, of course.

This is exactly what the Wedding Cake system offers you.  The finest of all systems developed so far and combining four best strategies, that proved to be profitable for many years. 

Those four best strategies are no secret: 

- KISS for the best bet selection ever. 

- The double win strategy used in IHG (Izak's Holy Grail)

- The extra bonus profit units used in Gambler's Dream;

- Differential betting

KISS provides you already with a flat bet advantage.  At times, we may find that KISS to have some nemesis.  By letting KISS complete with its reverse strategy anti-KISS, we select the side that wins best. 

All parts of the system uses similar strategies.  Having them compete with each other and select the better performer, whether it's KISS versus anti-KISS, IHG versus anti-IHG, GD (Gambler's Dream) versus anti-GD.

Each time each strategy competes with each other, differential betting is used to deescalate the size of the bets and automatically select the side that wins more.

The result is the best system you can ever have. 

Let's take just a portion of the system, where KISS competes with its reverse anti-KISS.  Usage of KISS only generates 2640 units for 1000 shoes and anti-KISS alone loses 500 units.  Combining them together and using DB with the other strategies, the final result is even better than the best one generating:  2866 units. 

This is the nature of the system.  It's totally ingenious. 

It all sounds very complicated, but trust me, it's not.  Within a few seconds you will know exactly where to place your bets and how much. 

The maximum bet limit is set to 12 units.  In fact those are the full parameters of the system:

Maximum bet limit: 12
Maximum placed bet: 28
Drawdown: -3
Maximum single wins: 4
Max Profit on KISS: 2732
Max Profit on anti-KISS: 943
End Profit on KISS: 2640
End Profit on anti-KISS: -500
Maximum profit: 2883
End profit: 2866

And the performance chart:

To achieve this kind of performance with a max placed bet of 28 units and a total drawdown of only 3 units is a major achievement. 

There is always the question of commissions.  All this is great, but does it perform well with commissions?  The answer is yes.  The system works very well with commissions.  Profit levels of even +5000 units are reached with commissions using this system.

Both simulations of the system with and without commissions are provided to you.

The system is not more than 21 pages with step by step instructions for you to fully master it.  Some practice will be needed.  This is normal for the best system ever.

I have so far designed 102 systems.  This one was formed by combining the best of the best.  It doesn't look probable to me that one could lose with this system, particularly if the systems compete with their nemesis and the winning side is chosen automatically.