ICBBS - Infallibe Commission Based Baccarat System

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"An Infallible Baccarat System"
ICBBS - Infallible Commission Based
Baccarat System
by Izak Matatya

"averages 40 units per shoe with commissions!!"


Well, I'm on a roll with infallible systems.  After the very successful Exponent and the FQRS - Four Quadrant Roulette systems that were infallible for Roulette, we have now an infallible baccarat system that wins for commission based baccarat.

It's the new ICBBS - Infallible Commission Based Baccarat system.  Yes, it's designed for Baccarat.  I tested it for Roulette, too and it works just as well. 

And it’s infallible for both Baccarat and Roulette.  

Infallible was once defined as winning more than losing. 

ICBBS however, has absolutely no losing runs and is truly infallible. Every run is concluded with a profit.   

That’s why its performance chart is steadily increasing profits without a single abandoned run: 

 40,258.9 units for 1000 shoes gives you an average of 40 units per shoe consistently!!  It's quite phenomenal!!

A lot of systems win in Baccarat when there are no commissions.  Implementing commissions usually change the scenario and the system doesn’t profit as much or simply fails.   

Not the case with ICBBS because of its smart commission coverage management and the bet method combined with its bet selection.

No matter what win/lose sequences we have, ICBBS wins them all. 

A sequence of the nature:  L L L L L L L L W L W, will close the run. 

So will L W L L L L L W L L L W L W, for instance or L L L W L L L L L L W W, etc. 

And any other combination will close a run with profits.  Not just 1 unit profit per run but multiple units based on some smart parameters, thus surely not a grind system. 

We place bets both on Banker and Player decisions, almost the same quantity.  

There is simply no pattern that the system loses to.

For thousands of decisions the maximum bet is contained within 30 units.  Only in very rare occasions, it could go to 287 units.

To maintain the infallibility of the system for an average of 40 units per shoe,  a bankroll of 5000 units will be adequate.  As you can see in the above graph, this happens only once in 1000 shoes.  Otherwise, with 1740 unit bankroll, the system still profits a lot, averaging 3 units per shoe,  with some accepted abandoned runs. 

The document is only 15 pages of easy reading, containing lots of examples for both Baccarat and Roulette.  There is a minimum amount of arithmetic to calculate the next bet amount. 

ICBBS goes for $14,000 and you will make this amount within a day's usage of the system profiting 40 units per shoe.  Using $10 bets, you will cover the cost of the system within 10 shoes or a couple of days.

This system will be added to the holiday specials of year end 2022, which will also be extended until February 28, 2023 upon popular demand.

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Izak Matatya


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