System 22-2-2

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"the most consistently profiting Baccarat system"

System 22-2-2
by Izak Matatya

"generates more than 22,000 units for 1000 random shoes
ran each time"

Today is February 2, 2022 or 22/2/2 a magic figure, having same digits, which would happen once every 11 years, such as 11/1/1 similar to the 12/12/12 specials we once had. 

Well, this new system gets its name from the date 22-2-2, but not only from the date.  Every aspect of the system has those numbers 2 and 22 involved: 

-       The minimum bet you will ever place is 2 units and the maximum bet will be 22;

-       The average profit for 1000 shoes is 22,222 units, thus 22 units average per shoe;

-       The 1000 random shoe simulation is run 222 times to give those averages;

-       The overall average drawdown is -222 units;

-       The system document is 88 pages (22 X 2 X 2), etc.

This system is designed for Non-Commission Baccarat game. 


Non-Commission Baccarat means a version of Baccarat where wagers placed on the Banker shall be paid at odds of 1 to 1 except in the event when the Banker wins on Six Points, in such an event, only 50% of the amount wagered on the Banker shall be paid.   

The frequency of the Banker wins with a value of 6 is about every 19 hands on average or about 4 times in a shoe.   

The good news is that a lot of on-line casinos with live dealers now have this version of Baccarat.   

Thus we no longer have to worry about 5% commission on each Banker win, nor Dragons or Pandas such as in EZ-Baccarat. 

During this time of the pandemic, most of us prefer to play on-line anyway, as most brick-and-mortar casinos are back to closure. 

Here’s a typical performance chart of the system. 

Profits keep rising and rising.   

Each time you run a random sample of 1000 random shoes, you will get a similar chart, an absolutely incredible performance.    

At times profits for 1000 shoes climb above 30,000 units!! 

The system document will explain in detail why this system works so well with its special bet selection and method combined. 

The reason the 1000 Zumma shoes have not been used, is because we have no idea which Banker decision has the count of 6.

1000 random shoes have been tested 222 times, thus 222,000 shoes, and in neither case did we get a negative result. 

The provided simulation uses the true odds of Baccarat including the Banker decisions with the count of 6.  Thus the above chart reflects the true performance of the system.

Parameters used to achieve this performance are: 

Min bet:


Max bet:




Max profit:


End profit:


This kind of profits has never been seen in any other system.

This includes the commissions of 50% on a Banker win with the count of 6. 

The drawdown may vary between -100 to -300 units, 300 units being your lifetime bankroll.

The end profits may vary between 18,000 and 38,000 units for 1000 shoes using random decisions with the true odds of Non-Commission Baccarat. 

A new set of 1000 random shoes or 73,112 decisions is generated by the pressing of the F9 function key in the provided simulation.

The simulation is also macro-enabled. You need to enable macro content when you run the simulation.  When you follow the screen instructions, this F9 button (or recalculate) will be pressed for you up to 222 times giving you results for 1000 shoes and cumulative results for each 1000 shoe set.   

If you are betting on a low budget table, your bets can be $2 vs $22, for $1 unit size.   

On a higher wagerer table, you could be betting $20 vs $220 for your minimum and maximum bet respectively for the $10 unit size or $200 vs $2200, for $100 unit size, whatever your budget and the maximum bet of the table allows. 

Your profits will be proportional to the size of your bets.

An end profit of 27,655 units at $100 a unit size amounts to $2.765M for 1000 shoes!!

The system document is 88 (22 X 2 X 2) pages, not because it's complicated, but has lots of examples from random simulations and real life shoes taken from online casinos, covering all scenarios. 

The system goes for $2,222.  Now on sale for $1111.  You will get it back within 10 shoes profiting 22 units per shoe with only $10 unit size within 10 hours of play.

If you purchase it within the next 20 days, that is until 22/2/22 (another magic date), you can have it for only $222.

Place your orders at the following link:

and an automatic download link will be provided to you.  Do not forget to specify your email address for the link to work. 

As usual, you have a full money back guarantee within 30 days of your purchase, no strings attached, no questions asked.

Thank you,
Izak Matatya

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